FG Wants To Tax Us To Death– Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has urged Nigerians to resist any attempt to impose new tax on them by the Federal Government.

Fayose in a press release issued in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, lamented that the body language of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress is that of who “wants to tax Nigerians to death.”

Wondering why government was always looking for more avenues for taxes, he asked, “Do they want Nigerians to pay with their blood.”

“If the only way the federal government believes it can take Nigeria out of recession is to impose obnoxious taxes that will further impoverish the people, the federal government is not being fair to Nigerians.”

“Under 20 months of Buhari’s government, petrol price was increased from N87 to N145 per litre, kerosene; diesel and gas prices were increased, electricity tariff was increased, N50 stamp duty was introduced on bank customers, 9% tax for the use of communication services like calls, SMS, MMS and data usage from telecommunication service providers; internet service providers and Pay TV Stations.

“It is also under this APC government that N65 levy was imposed on every withdrawal on ATM, various bank charges introduced, custom duties increased, increment of VAT from five per cent to 10 per cent contemplated, cost of vehicle number plate and driver’s licence increased, and now cost of internet subscription is to be increased too.

“Is this government out to tax Nigerians to death?”

While condemning the proposed increment in the cost of data, Fayose said it was strange that the federal government came with the idea less than three weeks after the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed complained about the damage being done to the image of the Buhari government by the social media.

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Alleged Plot To Rig Rivers Rerun As Wike Wants Buhari To Prosecute Dakuku, Others

Rivers State Governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike has tasked President Muhammadu Buhari  to take action against the members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over their alleged plot to rig the December 10, 2016 State and National Assemblies rerun polls in Rivers State.
The Governor, who briefed reporters in Government House, Port Harcourt, over the arrest of a syndicate that prints fake INEC result sheets in Port Harcourt, expressed disappointment that the Commissioner of Police said he was under pressure to free the suspects of the alleged crime.
He described electoral fraud as a corrupt practice that Mr. President would frown at, and said that individuals who wanted to deny the people of Rivers the right to vote for the candidates of their choice won’t escape the President’s hammer.
Wike alleged that the person who awarded the contract for the fake result sheets, Emmanuel Chinda, the former Commissioner of Agriculture in former Governor Rotimi Amaechi;s administration, is a top member of the APC, but has not been arrested due to pressures on the CP.
He noted that Buhari would act because when he complained to him that bail out refund was being deducted from the state’s account despite not collecting bail out fund in the first instance, the President prevailed and the deduction was stopped.
He said: “They want us to take the laws into our hands. But we won’t do that. I am sure that the President will not take lightly what has just happened. INEC and APC want to rig the rerun at all cost…
“Buhari will never support this if informed. We believe that this is part of the corruption that is being fought. We want the public to know that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP will resist any attempt to rig the election.
“It is unheard of for a party to collude with INEC and deny the people their votes. I am in support of the President’s fight against corruption. We stand for peace, and want the world to know what is going on here.”
He added: “Each time Rivers is mentioned, they cite violence. But they are the ones causing the violence through their actions. When you print fake result sheets and you think we won’t resist it.
“The police, INEC and APC are threatening the security of Rivers State. I have written more than 15 letters to the Inspector General of Police complaining of dubious postings. But the IG never listened to me..,
“But you cannot kill everybody at the same time. Everybody knows that the APC cannot win here. They are only giving themselves false hope.
“Let me see that INEC official that will come and rig the election. If you rig the election, you rig your life. If you like come with the American Marines, we will resist them. We said we want change, so the people must be allowed to vote.”



BIAFRA: Nnamdi Kanu Wants Judge Investigated

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has demanded the investigation of Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court, Abuja, for alleged judicial misconduct.

Mr. Kanu, who is facing trial following allegations of treasonable felony, maintaining an unlawful society and possession of illegal items, accused his trial judge, Mr. Tsoho, of negating judicial principles and upturning a decision of the court without prior permission by a higher court.

In a petition addressed to the National Judicial Council and made available to journalists on Sunday, Mr. Kanu said the conduct of Mr. Tsoho amounts to judicial rascality.

According the petition, Mr. Tshoho changed his court’s decision to hear the testimonies of witnesses secretly after he had initially ruled that witnesses testifying in the matter would not be allowed to were masks or give statements in secret.

“On the 9th day of February, 2016, the defense was ambushed with an application filed on that day by the prosecution, seeking the court’s endorsement for secret trial of the defendants.

“The defense led by chief Chuks Muoma, SAN, promptly notified the court of our intention to oppose the application, pursuant to which it was thereafter adjourned to the 19th day of February, 2016, for the hearing of the application,” the petition said.

Recounting the past records of the case, Mr. Kanu’s lawyer and junior counsel to Mr. Muoma, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, said the court presided over by Justice Tsoho gave a ruling on the next adjourned date in favour of the defence; but ordered a parallel decision when the prosecution insisted on having its witnesses protected.

He added that the court gave its second decision regarding the protection of witnesses, after a verbal request was made by the witness; an act which Mr. Ejiofor claims is in negation of laid down rules.

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Why FG Wants Taxes On Phone Calls, Text Messages, Data– Minister

Adebayo Shittu, the Minister of Communication, says a proposal by the Nigerian government to impose a 10 per cent tax on phone calls, text messages, data and more, would help enhance telecommunication services in the country.

The plan has been widely criticised.

But Mr. Shittu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Osogbo, Osun State, that the proposed tax would also help to improve telecommunication infrastructure.

“We have a lot of deficiency in the provision of infrastructure in the telecommunication sector.

“And I believe that those who proposed the bill must have thought that government centrally relies on tax because without tax, government cannot operate,” he said.

The minister said the ministry was proposing a workshop to sensitise the public on the new bill.

“We are proposing a workshop on the bill for all stakeholders in telecommunication services, operators and even ordinary man.

“I hope that at the appropriate time, when the figures are out, everybody will appreciate the need for such a tax in which at the end of the day will improve services and make everybody happy.

“Everybody is complaining every day over lack of quality and good services, drop calls and all of that.

“All these are caused by deficiency in infrastructure and Nigerians, I believe that we cannot shy away from what will provide government with resources to improve facilities,” Shittu said.

The minister promised that the government would continue to provide enabling environment for telecommunication operators in the country.

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Labour Wants FG To Negotiate Minimum Wage

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) yesterday urged the federal government to urgently reconstitute the tripartite committee to negotiate a new minimum wage in view of the current economic recession facing the country.
NLC president, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, who gave the advice at the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the congress in Lagos, said the National Minimum Act should be renegotiated every five years as agreed by the tripartite partners.

He said: “The developments within the economy which has made nonesense of the purchasing power of workers, makes the case for a new minimum wage urgent.

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NLC Wants Ghost Workers’ Perpetrators Prosecuted

The Akwa Ibom chapter of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called for the prosecution of all perpetrators of ghost workers syndrome in the nation’s public service.

Chairman of the council in the state, Mr Etim Ukpong, made the call in Uyo on Friday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Ukpong decried that over the years, different tiers of government had complained of ghost workers but that no perpetrator of the act had been identified or punished.

He said that he would like to see the payroll officers and their supervisors prosecuted in the court and jailed if found culpable, to serve as deterrent to others.

Ukpong decried a situation where the government could not pay workers and pensioners promptly and regularly, because of bloated wage bill occasioned by ghost workers syndrome.

He expressed the hope that with the use of bank verification number and biometric capturing, the problem of ghost workers would be eliminated in Nigeria.

On non-payment of pensioners in the state, Ukpong regretted that primary school teachers, who retired in June, 2015, only got one month’s pension a year after.

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MEND Wants Me Dead- Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has raised the alarm, alleging that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) wants to assassinate him.
But President Jonathan said he was prepared to do anything within the ambit of the law, to ensure that he enjoys a well-deserved peaceful post-presidential life without any hindrance.
He raised the alarm in a statement signed by his media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, in response to a story linking him to the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta region.
A group, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) recently alleged that many notable Ijaw and other Niger Delta leaders and elders, especially those perceived not to be too close to the Presidency were sponsors of the current crisis in the oil-rich region.
But Jonathan dismissed the allegation, saying his intervention is to the extent that the hidden intent poses a violent threat to his life.
Part of the statement reads: “We, have no doubt in our mind that MEND, as a group contracted to go after Jonathan with the mind of assassinating him, is yet to abandon this criminal and ignominious craving. It is in this light that we view the purported statement issued by ‘Cynthia White’ as not only a sadistic continuation of this sick desire, but also a futile attempt to instigate the Federal Government to needlessly go after the former President…”

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Emir Of Kano Wants Northern Governors To Revive NNDC

The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II has called on the 19 Northern governors to do everything possible to ensure that the lost glory of the New Nigerian Development Company is restored.

He made the call when a delegation of NNDC’s Board of Directors, led by the Wali of Dutse, Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu, paid him a courtesy visit at his Palace in Kano on Monday.

He said that the call was necessary in order to promote socio-economic development in the region in particular and the country at large.

He added that “restoring the company’s lost glory will facilitate socio-economic development in the North in particular and Nigeria as a whole.”

According to him, the task of making the company vibrant and formidable cannot be realized without the collective effort of the governors.

“The call is necessary in view of the urgent need for the governors to come together for the realization of the desired objective”, Sanusi said.

He also urged the Federal Government to come up with a blueprint that would ensure speedy industrial development in the country.

He stressed the need for the Federal Government to provide more assistance to the people of North East.

He noted that “the people of the North East are in need of more assistance from the Federal Government and it will greatly reduce their sufferings.”

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11 Things He Wants To Hide From You

1. That he was once a bad boyfriend to someone. Everyone has that ex that just brought something insane out of them, and not in a good way. He doesn’t want to go into detail about how he used to get blackout drunk all the time and fight any guy that hit on her because that’s in the past and he regrets it. But he also doesn’t want some small part of you to think, Why doesn’t he beat people up for me?

2. Any presents he wants to surprise you with. If you don’t live together, this is easy. He can just throw it in his closet in case you come over. But if you live together, then he needs to bury it in the backyard or something.

3. His porn. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to cover your tracks. Masturbating in 2015 is like committing a murder in 1832; if there aren’t any eyewitnesses, you can just deny it.

4. That he still follows a few sexy Instagram accounts. There’s really no explanation as to why he follows “Daily Dose of Titties” unless he was looking for a daily dose of titties. Accounts like that serve a singular purpose. Although, to be fair, it’s totally possible he forgot. In fact, that’s probably what happened. Leave him alone, he just doesn’t use Instagram that much anyway.

5. The number of people he’s slept with. People freak out about this number. Either it’s too low or too high or just the right number so their partner must be lying.  Keep this one “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Or “tell, but don’t care about the answer.” Either way.

6. That he’s cheating on you. Some people are (unfortunately) way too good at this one. People juggle entire families without their partners ever finding out. That can’t be worth the stress.

7. That he absolutely wasn’t listening to you for the last 10 minutes. To be fair, it’s really annoying to find out nothing you’ve been saying to your partner has actually registered with them. But he has to play it off because not only does he avoid your wrath, but he also saves you from repeating yourself. So in a way, it’s a good thing he lies about having no idea what you’ve been talking about.

8. That he can (and does) get jealous. But he’s probably keeping his jealousy under wraps as best he can.

9. Anything he’s a supernerd about when he first meets you. Hey, no one should be ashamed of their nerdiness, but conversely, no one has ever gotten laid because of their extensive miniatures collection. He’s definitely going to hedge his bets for the first few months and sweep some of his, uh, tendencies under the rug. Which makes someone who owns a bunch of anime DVDs sound like a serial killer. Which, I mean…

10. That he has to poop but doesn’t want to because this is your second date.  There’s something terribly distressing about having to poop in someone’s house when you don’t know them that well, especially if you like them. If you poop in someone’s bathroom on a first date, you might as well walk out the door and never call them back. And don’t act like they don’t know you pooped. They know. The point is, plenty of men have tried to hold their bowel movements in on a first date and found an excuse to duck out early.

11. That shirt you told him to throw away and he claimed he did.  He didn’t. It’s in the back of the drawer and he still wears it when you aren’t around.

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FG Seeks Revocation Of Dasuki’s Bail, Wants Him Imprisoned

The federal government, on Monday, asked a Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail granted the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, on September 1, and also commit him to prison pending his trial.

In a fresh motion on notice, the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federation, Mohammed Diri, sought revocation of the bail granted the ex-NSA in the unlawful possession of firearms and money laundering charges earlier brought against him.

The motion, signed by Mr. Diri, was brought to the court pursuant to section 169 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015.

The ground of the motion was that Mr. Dasuki was undergoing investigation by a committee auditing the procurement of arms in the armed forces and defence sector from 2007 to date.

The motion observed that the interim report of the probe panel indicated misappropriation of over $2billion, and that the investigation had been revealing further facts requiring the presence of Mr. Dasuki to assist in the investigation.

The motion also informed the court that there was a presidential directive for the arrest of those indicted including Mr. Dasuki and that the interest of the nation was at stake.

The federal government also claimed that the investigation of Mr. Dasuki had not been concluded and that he might tamper with the investigation if allowed to go abroad.

The motion further contended that the ailment of Mr. Dasuki could be treated at the National Hospital, Abuja and other teaching hospitals in the country.

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What A Woman Really Wants In Bed

Emotional connection

For many women, a large part of sex is the connection. It isn’t enough to jump into bed together, get the job done, and move on. You need to connect with her as a person, not merely the physical vessel you are using to find pleasure. Spend time kissing her. Make eye contact. Talk dirty to her, or comment on your favorite parts of her body as you touch them. Use her name, and take your time. Making the effort to establish an emotional connection will ensure she’s into it as much as you are, which means better sex for both for you.

To be desired

Men are often visually driven. All you need to see is a woman’s body or a glimpse of something forbidden to be raring to go. Women are a bit more complicated. To be turned on, most women need to feel desired. They want to be the focal point of your lust; they want to sense your urgency in wanting them here and now. You can establish this desire early on. Tell her how good she looks in that shirt, or how great her butt looks in her jeans. Turn it up during foreplay. Talk dirty to her, tell her how badly you want her, and kiss her in places you normally neglect.

To be satisfied

Good sex ensures that both parties leave happy and satisfied. For a man, reaching satisfaction is easier and more obvious. Either you get off or you don’t. For a woman, it can be tricky. Make sure you communicate with her to ensure you take care of her in the way she needs. Every woman is different, so just because your long-time girlfriend liked it one way, doesn’t mean you now know a foolproof way to please every woman. Express your desire to take care of her, ask questions, and be prepared to learn. Just showing that you are anxious to please will go a long way toward her satisfaction.

To push the envelope

More and more women report enjoying aggressive, rough sex. This doesn’t mean you should go home and slap her around, but maybe open up the conversation or feel it out next time you make love. Being dominated and pushed around a little may turn her on. It can be exciting and hot to feel controlled from time to time. In addition, she may also want to be the dominator once in a while. Be open with each other. Discover her fantasies, and be honest about yours. You may both surprise each other on what you’re willing to try.

To sense confidence

This isn’t anything new, but it plays a vital role in your sex life. Be sure of yourself in bed. Be verbal about what you like and what you want from her. Half of her pleasure comes from watching you enjoy what she’s doing to you. In the same way, be confident in the way you touch her while being responsive to what she likes and doesn’t like. Don’t be a bumbling, apologizing idiot. Listen to her feedback, and react in a sure, confident manner. It can take time to understand each other’s bodies, so be patient and confident in yourself and your abilities.

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Orlando Bloom Wants Kendall Jenner’s Number

Orlando Bloom accepted the Britannia Humanitarian Award in Los Angeles last Friday, and although the majority of his speech was dedicated to discussing his work for UNICEF, ?it’s a comment he made in passing about Kendall Jenner that is making headlines. Naturally.

It all began when Robert Downey, Jr. presented Orlando with the award, USA Today reports, saying that Orlando finds time to do humanitarian work “when he’s not swinging at Justin Bieber or dating Kendall Jenner.” RDJ, troublemaker that he is, was referring to Orlando’s ?2014 fight with Justin, which took place in Ibiza and was supposedly over Orlando’s ex, model Miranda Kerr; the Kendall comment was about unconfirmed romance rumors that made the tabloid rounds in September.

As ?People reports, Orlando then took the opportunity to humorously clear things up:  ?”I actually did not ‘connect’ with Justin Bieber,” he said. “And I don’t know Kendall Jenner, but if anyone has her number I would love it.”

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ACF Wants Sponsors Of Boko Haram Exposed

Insisting that the powerful sponsors of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria should not be spared, Arewa leaders yesterday asked the military authorities to expose the prominent northerners and politicians who have links with the terror group in the north east and treat them as criminals.

In a related development, the Nigerian military has vowed to sustain the offensive against the Boko Haram terrorists until they are completely incapacitated and “totally impaired.”

The Acting Director Defence Information (DDI) Col. Rabe Abubakar said yesterday in Abuja that the guerrilla tactics adopted by the insurgents require an all out sustained offensive to completely bring the menace to an end.

He said: “The coordinated operation and capabilities of the terrorist group would intensify because the guerrillas should not be given any breathing space to regroup and re-strategize their campaign.”

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Blac Chyna Wants Another Baby With Tyga

According to Hollywood Life, Blac Chyna who is the mother of Tyga’s two-year-old son, King Cairo, wants to give her child a sibling. And the biggest bombshell: she wants Tyga to be the father.

A source tells Hollywood Life that while the parents spoke, Blac Chyna revealed to Tyga that she wants to have a second child with her ex.

“She reminded Tyga of the happier times they had together when King was a baby, and she wants to experience that love and connection with him all over again,” the source tells Hollywood Life. “She told him to seriously think about this, and in the meantime, she’s going to do her best to stop blasting Kylie all over social media.”

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Miley Cyrus Wants Devil Horns Implant

Miley Cyrus, who is no stranger to bizarre deeds might just go a little bit extreme now.

A friend tells In Touch magazine, “She’s leaning toward getting silicone horns implanted in her head. Miley wants them to be very out there, like devil horns!”

And that’s not all! “She’s also interested in a corset piercing,” the friend adds. “It’s when you get holes pierced around your spine and you can actually put ribbons through those holes in a crisscross fashion to mimic the look of a corset.”

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Gov. Amosun Wants Life Imprisonment For Looters

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State on Thursday called for life imprisonment for any public office holder convicted for stealing state money.

He also advised workers in the state to prepare for tough days as the state faces a bleak financial future.

Gov. Amosun said since political office holders were not compelled to rule, as they begged the electorate to serve, there was no basis for them to defraud the people.

“Corruption is killing us, and we have to rise up to kill corruption. If I have my way any leader caught stealing should be shot, but as governor I should not be seen saying this, I can’t call for killing, but I want to say and declare that anybody found wanting for corruption should be jailed for life. They should also be stigmatized,” he said.

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Why Buhari Wants To Probe Only Jonathan- Oyegun

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun does not hesitate in baring his mind on happenings within the polity, his party and opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In a chat with select journalists, Odigie did exactly that as he shared his thoughts on a number of touchy issues in the polity. Excerpts:

Your party, last week resolved the seeming intractable crisis rocking the APC caucus in the House of Reps, how did you achieve that?

We are glad that the mis­understanding in the House of Representatives has been amicably resolved; thanks to the intervention of Mr. President who once again made it quite clear with everybody, that there is no alternative but to listen to what the party says.

He emphasised the fact that all of us were what we were and what we are, thanks to the platform that the party provided for everybody.

I think his message resonated very intensively with all the members of the House. Yet, he did not interfere. I want to make that very clear. His parting words to us was that the presiding lead­ership of the House and the party should go and resolve whatever issues there are that were militat­ing against the resolution of the problem. And that exactly is what happened.

When we were leaving there, the press was very anxious to hear that A, B and C have been appointed to whatever positions but that is not what happened. I promised that within a few hours, it would be resolved. Precisely, I said that by the next morning, the nation will be glad knowing that this issue would have been resolved and put behind us.

We left there and went a few hours later into consultations and discussions with the presiding officers of the House of Rep­resentatives. Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute to their maturity, to their sense of re­sponsibility. I pay tribute to their loyalty to the party and above all, tribute to their sense of general good, meaning the patriotism displayed by the Speaker and his Deputy.

It did not take long, necessary concessions that had to be made were made. The very next day, I think you all witnessed the general jubilation that greeted the final resolution of what was proven to be an intractable prob­lem. One behind us, one to go. Everybody has ended up being happy with the solution that was proffered to the problem of party position primarily being upheld.

But some members ap­pear to have been cheat­ed in the way the matter was resolved. Are you not concerned that the South East could not get anything in the sharing arrangement adopted by the party?

The sharing process is not over. I want everybody to get that very clear. In the House of Rep­resentatives, it is not yet over, all the zones yet to get anything will be taken into consideration when other positions in the House are being distributed, I have no doubt.

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Michelle Obama Wants To Be Beyoncé

Even FLOTUS has dreams of being Bey. Michelle Obama shared a video on Instagram where she sat down with Wale for an quick interview. In the clip, the rapper asks the First Lady several questions, such as, “If you had the opportunity to have a different occupation, what would it be?” Mrs. Obama answers, “I would be Beyoncé,” then does the hand shimmy from “Single Ladies” while saying, “I’ve got the hands.”


The Q&A was taped during the Beating the Odds summit which was hosted by the First Lady at the White House last week, according to Time. Over 140 students gathered to meet at the summit where they received advice and resources to help prepare them for college.


Nigerian Senate Wants South Africa’s Zulu King Sued At ICC

The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday urged the federal government to immediately recall its ambassador from South Africa, and sue the country’s Zulu King at the International Criminal Court, over ongoing xenophobic attacks.

Violence has continued in South Africa as locals target foreigners, with at least seven migrants killed. After three weeks of unrest, the South African government deployed troops to the streets Tuesday. The government said 300 people have been arrested. The motion to recall the Nigerian diplomat was moved by Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba. The Senate, subsequently, considered five prayers for the motion.

Apart from calling for immediate recall of the Nigerian ambassador to South Africa, the legislators said the federal government should sue the Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini, who incited the attacks, at the International Criminal Court.

While deliberating on the xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa, the legislators invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aminu Wali, to brief the committee on foreign affairs on the situation and the measures taken to safeguard the lives and property of the Nigerians in South Africa.

The Senate also urged the federal government to pressurize the South African government to call the perpetrators of the evil act to justice and ensure adequate compensation of the affected families.

In addition, the legislators commended Nigerians for their restraint in the face of the attacks.

Nkechi Nwogu representing Abia South senatorial district thanked the Senate leader for bringing the motion to the senate. “This is not the first time that South Africa and their youth have gone after international communities.

“The same thing happened in 2008 and what happened to the perpetrators when it happened.

“We must ensure that we get to the bottom of things and should make sure that the South African government pays dearly for it.

Abdul Ningi, representing Bauchi central, said the South African government should be suspended from the African Union.

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