To Mark Peace One Day On Sept.21st, Chaste Charity Examines Current Global Thinking About How Business, Entertainment, Tourism And The Media Should Promote Peace.

It may be difficult to believe but terrorism has been around for over 29 years. This point would be highlighted in this year PEACE ONE DAY Event to be held globally, using 29 prompt cards; the 29 year old social entrepreneur would drive home his points in 29 short phrases, encouraging everyone to “Preach Peace”, “Practice Peace”, and “Promote Peace”.

His message would be aimed squarely at the youth, who have most to lose and gain in the eradication of violence. Another Focus for his “Alafia Afrika” project using photography and technology as a tool for change bothers more on the ever-increasing impact on women, who are the fastest-growing group at risk.

Anti-Violence Campaign has over recent years been refined and doing a good job to combating crime most especially with terrorism and religious clashes.


What does this mean for the commercial sector in Africa?


What does this mean for the Religious Sector in Africa?


How do we combat ‘Terrorism’ in a fair to all concerned approach in Africa?


How do we put to work ‘High Profile Individuals’ to lend their voices just like other global challenges such as the ‘ALS Ice Challenge’ for a ‘Centennial Peace Challenge’ in providing adequate funding to curb violence and cater for women, youth and children who have lost their ‘Bread-Winner’.

The Battle against violence forms a new front for the war on poverty, to realize the potential at the bottom of the pyramid and thus increase productivity, trade, GDP, and Economic Growth.

The Young Ambassador of Peace Summed up this article, begging for response, a clarion call to change, don’t sing standing on the promises, while sitting on the premises, let’s take on the “Peace Challenge” Will the peace challenge help in the Peace One Day Global Effort?

Only Time will Tell…

The Ambassador of Peace seeks to promote & practice the ethics of “living for the sake of others” as the guiding principle for building world peace and a global community. As part of Nigeria Centenary celebration, Creative Five World and Budgit is calling for Technology Start-Ups innovative ideas that can promote Peace and provide tools of engagement for Interactive Election Coverage.


Chaste Inegbedion


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Chaste Inegbedion is a community relations specialist in the areas of social innovations and Non-Profit Management Services. He is the Managing Partner of Creative Five World with change products comprising the Charity Lounge and the Innovation Apartment Africa. In 2012, Chaste inspired the Save Pwashikai Nideno CampaignThe historic Road to Recovery of a Five-Year Old mutilated girl who refused to die in dung village in Adamawa State. Also in 2013, he was recognized and awarded by the Universal Peace Federation (An NGO with special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council) as a UPF Young Ambassador for Peace.


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