HOW WINNING #SuperBloggers CHANGED EVERYTHING – by @Payme_My2cents


I love writing and I had been thinking of blogging for a long while but never got to it and finally getting started was by chance (thanks to my sister). I had been blogging for less than two months when I entered the competition and I had an average of 650 visits to the blog in January and February. The competition started in the last week of February (which is why the average is high lol).

My experience with the first edition of superbloggers was an amazing one and my blog is really benefiting from the exposure I got through the competition. It has been a month since the competition and visits have been way more than ten times that average. Writing is still a hobby for me, however with the increased publicity of the blog, I have had to make it a ‘serious’ hobby. I joined twitter with the aim of promoting the blog and I do not regret taking that step. I find it easier to publicise my new articles and with rapidly increasing numbers of followers, I am able to get my message across to a wider audience. I hope Payme’s 2Cents will keep inspiring everyone to be charitable.

Did I mention that you would also get to meet amazing people – albeit online? I am so grateful for the exposure #Superbloggers has given to Payme’s 2Cents. We all have a story to tell. Tell yours by entering the next #Superblogger competition. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!!! God bless!

PS: The winners of the 2nd edition will be announced on Sunday. The 3rd edition kicks off on Monday.

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