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Adenike Adeyemi is passionate about Charity, Enterprise and Education. She is a gracious helper and problem solver, anointed to bring emotional healing to hurting women through the teaching and preaching of God’s word. She is at the forefront of reformation of dysfunctional families, with the belief that right parenting and godly values shape children into exceptional Leaders.

She presides over a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria known as Real Woman Foundation. An organization dedicated to empowering women and children economically and socially; through seminars, skills training, rehabilitation programs and the Love Home Orphanage. Though this organization several abused women have been transformed; many have gone from the streets to having college education, own businesses, while many rescued babies now thrive with the hope of a brighter future.

She is the host of ‘Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi’ an interactive forum which airs on various TV stations across Nigeria and internationally, with discussions on various issues that affect women.

Adenike, formally trained as an architect with an MSc in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria and an MBA from Business Studies Netherlands, She further trained in Strategic Perspective for Non-Profit Management at Harvard Business School. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Researchers and Administrators of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Social Workers among others. She is a recipient of many awards; also serves as a Board member of other non-profit and for profit organizations.

Married to Samuel Adeyemi (Senior Pastor Daystar Christian Centre), she is a dedicated mother of 3 children, and many more at the Love home Orphanage.

She spoke to Japheth Omojuwa on Women, Leadership, the church and many other issues.









Omojuwa: Hello Pastor Nike Adeyemi @NikeAdeyemi …thank you for joining us, sharing your time and thoughts with us here

Pastor Nike Adeyemi: Thank you Omojuwa

Omojuwa: what do you consider the biggest threat(s) to women and children on the continent?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi: Poor health care, poverty, rape

Omojuwa: how can privilege women like yourself help meet these named threats to endangered women?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi: By setting up non profiting making org thru which we can provide care, counsel, financial empowerment, education…Soft loans, vocational centres, health care centres, hospitals, mass awareness of what women should allow…or disallow abuse.

Omojuwa: how do we provide succour to the women and children in northern Nigeria battling terrorism?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi:Shelter & relief materials can be sent to them, educate & enlighten them on tips on security on … …how to better protect themselves.

Omojuwa: through @DRealWoman Foundation & other programmes, you have done a lot here. What’s your biggest challenge?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : @drealwoman inadequate govt policies, funding has been the greatest challenge

Omojuwa: What is the Nigerian society missing in its quest to attain peace and prosperity?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi: We are missing focusing on the youth, lack of focus on the most vunerable in the society…women and children and handicaped people in our society.

Omojuwa: What’s your biggest lesson as a mentor of many young and old people?

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Pastor Nike Adeyemi :My biggest lesson is that people need to be loved, accepted, validated and guided…When people feel loved and guided, this often brings out the best in them.

Omojuwa: do you think the Nigerian church has done enough to complement government’s development efforts?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi :The church is doing quite a lot, however it could do lot more. It is not uncommon these days seeing churches having subsidiaries like…The church has been involved in rebuilding schools, social justice centres, orphanage homes, benevolence centres…Setting up benevolence centres providing food, health care, clothing, establishing schools at various levels….Churches have also established various leadership schools and affordable schools for entrepreneurship…..also churches have established rehabilitation centres, free legal advisory services, free adult education centres…job centres, providing employment and so many others

Omojuwa: Impressive! do you think the church should make its accounts public?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : I don’t see why not. It is good for the church to be accountable

Omojuwa: What is the Women of Destiny Conference about? What’s the essence?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : The essence of the conference this year is challenging women in the society to make a difference at all levels…In their family, career, in the community, in the nation and globally.

Omojuwa: who can attend the sessions? Strictly women who want to make a difference in society?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : Women have the potential to make a positive difference and we want to encourage and empower them to do just that. By so doing our nation will be the better for it. Even though our focus is on women, men are also welcome because men who participate then learn how to view and support women better and encourage women to make a difference…Because men are not isolated from women, attending the conference will empower them to relate better with their daughters, mothers, and sisters.Also for women who have dreams and wondering how to realise those dreams, women who need wisdom and inspiration…Women should expect to be inspired, challenged, motivated, opportunity for networking, mentoring …Women should also expect to have fun and find alignment with their destiny. Women can expect to jump start their destiny at this conference and find aligment with god’s purpose for their lives…

Omojuwa: What can we expect from the Women of Destiny Conference #WODConference?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi :Women can expect to meet like-minded people thereby expanding their circle of influence.Women can expect to receive breakthrough ideas in business and career and these and more.Women will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers during the conference at the Saturday conference.

Omojuwa: where and when does the #WODConference take place? How do we register? Any fees?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : The conference is completely free. The registration is free. The conference takes a place at Daystar Christian Centre, plot A3c, Ikosi road, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.The date is Friday 26thh april at 6pm and saturday 27th april 11am till 3pm and sunday 28th april, 4 sessions/services from 7am to 1.30pm. Registration is free and that will take place at the venue on Friday and Saturday only.

Omojuwa: You are beautiful, blazing trails & busy making the lives of others better + being a mother of 3. Any secrets? 🙂

Pastor Nike Adeyemi :Thank you for the complement. Its been by the grace of god and I try to draw my strength from God’s love.And I daily ask God for wisdom to delegate adequately and juggle all my assignments.Also I have been blessed with a strong support of network in the person of my husband, understanding children & team. I am also mindful of taking care of my body, spending time exercising, proper diet, drinking water. Being emotionally healthy and prayerful too.

Omojuwa: as a young African girl, what are the fundamentals I must remember to achieve my dreams like yourself?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : Number one be close to god, get educated, work hard, serve others, be respectful to your parents and older people…Be humble and open to learning, be passionate about your dreams and dont let go of your dreams no matter what. Be persistent & develop sound character, be mentored. Follow your convictions with proper values. Don’t follow d crowd. Walking in love always. Protect your heart and do the right thing.

Omojuwa: Thank you for your time. Best wishes with your work at Daystar Christian Centre (@daystarng) and The Real Woman Foundation (@DRealWoman) , Love Home Orphanage etc?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : Thank you omojuwa its been nice chatting with you. You are doing a great job.

Omojuwa: please extend our love and greetings to Reverend Sam Adeyemi @sam_adeyemi . Thank you for your leadership and for being a great woman

Pastor Nike Adeyemi : Yes will do. Also thank you dear tweeps for being part of the interview with Omojuwa today.









On The Real Woman Foundation:

Pastor Nike Adeyemi :for those of us asking questions about the activities of The Real Woman Foundation @drealwoman here are a few details on the activities of the Real Woman Foundation.

At the real woman we run a rehabilitation centre for abused women and sex workers. We run an orphanage home for abused and abandoned children. We provide them shelter, clothing & education. For more information on any of the activities of the real women please visit ? . Thank you.

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