Rumours of Ebola in Abuja!!!

The Ebola scare which hovered the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) a couple of weeks back, seems to be engaging on a come back.


Mouths have been meddling about the possibility of an Ebola virus carrier in Abuja. Sources say that the suspected carrier attended a conference in NICON Luxury Hotel, here in Abuja and must have established contacts with other people. Residents of Abuja are already experiencing another round of the Ebola scare, aside the earlier scare which featured the unfortunate viral messages that prescribed salt for bathing and drinking as a preventive measure.

Health authorities have also encouraged people to educate themselves about the Ebola virus, and have informed people about the possibility of surviving the disease. People have been also encouraged to beef up personal hygiene and avoid unnecessary body contact.
Click below to find out more on Ebola facts and preventive measures.


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