“I sold my soul to the devil” ~ Kanye West

So the we are gonna keep the arguments on till we all gone. Yo!

Kanye Wests Admits He Sold His Soul To The Devil During Freestyle LIVE In ATL w/ KID Cudi. Kanye West Suprises LA By Coming Out @ Kid Cudi Show. Kanye West Spits New Verse Live! JayL post. ADD, RATE & Subscribe… ~Sarahyah

Kanye West BRAGGED TO FANS that he sold his soul to the devil. Here are the lyrics to Kanye Wests freestyle:

I love the Game So
That I cant take this s*t sometimes
And if they take everything away from me,
It wouldnt f*ckin matter
Artists be too concerned about their well being sometimes.
Artists be too scared to stand up for something.
They scared to lose their f*ckin house,
Or their scared to lose their record deal.

I sold my soul to the devil
I know its a crappy deal
At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.

Im spaced out yall, I be on that moon talk.
I wonder if God asked Mike how to moonwalk

Talkin about selling your SOUL TO THE DEVIL? That aint even nothing to play with… News for some, confirmation for others…

– sarahyah09
watch the video here:

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