Ellen DeGeneres & Portia’s Divorce Rumour False


The famous talk show host was plagued by rumors over the summer that her marriage was at the edge of a cliff.  DeGeneres decided to address the speculation head on in her opening monologue, on Monday for Season 12 of her eponymous daytime talk show .

She said, “I had a great summer,… “I went on a trip with Portia, my beautiful wife — who I’m happily married to, but thank you for your heartfelt concern, tabloids”.

DeGeneres added, “We went to France,” she continued. “It’s a beautiful country. France is. I’ll tell you one little complaint I do have is — they speak French like all the time.  It’s annoying.  A little bit. Normally I bring back pictures to show you from my summer, but I didn’t take any this time. Luckily, people took photos of us and they posted them on their Instagram. So I thought that saves me some time and money so I’ll show you a few of those.”

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