BasketMouth “Worships” Wife on Wedding Anniversary

This one has gone beyond adoring someone…, BasketMouth literally worshipped his wife to mark their wedding anniversary. He started the day posting photos of her and saying sweet phrases to her. He even thanked God for the day he met her.

We are not sure, but from the look of things, these guys are truly happily married!!! Awwww…

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John Legend’s Sexy Wedding Anniversary Photos

Sunday marks a year wedding anniversary for sensational singer John Legend and model wife, Chrissy Teigen. We woke to this sizzling sexy photo of the couples as they celebrate their anniversary. The picture shows a topless Chrissy wrapping her arms around her handsome husband as his body covers her bare chest.


To celebrate their milestone, the supermodel and chart-topping crooner have been exploring Paris together. Along the way, Chrissy and John have been sharing their vacation with their Instagram followers. However, the couple hasn’t been one-on-one the entire time — over the weekend, Chrissy treated John to a show at the popular Crazy Horse cabaret. At one point, the couple posed for a group picture with several of the establishment’s performers. “Took john to see other boobs for our anniversary to make up for the 364 days of the year I’m insufferable (ps they are insanely talented and not just boobs),” she joked in the caption.

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