Are We Really That Mad? – Olladave

Somebody says everybody else is mad

Then somebody must be mad.

If somebody is the only one not mad.

In the land of the mad

A case of mad calling others mad.

But who is really mad?

It is so sad

To see that every one is sad

The truth of the lie is sad.

And if you are not sad

Then it is really sad

We are smiling but happily sad.

Now it is that bad

To say we are mad,

Is totally sad.

To say we are happily sad,

Is not that we are mad.

Remember, somebody must be mad

And the one that is mad

Is the one who says everybody is mad

Not that he’s mad

Then who is sadly mad?

Well, he is mad

And I am mad

Cos you are now getting mad.

Still we say we are not mad

But he is mad

How can we all say he is mad?

How can we be sad he is bad?

Wait a minute, are we mad?

2015 is around the corner, it is another chance to re-write the history of our dear nation. Are we just going to fold our arms and let things roll by as usual?

You can go ahead and criticise how much of a poet I am not, or how bad my punctuation is but one thing I am passionate about is the fact that I am a Nigerian youth. And I believe that we all can decide to make the desired change our country needs by participation and defending our mandates. There’s no us against them but there’s ALL of us. Let’s defend our mandates with all that we have remember the words of T. S. Elliot that says ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’

Olladave is a Singer and poet. Follow him on twitter :@olladave

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