If you allow them, you will become a slave in your own country

Fellow Compatriots,
This is more than a quest for economic rights, it a quest for justice. This is not about fuel subsidy, it is about the ruling class’ war on the Nigerian masses. They cannot claim our country is broke when president Goodluck Jonathan continues to feed fat on N3 million worth of food everyday. They cannot claim to be broke when they increased the recurrent expenditure of the 2012 budget by another N92 billion. They cannot claim to be broke when the First Lady just spent N5billion furnishing an office. They cannot claim to be broke when in the whole budget and through out this period nothing has been said about their salaries and allowances.

What is the justice of our Senate President earning as much as 8 times the salary of president Obama of the United States? What is the justice of paying underworked lawmakers over N100 billion with less than 12 per cent of that taxed when the majority of our people are jobless and hungry?

They claim the downstream sector of the petroleum industry is infested with corruption. They claim the oil subsidy process has been hijacked by corrupt people. They are yet to prosecute let alone get a conviction for just one of those corrupt people. They are yet to clean up the inefficiencies of the petrol importation process. They want to transfer the cost and burden of corruption and inefficiencies of the process directly to Nigerians.

Subsidies are bad. The worst subsidy in Nigeria today is Political Subsidy. This is the first subsidy that must go. An American said yesterday on BBC Have Your Say she currently pays less than Nigerians for fuel. This is an American whose country works! This is an American who sees the roads her taxes have helped to build, she knows her country would always be there for her against terrorists and in deed everything works. We are in a country when the only existence of the government is oppression.

My people, we have been oppressed for too long! Defy them this time. Face their tanks, take a stand, fight for your dignity! Our president and his cohorts have their hands dirty! They feed on our common wealth. They want to expend our future for their fat salaries and administrative incompetence. This must not stand.

Fellow Nigerians, take a stand for your today, defend the future of your children. This is not deregulation. You cannot call it a deregulated market when you are just transferring the burden of the cabals directly to the people. Will you just sit and watch them completely strip you of your dignity or will you join other Nigerians and stand for justice? It is a choice only you must make! This is the hour of liberation, this is the moment of truth, this is the way of justice. A government that has chosen to destroy its own people is not a legitimate government. Any government that has lost the stamp of legitimacy from the people has become draconian, evil and illegal.

The days of talking are over, these are the days of walking the talk. Don’t listen to your parents. Their fears led us to where we are, it is time to fight for what is ours! The size of government must go down, the corruption in fuel importation must be cleaned up, the cabal whoever they are must be brought to book, the refineries must be made to work and only then can we begin to discuss a real and sincere deregulation process.

This is your fight. There are no activists anywhere to save you. This is the time for you to become your own messiah. Now take your place on the arc of history, call out to your neighbours and friends, the Nigerian morning of Justice has come!!!

The Picture below is courtesy the internationally renowned Carlos Latuff. Share this message on your BlackBerries, Facebook walls and Twitter. Share the picture as well. The picture says everything about the injustice we all bear today. Take a Stand for Nigeria


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