Talk We Shall By Ifeoluwa Adedeji,

‘There are two things involved: Talk or no talk’


In a season of strikes and a time of mindless bombings, Grand Commander has suddenly raised the alarm for a talkfest. Haven’t I always thought him as the best thing that happened to us? I mean…look at the details closely. Right from ‘Baye’, we watched him soar like an anointed eagle. Academic, humble, ever serving his superior to the point of the latter’s exit, he is the definition of ‘good luck attracts shoes’.  We have to agree that our nation has lived through intense periods of inter-ethnic tension and rivalry. Our amiable people of the North are the favourites in politics; thanks to the 1950 Ibadan General Conference and 1953 London Constitutional Conference where the ‘Eight point agenda’ was pursued. One part most educated, another oil-drunk. The result: sore differences. So there is certainly a need to talk. Whether sovereign or not sovereign. Sovereign makes more sense though (The Aburi Ghana experience is not buried in history yet).

‘Make all of us march go village square go settle our scores them’.

Putting together a talkfest of this capacity is an enormous task. It will drain resources. The close effect of this expensiveness is the possibility of mind boggling money theft- tricky territory. If successful, we could see a crop of paperwork containing numerous resolutions. If the paperwork is diligently pursued, a new Nigeria may be on the way. The composition, nevertheless, of the talkfest raises issues. Who will represent who? Fisherman? Lawyer? Student? Civil Servant? Business head? Market women? Radical interest group? Let us also consider the odds. There may be a monumental occurrence: chaos and violence. Lives could be lost and properties worth more than Agagu’s coffin damaged. Well, this will only make people annoyingly conscious of the lives already lost to bombings, bad roads, etc. we may be heading for a ‘spring’. Another possible outcome is that 2015 election is undermined and Grand Commander has more time to rule on. I don’t see this coming although.

You would notice the recurrence of the condition ‘if’. Nigeria is not a stable polity. Nothing can be predetermined with accuracy. Personal interests come first. If the success of the talkfest will favour the power barons, I don’t doubt that they will put their all in it. But that shouldn’t be. The question should be: what will favour the nation (people)? Are the people prepared to give the befitting cost? The timing and context of Grand Commander’s sudden change of mind gives no encouragement. Interesting shape-shifts: Grand Commander and House Prefect from opponent to proponent, Omowe Iwarounmu from Grand Commander’s critic to Grand Commander’s favourite. Time trick- 2015 is near oh! Even Tojubu has shape shifted. As opposition, the shift may be accommodated within a context but it doesn’t mean we don’t know there are personal ends to it.

They will do anything that favours them. What will we do?

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