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The ancient city of Kano is under attack as multiple explosions rocked the city including the State Police Hq.According to a source,just as the explosion in Zone 1 Police HQ occurred, several other explosions occurred simultaneously at other locations mostly police stations in the city making people scamper for safety.. The Inspector General’s. Kano residence is also said to have been under attack.

Details of the injured is still sketchy but eye witnesses claim that 2 police men have been confirmed dead.The multiple bomb blasts may be connected with the manhunt for Kabiru Sokoto the man suspected to have sponsored the christmas day bombings in some churches in the North.
The Police just announced a 50 Million naira ransom on Kabiru Sokoto with the Inspector General under pressure from the Presidency to fish him out.Channels Television lost one of its reporters to the blast,Enechie Akogwu who just returned to the north where he handles stories for the station in the region.

Reports monitored on Vanguard Newsonline revealed that The loud explosions resulted in chaos, with motorcycles and cars fleeing the areas. The amount of damage or casualties was not immediately clear.

“It’s terrifying where we are now,” one resident said. “Bombs are going off inside the police headquarters, and then shootings between police and some gunmen.”

Residents reported at least two other police stations appeared to be targeted. There were earlier indications that an immigration office was targeted as well but it later appeared that a police station nearby was the object of the attack.

“At the moment, there is a heavy shootout between the immigration personnel and the police with the attackers, and bombs explode in between,” a resident of the Marhaba area said by phone.

“Now my dress is drenched in blood because I had to help carry someone shot in the shootout.”

Another resident said it appeared a police station in the Unguwa Uku neighbourhood was attacked.

“Several explosions have occurred at the Yar Akwa police station,” he said. “Everybody is running for his life. It’s chaotic.”

Scores of bomb blasts in Nigeria’s north have been blamed on Islamist group Boko Haram.

President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency on December 31 in parts of four states hard hit by attacks blamed on Boko Haram.

Kano is not included in the state of emergency and has not been previously hit by any of the recent major attacks. Most of the attacks have occurred in the country’s northeast.

The state of emergency has not stopped attacks, and the areas targeted have expanded outside the locations covered by the decree.

The inability of the authorities to address the situation was highlighted in recent days when the alleged mastermind of a Christmas day attack outside a church that killed 44 people escaped from police custody in suspicious circumstances.

Attacks specifically targeting Christians have also given rise to fears of a wider religious conflict in the country, with Christian leaders warning they will defend themselves. Some have even evoked the possibility of civil war.

However, attacks blamed on Boko Haram have included a wide range of targets, including Muslims. It also claimed responsibility for the August suicide bombing of UN headquarters in the capital Abuja that killed 25 people.

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