My definition of Love has not changed ~ J J Omojuwa

God loved, God gave

Love is the greatest gift God has given us. He is Love by His very essence – we can therefore understand why Love is the most corrupted word in the world. Nothing that is of God has gone without corruption by men acting on the influence of satan.

Love is so corrupted, it is difficult to trust anyone especially if that person is of the opposite sex who claims to love you. it has become what we are afraid of – afraid to commit to. Love has changed and yet remains itself still. In practice it has variations that are way off its essence. It is not what it is often portrayed to be. It is not a great kiss or an unforgettable sex. It is not bullish but gentle. It is not desperate and would not hurt anyone to achieve its end. When it is true, it is the greatest feeling in the world. I’d rather not say it than say it and not mean it. I’d rather not mean it than mean it and not express it. it is not dormant, it is active. It moves and makes you want to do for that who is the representation of its image for you – a spouse, a child, a friend, even your country.

Before you open your mouth to say “I love you”, understand the responsibility of loving another, mean it and act it. Love is an action word, it does. In doing, it is not proving itself to be what it is –Love, doing is just an expression of its essence. Jesus had to die to consummate his for man. This is my Love and it is as expressed by the legendary Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians – the classic Love definition. So before we end up fooling ourselves and losing it, we ought to define and separate it from our lusts and personal missions. It is okay to be desirous of another person’s body for the purpose of your satisfaction, but it is diabolic to claim to love that person for the purpose of achieving your desire.
What is, is what is, what is not, is not and it matters not what you call it. A dog is a dog any where in the world, it is not a Lion. A man is a man the world over and nothing else – dress him as much as you would. Love is love and it will never take the selfish ends men have ascribed to it. This is my own Love

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