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The world is filled with daily doses of sadness. Everyone wants to express his/her feelings and everyone wants to be heard and understood, and where possible, they want it to be put to use. I cannot tell you, dear readers, how much I hate writing about such sadness, and in any case, there are other people that write about it daily, so many. The truth is there are so many sad stories that we don’t get to hear or read about, and this piece is exactly one of them.

Earlier this evening my 2 year old daughter tripped and fell……… I was trying to get her dressed and she was trying to run away with the trousers still at her ankles so she tripped over and fell flat on her tummy! As she began to cry, I scolded her for not staying still! ( I did tell her to stand still!). That’s a sad story that you didn’t know, right?

Her feelings included; pain, fear, sadness and neglect. She expressed them through crying. I heard but I pretended not to understand and I didn’t put it to use. Yes, I know I was wrong and there was no reason why I couldn’t have picked her up, cuddled her and requested she stopped crying!

But you know what? Next time I will put it to use. How? I’ll sit her down while dressing her or place her on the bed where it’s soft and I know she won’t be bothered to move till I’m through. I also believe that she will put her own lesson to use. How? I have no idea, but I bet she would!

What I’m trying to say is, everyone struggles day in, day out with their own little problems and if they can’t, won’t or don’t find solutions to them, it grows and spreads until each person in that house is affected with a piece or portion of their once simple problem. It then becomes compounded and complicated and they take their frustration and/or anger out of that house to the public, and the rest is what we see today: Suicide bombers, genocidal bombers (and all the classes and categories of bombers including BH), serial killers, drug addicts, kleptomaniacs (including the Iboris).

I deeply regret that I didn’t comfort her. That was the only thing she needed from me at that time. Please whenever and wherever you can, don’t leave anyone you love or care for, family or not, with a painful or sad feeling in them. Try as much as possible to resolve it. Who knows, you might be the reason they decide to be humane in their actions, words and thoughts next time. Everyone looks for someone, anyone at all, they can imitate, and they search for someone to make a difference in their lives, in their world.

Don’t save the world, save the person next to you. Check on your neighbour, call that distant cousin of yours, send a text to that friend you have on your mobile but have never called. It takes only time which I must say we are quickly running out of! Hug that little child near you.

I’m going to hug my daughter and kiss her right now as I leave you with this final message: Love your neighbour as yourself!

FATIMA UMAR. @fatumoriginal

Cairo, Egypt.

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