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An idea of Jonathan’s austerity measures

How can we run a country like this?

1. It cost us N20 million/day for the upkeep of our able president and his vice.
2. Local travels for Namadi and Goodluck cost us N2 million everyday
3. International travels for Namadi and Goodluck cost us N3 million everyday
4. Both of these performing leaders Namadi and Goodluck have N600 million in the budget for “welfare”
5. Anyim’s office will spend N65 million on trees when FCT spent less than N50 million on same for over 4 years
If you can take it, I can’t! I will engage all within and without to make this right
6. What kind of public address system cost N150million? Will Michael Jackson be performing inside Aso Rock?
7. What kind of desk top costs N300,000. Has Steve Jobs sent one from heaven?
8. Tell me a consumer laptop brand that cost N314,000. Was it patented in Heaven?
9. Scanners of N190,000 and aunty @NOIweala said she was satisfied with her budget. I am disappointed!
10. N161 million for buses in the presidency. Are they starting a presidential palliative transport company?
11. N1.8 billion to maintain existing furniture, offices and quarters? Are we hosting Barak and Michelle everyday?
12. Acquisition of computer software N2.5 billion. Are we starting a computer company called CabalSoft?
13. Stationery, magazines, newspapers N4.5 billion. Why not buy the printing press
14. N295 million for new furniture. Are we moving the Federal Capital again?
15. Maintenance of vehicles and furniture N17billion. Can we just buy shares in Toyota instead?
16. Research and Development N27 billion. Is Aso Rock now a research company? Lord have mercy!

We can save hundreds of billions of Naira from wasteful spending in the 50 ministries, agencies and departments this year.

Now you know this is beyond a fight about petrol taxes/subsidy, it’s a fight for the soul of our country. Will you back out?

We hereby declare war against corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness of our leaders.

Is this not enough to ask and demand for change? Is this not enough reason to #OccupyNigeria?

We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail

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