Bewildered Law Enforcers By Balogun Samson

Fellow citizens, we have witnessed a lot of drama recently from our law enforcers who have paraded themselves as bewildered law enforcers, going beyond their constitutional duties to put on a show of ignominy last week. The invasion of the National assembly complex by our law enforcer last week thursday was a shameful and a disgusting conduct, the act is below expectation of the police.
The brute force deployed on the law makers wouldn’t have happened without the Inspector general instructing his boys, and no Inspector general would give such order without receiving the order from the Oga at the top, and the order was perfectly carried out by our confused law enforcers. The order was to stop the Speaker of the house Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal from presiding over the house that day, it was crystal clear.
In pursuit of the order given to them by their Oga, our law enforcers unleashed teargas canisters to scare the law makers away from entering the complex. The fact that a police officer stopped the convoy of the Speaker at the entrance of the complex, asking the Speaker to identify himself is highly lugubrious, does that mean he doesn’t recognise the Speaker or Mr Tambuwal is no longer recognised as the speaker, because the question sounds ridiculous, asking the number four citizen of this country to identify himself.
I salute the meekness and tolerance of the speaker Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal since the day the ruling party has vowed to make his life miserable following his defection from their party to the opposition party, his security details were withdrawn exposing him to danger as the number four citizen, his post as the Speaker was also declared vacant , the Inspector general stated in his defence to his shameful conduct that the Speaker Mr Aminu Tambuwal has seized to be the Speaker after his defection from the ruling party. The question we need to ask the Inspector general is when has his duty changed from enforcing the law to pronouncing the law, it is the duty of court to declare the speaker’s seat vacant not his.
The insensitivity and cluelessness of our leaders have got me worried, with the situation of things right now in this country, the question I asked myself was are we being govern by the military without knowing, because we can no longer call this civilian rule, what we have at best in Nigeria right now is a mixture of military and civilian rule, we are under the leadership of tyrants, using any method that will help them retain power and the most painful part is that they will never accept their mistakes they have so many ready made answers for every citizens complaints and accusations, like the popular saying that ” he who does not know and he doesn’t know that he does not know or accept the fact that he does not know is a complex compound fool”. Nigerians can no longer be fooled ” no more monkey for jungle, they all live in the city now”.
What happened during June 21st election in Ekiti and August 9 this year in Osun state was uncalled for, both state was bombarded with solder and one would think Ekiti is Sambisa forest, Police in every nooks and crannies of the states, arresting the top member of the opposition party, this is nothing but a further proofs that Nigeria is not witnessing anything close to democracy but fascism. Invasion of National assembly complex last week thursday by our police force is fascism without remorse, affront to the office of the Speaker and Nigeria as a whole, whether they like it or not Aminu Tambuwal is still the Speaker until when court states otherwise.
If I were the IG, I will dutifully apologies to the Speaker on behave of the entire Police force instead of cooking up stories and acting like it’s no big deal. I patriotically believe we are going to get things right in this country one day, I read in a paper some weeks back that South Africa Police Department is currently investigating their president Jacob Zuma over misappropriate of fund, can that kind of news emanate from our own country, when are they going to be as brave as Lion and strong as Elephant in their pursuit for justice.
We have more pressing matters at hand as a country that needs urgent and strategic solutions. Over 230 girls are still missing for over 225 days now, or should I remind the President that over 6,000 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in this country; maybe the President is not aware that over 400 bombs have exploded in Nigeria since 2012, or the fact that over 250,000 Nigerians have been displaced due to the heinous activities of terrorists especially in North East part of Nigeria, I think the President is not informed that 68% of Nigerians lives in abject poverty; 12.1 million Nigerians live in a state of hunger or under nourished based on 2014 African multiple score card on hunger and food security, am not sure the President is aware that 54% of our youths are unemployed and 9 million of Nigerian children have no access to education, I want to believe that the President is aware that 130 million Nigerians self-generate electricity and finally our robust economy according to the Minister of Finance Dr. Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Eweala is now emaciated, as I write Naira has fallen by 10.5%, one dollar is now equal or equivalent to 177 naira and one pound is now 288 naira, while all this problems remain unsolved the commander in Chief is busy chasing shadows, vigorously campaigning for re-election.
In conclusion, we don’t have democracy in Nigeria yet, what we have at best now in this country is diarchy, we are under dictatorship and if power does not change hand come 2015 we are heading for doom, and in other to stop the likes of what happened on Thursday 20th 2014, we must all stand in unity to defend our democracy. What we need now as a country is a leader and now eater, we need an instructor and not dictator.
God bless Nigeria!

Balogun samson

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