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Boko Haram Seizes Bama?

The key North- Eastern town of Bama has been reported to be seized by Boko Haram.

Reports say that a fierce battle transpired between the Nigerian Army and Boko Haram on Sunday and Monday, after which the Islamic militants claim ownership of Bama. Residents say that thousands of civilians have deserted their homes, including soldiers, even though the Nigerian Military is yet to release an official comment on this report.

Raising concerns are focused on the fact that Bama is about 70 km away from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, implying that it could be the next target for the terrorists, if their claim is true.


The Nigerian military had initially chased Boko Haram away from that area, but the group returned with reinforcements to seize the town, a residents said. Residents added that the militants traveled in armoured trucks and first took control of the military barracks.

Although there are no clear record of casualties, reports also say that both sides experienced serious casualties.

More so, an overnight curfew has been imposed in Maiduguri to prevent “infiltration” by militants.


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