Eagles lose Egypt date


by Tarek Talaat 03
Due to a sponsorship glitch forcing them to fold their UAE camp Egypt will no longer be able to face Nigeria in their scheduled Abu Dhabi thriller.
Coach Diaa Al Sayed revealed to SuperSport that they had recieved the letter yesterday from the UAE Football federation advising them of the development and were now scambling to secure another sponsor.
Diaa also further informed that” Since we dont know if the new camp will be in the UAE or not , we certainly can not etch any games especially that against the Super Eagles in stone and have to cancel.”
The Coach also relayed that Egypt would try and reschedule the game as they really looked forward to playing Keshis new look Eagles whom they now ranked among Africa’s most improved teams. “We like Nigeria because they are local ” added the Coach.
Next Egypt had hoped to face Angola but that too may now be in jeopardy.
Via Super Sport

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