Homosexuals and the ‘Most Supreme Reverends’ of the National Assembly By Adekoya Boladale

Africa is a land with rich culture and traditions, the foundation of one of the most fertile lands in the world was laid upon sanity and love. We are unique and different from all other races around the world; men and women with unique qualities and passion, skin colour uniquely different that no surgery or ‘bleach’ could make up for – of all humans we are special.

Yes we are, but like every human we are human, earthly beings with emotions and feelings, like other homo sapiens we have blood within our veins, skin covers our bodies and nails on our fingers and toes. It is therefore, inappropriate that we think we are not of the world. The hatred and cruelty dealt to homosexuals around Africa is inhuman and shameful. South Africa has adopted a new trend of rape towards homosexuals by forcefully having sexual intercourse with them, this they call ‘corrective rape’; in Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe lesbians, gays and transsexuals are often stoned to death not because they have looted state funds or committed murder but because of their sexuality, and currently in Nigeria, they are on the verge of being sent to jail. In a society where convicted rogues are given presidential pardon, where self confessed criminals who have stolen billions of pension funds are given soft landing, our legislators see the wisdom in dishing out 14-years of jail term to homosexuals and 10-years to any individual who supports, encourages or aids homosexuality.

Let me state clearly that I do not belong to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) family but as a human I feel their pains. The argument around the homosexual debate has been nothing but to protect the morals of our society. This is understandable but better reasonable if religious institutions and not politicians championed this argument. Suddenly our crops of politicians are now High priests, Imams and Reverends who will give the last drop of their blood to preserve a moral society. The existence of morality is not just the union of a woman and a man but behaviour towards fellow humans, humility, love and care. These are the core foundation of our planet.

Our world is already out of morality, with the set of political office holders who continue to trample on morals and traditions with absurd administrative governance. The now Saint- Honourables and Senators of our National Assembly are part of the system that continues to place the masses in generational poverty and unending sorrow. These holy men and women do not see their bogus allowances as contradictory to African traditions, they do not see corruption as not being part of the societal norms and yes; they strongly believe it is our destiny to stay in darkness, sleep on bridges and drink form gutters.

According to the Senate president David Mark, Nigeria will not allow any country in the world dictate to her how to run its affairs. This is true, we are an independent nation and long past colonial rule but does the acceptance of homosexuals undermine our sovereignty? No! Will welcoming homosexuals in our society derail the economic development of the country? Again, No. Most developed countries of the world we look up to as yardstick for development welcome homosexuality, United States, Great Britain, France to mention few. The sentiment surrounding this sudden-found-holier than thou attitude is simply political, it is all a hoax, a calculated plot by these political reverends to win the support of the society and take our minds off their corrupt life style.

Our senators and honourables have no moral justification to dictate to us what is moral and what is not. In the holy bible while judging the accused whore Jesus said ‘Let him without sin cast the first stone’. Most politicians, men and women of influence in our society are gays and lesbians, normal citizens involve themselves in inhuman activities such as rituals, backbiting, deceit and blackmail, what some do in the four walls of their homes call for a re-trial to the judgment passed on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. How then do we suddenly become advocates of a moral society?

In a society of over 170million people we shouldn’t expect everyone to feel the same way. We cannot continue to deny the fact that homosexuality is not part of our societal lives. It is evident in homes, churches and mosques. It is in our children; girls and boys who have suddenly discovered sexual attraction to people of their gender but dare not tell anyone how they feel. We cannot continue to live in a society engulfed with fears, pretense and denials, a society where people cannot express their feelings and love. If homosexuality is immoral, masturbation is immoral and so also is corruption, nepotism, ethnicity, hatred, anger and injustice.

We can best preserve what is left of our morals and values when we give people the power to be who they want to be and choose how they want to live their lives, if we fail in this, then we have failed to represent the freewill given by God.

Adekoya Boladale is a political scientist and wrote via

Twitter: @adekoyabee

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