My take:
After the October 1st, 2010 bombing, MEND claimed responsibility and the first person to absolve MEND was President Goodluck Jonathan. Everyone was surprised then why the president would just claim it was not MEND, so it does make some sense if not a lot of sense that Mr. President knows a lot about the 2010 bombings than we ever had time to think about. This (Henry Okah’s accusations)in a sane country would be the object of major investigation but there are motives and we have enough grounds to believe Henry Okah even though he is a sort of sinking man who could be grabbing at straws. The president definitely has a case to answer. The question is, who will ask him? I will not pass him guilty before he is tried but he sure knows a lot more than we gave him credit for as far as the October 1st, Eagle Square Independence celebrations go. So Nigeria, is your President a comfirmed terrorist? Hmmmmm


Jonathan tried very hard to absolve MEND after the blasts in 2010

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