See Breath-taking Pre Wedding Photos Of Zahra Buhari

This will probably be the most talked about wedding of the year. President’s daughter, Zahra Buhari, soon to be bride of Ahmed Indimi is seen with her hubby to be in some breath taking photos prepping for their wedding.

The photos have long gone viral and people can’t help it but gush over the elegant beauty of the couple together. Wearing a Fulani attire in one of the photos, the couple sure did a good representation of their Nigerian cultural heritage. See photos below:

The President's daughter and her groom ? culture is beautiful! 
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Beautiful #ZahraBuhari and her #asoebibella at her Kunshi.

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Finally, Zahra Buhari confirms own wedding

Zahra, the daughter of the President of Nigeria, has finally confirmed that her nuptials to Ahmed, son of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, will hold on December 16.

An Instagram post by Zahra, who is a graduate of Microbiology from the University of Surrey in England, “#zahmed2016 #InshaAllah’’ was all that was needed to douse insinuations currently making rounds on social media.

Interestingly, it is double celebration for the first family as the president also turns 73 on December 17-a day after the set wedding date.

Earlier slated for November 30 and December 4, the wedding had been moved to a new date, which was kept secret up until the wedding invitation of the young couple was leaked online over the weekend.

The first family had on Saturday disowned some photographs trending on social media and some conventional media said to be pre-wedding photographs of their daughter, Zahra and Ahmed.

A statement released by the Special Assistant on Media to the wife of the President, Adebisi Olumide-Ajayi, on Saturday, said the family described the photographs as untrue and embarrassing to them.

The statement read, “It has come to the notice of the Buhari family, that certain photographs are making the rounds both on social and conventional media claiming to be pre-wedding photographs of Zahra Buhari and Mohammed Indimi.

“Not only are these photographs untrue, but they are also a source of embarrassment to the couple.

“The couple would like to express that as much as they appreciate public interest and well wishes in their forthcoming marriage, they would at this particular point appreciate the public’s respect of their decision to make it a private affair.

“Official photographs would be released at the appropriate time.”

Why Zahra Buhari`s Wedding Was Postponed

The wedding ceremony of Zahra, the 21 year old daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, earlier scheduled for this weekend has been postponed.

The postponement is reported to be as a result of President Buhari`s insistence on a low-key wedding as he is not comfortable with the attention the media is giving to his daughter’s wedding.

Recall that there were media reports that the family of the groom, Ahmed Indimi presented about 30 LV bags to the bride, Zahra.

The 30 bags which allegedly cost about £120, 000 (approximately N47,144,502, using the official rate of N392.87 to a pound) are said to have been delivered in 30 exotic cars.

An introduction ceremony between both families had earlier held at the Aso Villa, Abuja on Friday, November 18, with the wedding programme scheduled between Wednesday 30th November and Sunday 4th December, 2016.

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Zahra Buhari Gets ?N47.1m Customized LV Bags In 30 Exotic Cars From Billionaire Fiancé (PHOTOS)

Zahra, the 21-year-old daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, has received about 30 customized LV boxes from the family of her husband-to-be, Ahmed Indimi.

The LV boxes have Zahra’s name customized as ZBI (Zara Buhari Indimi).

She is getting married to Ahmed, the son of Nigeria billionaire Mohammed Indimi, an oil tycoon.

In Northern Nigeria tradition, the groom’s family is expected to buy the boxes known as kayan lefe for the bride.

The boxes are usually loaded with diamond and gold jewelry, designer shoes, bags, super wax, laces, perfumes, designer underwear, cosmetics, jeans, tops and more.

The man can do from 1 to 50 boxes as a show of how rich and capable he is.

The LV bags which total about 30 and allegedly cost about £120, 000 (approximately N47,144,502, using the official rate of N392.87 to a pound) are said to have been delivered to Zahra in 30 exotic cars, according to a reliable source.

Zahra, the beauty and brain is a graduate of micro biology from the University of Surrey in England and also the ambassador for the SCAF, a foundation set on the initiative to arrest and minimize the case of sickle cell around the nation.

Her husband-to-be, Ahmed indimi, is a good looking graduate of a prestigious university and currently the marketing director of Oriental energy resources and hails from Maiduguri.

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Zahra Buhari, mother shed tears as Col. Abu-Ali is laid to rest.

Zahra Buhari, one of the daughters of President Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed that she never attended a burial ceremony until Monday when the remains of Abu Ali, the brave soldier killed by Boko Haram, were interred.

Ali, alongside six officers brought down in the line of duty, was buried at the National Cemetery, Abuja, on Monday.

The other soldiers who died in the attack were Muazu Ibrahim, Hussani Jafaru, Bassey Okon, Chukwu Simon, Salisu Lawal, and Patrick Paul.

Even, Tukur Buratai, chief of army staff, could not fight back tears when he read the funeral oration at the gravesides of the heroes.

The first daughter showered encomiums on the deceased, and narrated her experience at the event.

“I experienced a burial for the first time in my life. Right before my eyes I saw our 7 heroes laid to rest, I couldn’t hold back my tears,” she said in a statement posted on social media.

“I looked up and saw my mother wiping away her tears and then Lt. Gen. Buratai’s voice shaking as he gave his touching speech to bid good bye for the last time. Lt Gen Buratai listed town after town, village after village that were recaptured by the army led by our 7 fallen soldiers.

“Tears rolled down as though I had known them all my life. They sacrificed everything they had for us and gave it their all in every battle. I thought to myself “This is the epitome of patriotism!”.

“All our fallen heroes shall not be forgotten. The patriotism I had in my heart before the burial was very much but by the end of the event it had doubled!!

“The bravery, courage and patriotism of our soldiers is an example to every Nigerian, it is the true definition of leading by example.”

Zahra Buhari Resurfaces As Charity Ambassador (PHOTOS)

Zahra Buhari, who once sparked Nigerian social media with alluring photos now becomes new ACE charity ambassador.

Meet our new ACE charity Ambassador At Large-@zmbuhari Who is just as eager to make measurable sustainable impacts.
— ACE Charity (@Acecharity) August 9, 2015

The mission of the organization is to re-define the meaning of charity in Africa while providing education, literacy skills and training to African children and youths.


Zahra, a medical microbiology student of the University of Surrey in England, is one of Buhari’s eight living children.

Zahra Buhari Signs Out Twitter Account Because of “Gbagaun”?

Speculations provide that daughter of APC presidential candidate, Zahra Buhari, who was trending just recently on social media has signed out her account.

This however confirms to be true because her username, @Zahrah3_, no longer exist on twitter. Sources say the non existence of her account was as a result of an argument with other tweeps concerning her father’s over emphasized result issue. Also, it was said that she typed a lot of grammatical errors during the argument and tweeps criticized her for that.  Sources said, she might have signed out because she probably felt embarrassed for her poor grammar.