Ayade: Young people must remain virgins until marriage

Ben Ayade, governor of Cross River state, says young people must be encouraged to abstain from sexual intercourse till they get married.

Ayade says abstinence and faithfulness are the only ways to end the HIV scourge in Nigeria.

Speaking on Thursday at the commemoration of the 2016 World AIDS Day celebration in Calabar, Ayade said it’s high time young people were taught that sex before marriage is a taboo in the African culture.

The governor criticised campaigns advocating for condom usage, saying it’s a false feeling of protection.

Ayade said condoms have thus far failed to stop the spread of the HIV scourge, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“Rather, it increases the level of promiscuity among the younger generation and encouraged unfaithfulness,” he said.

“The absolute factor that can put an end to HIV/AIDS spread is total loyalty and abstinence.

“Married couples must be faithful to their partners. Young people must remain virgins until they get married and never allow any barber to use unsterilised clipper to barb your hair.

“Whatever the story, AIDS is real, it is a scourge, you must avoid it,” the governor said.

Ayade further noted that his government would do everything within its power to curtail the spread of the virus in Cross River.

Apostle Job Antwi claims sex is sweeter than anything on earth, days after his first sex.

The spokesperson of the group calling itself the Association of Virgin Pastors, Job Antwi say he regrets breaking his virginity very late.

The Man of God who tied the knot last weekend said, he never knew there was something sweet in a women until he married.

“I never knew sex is this sweet; since I was born I have not experienced this before. It is sweeter than everything, in fact I wish I can do it every day” he stated in an interview on Joy FM’s Weekend City show.

Recounting his first experience, Apostle Antwi said he nearly cried because he didn’t want to disappoint his newly wife.

But, he said his wife whom he claimed is experienced sexually, assisted him to navigate his way through the ‘Garden of Eden’ very easily.

“My wife has dated before and has experience so she taught me how to do it. I love my wife than every lady on this earth” he stressed.

Job Antwi maintained that, he is still anointed and powerful even after breaking his virginity since he is lawfully married.

“If you marry in the Lord and you sleep with a woman, God likes it so still the power of God is upon me” he stated.

Apostle Antwi who described himself as a patron of the Virgin pastors said he will soon announce the new president of the group.

38 Swazi virgins going for reed dance die in tragic crash

Not less than 38 girls and young women were killed in a crash on Friday while travelling to Swaziland’s most famous traditional festival.


Trucks transporting scores of young women to the traditional Umhlanga Reed Dance collided on Friday near the town of Matsapha on Swaziland’s major highway, the Times of Swaziland reported.


The young women and girls were travelling on the back of an open truck, the rights group said.


“According to inside sources, a total of 38 young girls have been pronounced dead, with more than 20 others seriously injured,” said Lucky Lukhele, spokesperson for the Swaziland Solidarity Network, an advocacy group based in neighbouring South Africa.


Swazi police at first refused to give any information on the accident but later disputed the death toll provided by the rights group. Only 13 people were killed in the crash, said police spokesman Khulani Mamba.


Cellphone images taken of the crash show the bloodied bodies of young women lying on the back of a flatbed truck.


The girls and young women were on their way to the Swazi king’s royal residence for the annual reed dance.


About 40,000 young women participate in the eight-day reed dance ceremony in which they sing and dance, usually bare-breasted, as they bring reeds to reinforce the windbreak around the royal residence. During the reed dance, the king often selects one of the young women to become one of his wives. Swaziland is polygamous and the king has more than a dozen wives.


“We all have heard about the dark cloud that has befallen the ‘imbali,'” said King Mswati III, using the Swati language word for flower, used to refer to the groups of women dancers.


Speaking Saturday at the opening of an international trade fair in Swaziland’s economic center Manzini, the king promised that the affected families would be compensated. He added that an investigation into the accident was underway.

Three People Arrested For Gang Raping 16-Year Old Virgin In Lagos

Three young men have been arrested for gang raping a 16 year old virgin in Orile area of Lagos while on her way from school. The suspects identified as Sunday Simeon, 18, from Akwa Ibom state; Adebayo Omoniyi 18, from Ondo state; Nnaemeka Uzodinma 24, from Imo state and Seyi (surname unknown) who is currently on the run attacked, abducted and gang raped the victim who is a JSS 3 student on June 23, 2015.

Vanguard learnt that the suspects attacked the victim after one of the suspects; Adebayo took the victim’s phone around Arikeuyo junction while returning from school at Orile. It was gathered that while the victim was struggling with Adebayo, his partners-in-crime dragged her into a tricycle and rode her to no 15 Unity Close in Orile Iganmu. When they got there they took off her school uniform
and raped her one after the other starting from Adebayo.

Vanguard gathered that after successfully raping the victim, one of the suspects Adebayo suggested to the other gang members that they kill the victim and throw her corpse into the canal so that she won’t expose them. But another member of the gang, Seyi pleaded with them to be cautious with Adebayo’s advice, instead advice his colleagues to threaten the victim rather than kill her.

Hearkening to Seyi’s advice the suspects threatened to kill her with a cutlass if she ever mentioned to anyone what they did to her or that they gang raped her. Later they collected her phone number and rode her back to Alako area in Orile while Sunday gave her N100 to board a commercial vehicle home.

According to a source close to the family who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity said: “when the victim came back from school it was obvious that something was wrong as she was walking with difficulty, her uniform torn, she was bleeding because she sustained severe bruises all over her vagina”.

“Her parents who saw her torn uniform and noticed the way she walked asked what had happened to her and she told them how she was attacked by four men who raped her on her way back from school. Immediately her father took her to Orile Divisional Police station to report the incidence. Fortunately while she was at the station with her father the suspects kept calling and threatening to kill her if she told anyone what they did to her”.

Meanwhile the victim was taken to Ifelodun Ajeromi Government Hospital where she received treatment after a series of test were carried out on her which confirmed that he has been sexually abused.
Vanguard learnt that the police advised her to lure the suspects who were calling and threatening her by telling them that she was coming to see them again after school the next day. Unknown to them that it was a trap and that her parents had notified the police, they bought the idea.

At the agreed time she went there with the detectives who succeeded in arresting one of the suspect’s Nnaemeka Uzodinma, his arrest eventually led to the arrest of two others. It was gathered that the victim’s blood stained pant and the cutlass which was used to threaten her have been recovered from the suspects one-room apartment in Orile. The suspects who are currently being investigated at the State Criminal Investigation Department, yaba, Panti would soon be arraigned in court.

Indonesia Police Chief Defends Law That Demands ‘Virginity Tests’ For Their Female Recruits

Indonesia’s top military commander defended a requirement that female recruits undergo an invasive “virginity test” to determine whether they are morally suited for the armed forces.

His remarks follow a letter from Human Rights Watch condemning the practice.

“So what’s the problem? It’s a good thing, so why criticize it?” Gen. Moeldoko was quoted by The Jakarta Globe as telling reporters on Friday.

Moeldoko “conceded, though, that there was no direct link between a woman being a virgin and her abilities as a member of the armed forces, but insisted that virginity was a gauge of a woman’s
morality — one of the three key traits he said a woman must have to serve in the [Indonesia Armed Forces], along with high academic aptitude and physical strength.”

The virginity test “is a measure of morality. There’s no other way” to determine a person’s morality, Moeldoko said.

According to The Washington Post: “In Indonesia, the test is considered standard practice. Women seeking to join the military are required to strip naked and have their genitalia manually examined by a doctor, purportedly to ensure that they are virgins.”

27-yr old Woman Attempts Suicide Because Her Family Didn’t Believe She Was A Virgin

A woman has gone to extreme lengths to prove she is still a virgin.. 27 year old Shona Knight has  undergone medical tests and even taken a lie detector test on TV to prove to her family she is still a virgin.

Miss Knight, 27, said that she was left feeling suicidal after incorrect rumours began surfacing.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say to be accused of sex before marriage has ruined my life. It goes against everything I believe in.I have been saving myself for marriage because that is what I believe it and I want the people around me, my family and the people I love to know beyond any doubt I am telling the truth when I say I am a virgin.
“It’s been proven by a medical assessment and by a lie detector so there should be no question at all now but I’ll happily do anything I can to prove I am a virgin because it’s the truth.
“If I don’t do this I will never be able to marry within my culture and have the family I crave so life might as well be over.

“My parents were traditional and I was raised like most travelling girls, with a view to marrying young and settling down to raise a family.”

Brides are expected to remain pure until their wedding night and Shona was more than happy to follow tradition like her friends.

She was engaged to marry when she turned 17, but broke of the engagement because she felt too young to marry.But the decision she says triggered the rumours that have dogged her ever since.

“People started talking about me and rumours started to spread and grow as a result of me breaking off the engagement.
“Soon my parents heard that people were saying I was no longer a virgin. It wasn’t true and many women reading this will not understand why it bothered me so much.”But in our community it is totally unacceptable.I knew my parents were mortified like me.”

Last year, almost a decade after the rumours that she was not a virgin started Shona hit rock bottom.
Relying on antidepressants and battling suicidal thoughts she said that at times she felt her life might as well be over.
She insists her parents had always remained supportive but feared that even her own mother Valerie, 64, was starting to wonder if there was any truth behind the rumours.

So in a last ditch attempt Shona called a national television programme and volunteered to take a lie detector test.

She was accompanied on the show which aired earlier this year by her mother who admitted she would disown her daughter were she found to by lying.

 “The public’s reaction to that was pretty extreme but it didn’t bother me because I knew I was telling the truth.
“And if the test had shown I had been lying to my mother all these years I would not blame her for disowning me.”

Culled from Uk Mirror