DESPISED UNTIL LOST written by ‘Seyi Olufemi

The trumpet blasted directly into my ears, I was tied, hands firmly behind me. I turned away, trying to escape the full blast of the sound as the decibel grew in intensity. I knew for sure then that I was going to leave this experience deaf, it was inevitable! The man continued to pummel me, he kicked me on the groin, thigh and stomach area. I tried curling over into the fetal position to minimize the impact of the blows but it was futile. The blows were relentless and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried shouting but a kick shut my mouth. I saw out of the corner of my eyes as he raised the object, I knew it was over.

My life flashed before me, in an unexplainable way as I saw the mistakes of my life and the things I wished I had done. It is at such times as these that we realize what is really important; honestly, it won’t be your car, house, job or other “important things”. What attains the vital status becomes; how good you are as a father, mother or wife, how faithful you are as a friend, your relationship with God and your contribution to life. As the hammer descended in a suspended stretched out manner, I screamed! Then I woke up.

My wife was snoring soundly beside me, my son Japheth, always active, was kicking me with all his strength. I viewed the entire expanse of the bed, a 6’ by 6’ bed and was amazed. In spite of the expansive bed; we were all located at my edge of the bed! Twisted in a single heap and intertwined like the weaving of the fat braid women often use.

I angrily rolled over and valiantly tried untangling myself from the bundle; I was a bit rough I must confess. I wanted to wake my wife. I was tired of her uncaring attitude, this crude, snoring trumpet beside me. Where was that refined babe I married?! Where was that always prim and proper lady I married?! I only wish she would not infect my son with that horrible snoring disease. I stood up and felt like hitting her on the head! I walked groggily to the sofa in the sitting room and plunked down still angry! Praying silently that she wouldn’t infect Japheth with that snoring virus! I deserved more! After a hectic day, I needed my rest! It was unfair that she would be so inconsiderate! Snoring like the revving of a truck!

They shouted and tugged at the window frame as I cowered fearfully behind the door. I prayed and hoped the police would get here on time. My mouth was dry with a fear induced constriction of my chest and the pounding in my head, could only be compared to a roman legion marching to war. I prayed fervently for divine intervention. I knew if they gained access to the house it was going to be fatal. Armed robbers were trying to gain access into our apartment! I wished I had rented a better apartment in a better area; I hid my laptop and prayed that my wife and Japheth would just keep quiet inside that store! I tried putting together all the cash we had in the house, a paltry six hundred and fifty naira! The only way out was God.

The sound of window frame giving way jolted me back to reality; I knelt down and averting my face as the “huge demons”, emerged. It was the worst nightmare. I screamed when the leading huge demon kicked me, then I heard Japheth crying! I knew it was over, briskly, they were dragged out at gun point and forced both of them to kneel down beside me. Where is the money?! Gold! Where is the dollar? I pointed to the table in supplication. Just this!? You fool! One of the demons replied. Then, all hell was let loose! Kicks and slaps descended on us as we knelt down praying for an end to this torture. Then, I heard gunshots and saw Japheth and his mum, my darling wife, slump down. I jumped and tried turning to check as if in a trance. I heard the word, shoot him! The sound of gunshot filled the air; I fell back and woke up. I had fallen off the couch and the sound I heard was my cousin’s, obviously trying to navigate in the dark, he had collided with the aluminum base wall hanging, hence the noise.

I rushed into the bed room, knelt beside my wife and embraced the two most important friends in my life, I squeezed myself between them and hugged as I settled down to sleep, the snore was still there but it had become a melodious tune, Japheth’s kick suddenly felt more like the a loving pat on the back. It dawned on me: We often allow the snores, kicks and other little things to separate us from fulfilling relationships; we are often consumed by the non essentials at the expense of the valuables. The wonderful wife whose only offence was snoring after a hard day’s work becomes the target of our irritation laced with anger. We fight our loved ones over trivial matters; we refuse to appreciate them because of minor offenses.
We often don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. WHAT ARE YOU DESPISING BECAUSE YOU HAVE IT?

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