A Democratic System of Laissez Faire by Tega Ajise

A great success of any government outside the infrastructures and other things they promise to provide during campaigns to garner votes in elections, is to do everything within its power and might to ensure that, whatever system of government the country has decided to practice at any given time is strictly adhered to in relation to rules and regulations guiding such process.

Nigeria at the moment, through efforts of heroes and martyrs who clamoured and fought for democracy during the military rule which is termed ‘dictatorial’, By the special grace of God Nigeria got the democratic government it wanted in 1999. They say which I agree that change is a process which takes time, one thing also is true, the time depends on how quickly those involved are ready to embark on the journey for change. It will be a failing for us Nigerians to hold fast to the idea that change takes a long time because some nations went through long paths. When the needed tools for the change is before us.

Anyone who denies that the condition which Nigeria has digressed into, I choose not to use digressing because I have great hope in Nigeria, is not a cause for all hands to be on deck and seek for the fastest possible viable, sustainable change must be living a very static life. From my observation calls on the failings of this present government has been a call to strengthen a transparent and sustainable democracy, it beats my imagination when such calls are seen as a tool to damage the image of the government (the true image of the government is the people). This government is a democratic one which we all know is for the people. How can’t this government see the call of the people even if truly sponsored by the opposition as always claimed, as a call? or is the opposition party not made up of Nigerians who should have a say in their fathers land? Or is there a new rule that says the needs of members in an opposition party not in government would not be attended to? we should be very careful about the messages our actions pass.

With the constant trade of blame by the government for its shortcomings, and also absorbing itself from blame thereby relinquishing its responsibilities shows lack of leadership, which is not surprising as in Nigeria we have a lot of ‘people in government’ and not leaders who find themselves in office by whatever means they deem fit which is mostly undemocratic. Calling them leaders is an abuse of the word ‘leadership’. If you think its democratic I ask how can a democratically elected person appoint someone who does not know how or what it takes to serve the people as a commissioner or minister? No wonder they can comfortably disassociate themselves as the providers of solutions of our problems. When a democratic government sees others as the problem why he can’t perform its duties it becomes a big problem to the society. Seeing youths argue that the government should never be held accountable my heart drops for my country. We complain about the older generation but the truth is, this upcoming generation might end up worse if drastic measures is not made to address this belief. Leadership is responsibility, if the youths of today see it as ok that the government should not be held accountable how can they be accountable when they get there?

The only message a government that does not accept responsibility for the problems confronting its people is clear; everyman for himself God for us all. The lackadaisical attitude of this government

concerning its citizens buttress this fact #chibokgirls, and the continuous killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians which up till this moment no set procedure has been put in place to give Nigerians assurance of their safety. Like the government dismissed when the chibok kidnap was reported as propaganda by the opposition, I ask if true as the government assumed, I believe that’s more than enough reason for any right thinking government to act, it’s a crime against those young children to be exploited and used in such a negative light by anyone or group.

With all these it only makes sense to say the type of leadership this government provides is nothing compared to the democracy we hoped for but a presidential system of laissez faire.

May God help us.

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