You Say Nigeria is Corrupt Yet you Bribe, So Who Is Corrupt? – Adeyemi Olutoye

Right now, in the 21st century, corruption is best defined as a way of life. Its like there is little that can be achieved in the public service without dropping something or knowing someone on the inside. A little smile with hands in the pocket and a wink communicates it all. It’s your choice, you can decide to wait all day, come back the next day and the day after that day or just drop something and get going with your business.

I do not wish to paint my country this way but how else will I relate my pains after waiting a whole day just to get my International passport (as a citizen, I am entitled to one) in which eventually, I didn’t get. All I was told is “wait a little, it will soon be ready.” “It remain small, remain in the waiting room” and this I did while I watched others come and go, smiling and shaking the hands of the officers with something. As long as you are ready, they are ready.

But before we do the condemnation, some officers were not interested in the money, they were more concerned with their businesses. The government’s pay is enough. It the greedy ones you have to settle. And who settles the greedy if not the greedy. So I thought, if everyone didn’t drop something there won’t be need for a waiting room. Life would be easier, the public servants will do their work diligently. Public services would be well spoken of; no waiting, no time wasting. Of course, It all points down to the people… when we say government is not good, when we sing the song of corruption day and night, sha remember that it starts with you, one day one day, you will be tested o.

Everyone is involved. The ones who say corruption is nigeria’s problem are the ones bribing their way to the top. So who is corrupt? The government or the people? And who is the government?  Are they not the people? The government is only corrupt when the corruption proceedings aren’t favouring us. Like I read in a book, bribing is no crime, not benefitting from the bribe is the crime. Sigh, na wa. As for me, this week, I will do my best not to drop something. I am taking my charger along, so I can write, browse while I wait my turn.

Happy New week. Please, don’t drop something o. Lol. Cheers.

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