Tom G Palmer sums up the world as it is for us and as we want it to be

Below is a Facebook post from Tom G Palmer. It is his reality from yesterday and a reality the world deserves…a world without borders and limits…A world of freedom for all.

“The modern world is amazing. I was just exchanging ideas with Iranian friends online. Earlier I had a Facebook and then Skype chat with an Indian colleague in New Delhi about libertarian projects in Asia. Then I was contacted by a Nigerian colleague who is right now in Rio, so I put him in touch with an Icelandic libertarian who is there now, along with a Brit libertarian and an American libertarian. We could not reach my Brazilian colleague, who would have helped out, because he is in China, meeting with libertarian colleagues to whom I introduced him there. The world is, in some sense, getting both cooler and cozier”

Tom G Palmer

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