Sade Adu’s daughter officially begins medical transition into a man.

Mackalia ‘Ila’ Adu, the 20-year-old daughter of Nigeria/British Pop singer, Sade, has officially begun transitioning from a female to a man.

Ila, who is the product of a romance between her famous multi-Grammy award winning mum and a Jamaican-American music producer, Bob Morgan, has been very open about her desire to become a man.

The ‘proud’ lesbian who is reported to suffer from ‘gender dysphoria’ (a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity) also flaunts her very committed relationship to her white partner on social media.

Although she has never hidden the fact that she longs to become a man, she excitedly revealed to her 3,503 followers on Instagram that her transition begins today.

She wrote, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


As a build up to her final identity as a man, Ila, whose mantra is, ‘I came in like a lamb, but I intend to leave like a lion’, is always clad in only male clothing and footwear. In addition, she has since begun taking male hormones, which has seen her breasts gradually diminish and her voice huskier.

Despite the entire uproar about her daughter’s new identity, her mum, Sade, hasn’t publicly acknowledged Ila’s transition.

Transgender Muslim woman hacked to death few days after marrying a man.

A transgender Muslim woman has been hacked to death in Russia days after marrying a man after her father pleaded on television: ‘Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes’.

Adam Aliev became Raina after a sex change operation in Moscow, and was killed several days after a ‘wedding’ to a man called Viktor.


Adam Aliev became Raina after a sex change operation in Moscow. (Photo: Express gazeta_east2west/DM)
Adam Aliev became Raina after a sex change operation in Moscow. (Photo: Express gazeta_east2west/DM)

The killing took place after the 25-year-old’s father Alimshaikh Aliev had told a TV station: ‘Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him. Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes.’

The victim was from an ethnic Chechen family living in Dagestan, a Muslim region between the Caspian Sea and Chechnya in the Russian Trans-Caucasus, it was reported.

Following sex change surgery in Moscow around a month ago, a wedding ceremony was held and the murder took place several days later, according to reports.

The circumstances of the killing have not been disclosed.

‘He was hated for his non-traditional sexual orientation and when he changed his sex he was damned and received threats,’ stated Ren TV.


Raina Aliev was from an ethnic Chechen family living in Dagestan, a Muslim region between the Caspian Sea and Chechnya in the Russian Trans-Caucasus. (Photo: Vkonlakle_east3west/DM)
Raina Aliev was from an ethnic Chechen family living in Dagestan, a Muslim region between the Caspian Sea and Chechnya in the Russian Trans-Caucasus. (Photo: Vkonlakle_east3west/DM)
A female neighbour said the victim's father 'had a stroke' when he discovered about the sex change and wedding and issued a 'purman', inviting people to kill Raina. The victim's medical report. (Photo: Express gazeta_east2west/DM)
A female neighbour said the victim’s father ‘had a stroke’ when he discovered about the sex change and wedding and issued a ‘purman’, inviting people to kill Raina. The victim’s medical report. (Photo: Express gazeta_east2west/DM)

‘The young man decided to change his sex because he wanted to marry the man he loved, Viktor from Karachaevo-Cherkessiya (another mainly Muslim region in southern Russia).’

The wedding ‘shocked’ locals, reported Russian Dialog news site.

A female neighbour said the victim’s father ‘had a stroke’ when he discovered about the sex change and wedding and issued a ‘purman’, inviting people to kill Raina.

‘He cheated them, he went there to Moscow, had surgery and he turned from a boy to a girl,’ said the neighbour.

‘And now in Chechnya it is known too. His mother is saying “I don’t want to see him, I gave birth to a son, but what for? It is such a disgrace for the family”.

‘If the mother and father give a purman, it means they want him to be killed.’

The mother was reported to be ‘crying day and night’ over the operation and alleged wedding.

A Dagestan Mufti was quoted by KP newspaper saying: ‘Changing sex is totally forbidden, because it means that a man will be a woman.

‘It is totally forbidden in Islam. Changing sex is a protest against Allah.

‘Such surgery can be performed only in one case: when a person was born as a hermaphrodite and must decided what sex he wants to belong.

‘If a person changed his sex for another reason, he is damned, along with the surgeon who performed it.’

The surgery included breast implants the removal of the penis, it was claimed.

Deputy head of the village administration Abdutagur Israpilov said: ‘I knew Adam. He liked to put on tight leggings, his manners were feminine, even his voice was like a girl’s.

‘He finished school and went to live in Makhachkala (regional capital), and then Moscow, where he worked in nightclubs and made good money.

‘I don’t blame him (for the sex change). His feminine nature had won, so he decided to correct the mistake.

‘I heard that Adam changed his sex and married a man from Kabardino-Balkariya.’

Israpilov said: ‘He received threats. He appealed to police and a local policeman visited our administration because of it, and also a man from prosecutor’s office came.

‘Every second man in the Caucasus wanted to kill him. According to our traditions, it is just a disgrace for his family, it is a dirt on the whole Caucasus.

‘This surgery came as a shock for his mother, she is not talking to anybody now. His father got a stroke.

‘Adam wrote a letter to his friend and said he was angry about his relatives.

‘He said: ‘When they asked me for help, I sent them money, but they betrayed me when they got to know about the surgery’.

The village official said: ‘I did not recognise Adam’s cut-up body when it was brought to the village.’

Pope Slams Transgender Teachings, Says It’s Against Nature

Pope Francis reaffirmed his disagreement with teaching gender identity in schools on Sunday, after earlier calling it a “war against marriage.”

On a return flight to Rome at the end of a three-day trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Pope recounted a meeting with a French father whose young son wanted to be a girl after reading about it in a textbook.
“This is against nature,” he said. “It is one thing when someone has this tendency … and it is another matter to teach this in school.”
“To change the mentality — I call this ideological colonization,” the Pope said.
The Pope said he still spends time with transgender people, leading them closer to God.
In August, the Pope called the teaching of gender identity theory “terrible.”
“Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their gender,” Pope Francis said.
New Ways Ministry, a Catholic LGBT advocacy group, criticized those remarks.
“The pontiff’s remarks are further evidence that church officials need desperately to educate themselves about the lives and experiences of LGBT people,” said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry.
“Nobody chooses a gender identity. They discover it.”
Read More: cnn

Russell Wilson, Ciara Moved Wedding Due To Bathroom Law

The journey was worth it. Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who planned Ciara and Russell Wilson’s magical castle wedding, opens up to The Knot in an exclusive interview about orchestrating the lavish destination affair.

Weiss caught up with The Knot earlier this month while co-hosting a Bachelorette finale viewing party with Wedding Paper Divas at her NYC apartment. According to the hostess — who’s planned numerous A-list nuptials — Ciara and the NFL player’s wedding was re-routed several times.

“I did the whole thing — three times,” Weiss reveals. “They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws.”

The couple then hoped to marry in the City of Light. “They were gonna go to Paris and it ended up being [Couture] Fashion Week,” says Weiss. “And it was really difficult.”

Ultimately, the stars settled on a venue in a neighboring country. “We ended up in London,” recalls Weiss. “They wanted to be away. And we found a castle that was an hour out of Liverpool and they had about 110 guests.”

ciara russell wilson

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss opens up to The Knot about planning Ciara and Russell Wilson’s gorgeous destination wedding last month — find out why she orchestrated it three times! (Photo credit: Getty)

The “1, 2 Step” singer and NFL superstar exchanged vows inside Peckforton Castle, a breath-taking 19th century venue in Cheshire, England, that’s surrounded by thousands of acres of forestland. “I used a florist out of London — McQueens. They were very cool!” Weiss shares. “Inside the castle, they had a chapel but it was too small because her dress was 13-feet.”

Ciara’s elaborate wedding dress was custom-designed by Roberto Cavalli’s Peter Dundas. “Her dress in person was so much more spectacular than in the pictures, though in the pictures, they’re beautiful. In person, it was shockingly beautiful.”

Weiss says the couple opted for a neutral color palette. “All whites and creams,” the planner notes. “For dinner, it was big centerpieces. And then, the surprise after dinner was they had Earth, Wind & Fire perform in a separate tent. That was really beautiful. And it just worked. Thank the Lord!”

How exactly did the couple connect with the beloved planner? “I knew Ciara because of La La [Anthony] who’s married to Melo [Carmelo Anthony],” Weiss tells The Knot.

Ciara’s bridal party included Anthony, Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams, who wasn’t able to make the wedding in person due to Wimbledon. “I knew all the girls,” Weiss adds. “When they’re bridesmaids, you become close with the bridesmaids too. They’re all so lovely. When I say lovely, kind, spiritual, low-maintenance, all of them.”

Weiss also praised the groom, who apparently has “ridiculous” taste. “He has really, really beautiful taste. He just — you should see what he looks like,” she muses. “And [Ciara’s] son is delicious. Baby Future. Very delish!”

She also took a moment to appreciate the pair. “I think my favorite part [of Ciara and Russell’s wedding] was the ceremony because they were so happy,” Weiss notes.

“They are delicious,” she says. “They really are a very cool couple. I really enjoy their relationship.”

Male UNILAG Graduate Becomes A Woman After Surgery

Another Nigerian who was born as a man, Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, has joined the likes of Miss SaHhara and Stephanie Rose, two of the most popular transgenders, by undergoing a surgery to become a woman.


Lawal who was a top entertainment journalist in Nigeria before travelling to the United States of America for further studies, now goes by name Noni Salma Lawal after his successful surgery. Lawal, a graduate of the University of Lagos, with Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, studied Film Making at the New York Film Academy, New York, where he went under the knife to become a lady.


This is a short biography of her culled from her IMBd account:


“Noni Salma Lawal is a transgender film-maker, writer and avid film enthusiast whose passion and interest in film was inspired by her growing up experiences in the ever colorful city that is Lagos.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Lagos, Nigeria and majored in Theatre Arts. She subsequently studied Film making at the New York Film Academy, New York majoring in Directing and Obtaining a Diploma from it.


Noni won the Treasure Coast International Film Festival ‘1st Place Student Film Competition’ Award for her NYFA thesis ‘Morning after mid-night’ and has gone on to produce and direct the riveting short documentary ‘Veil Of Silence’ which premiered at the BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival in London, United Kingdom in March 2014 and subsequently screened in several film festivals including Queer Screen Film Festival, CineHomo film festival, Valladoid, Spain in April 2015, where it won the 2nd place, Best short documentary as valorated by the audience.”


“Veil Of Silence has also screened in the United Nations, , Egale Canada, Foreign office in Germany amongst others.


Her new thriller short ‘Alibi’ just won ‘Best Crime Mystery’ at the Manhattan film festival 2016.”

U.S. Lifts Ban On Transgender Military Service

The Pentagon on Friday announced that transgender individuals can now serve openly in U.S. armed forces.
U.S. defence chief Ash Carter said this at a press conference in Washington.

“Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly, and they can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender.
“Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so,’’ Carter said, adding that the policy will be phased in during a one-year period.

According to 2014 study by RAND Corporation, about 2,500 people out of roughly 1.3 million U.S. active-duty service members and about 1,500 out of 825,000 reserve service members are transgender.

He said that the end of the ban on transgender service was the latest step by the Pentagon to be more inclusive.
However, the U.S. military has also ended the ban on gays serving openly and opened all combat jobs to women.

Credit: NAN

You Won’t Believe This Incredibly Handsome Male Model Used To Be A Woman

Ladies, if this guy wooed you, would you even begin to imagine he was once a woman?

Hunky transgender model Laith Ashley, has racked up tens of thousands of Instagram followers thanks to his piercing eyes, broad shoulders, and sexy six-pack. What makes his popularity more exciting is the fact that he used to be a woman

Laith, 26, has been finding success in the modeling world since he started transitioning two years ago, walking in shows for Adrian Alicea and Gypsy Sport during New York Fashion Week this February and even posing for a Barney’s New York campaign with legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber

“Being a model now is definitely exciting. I’m always shocked when I’m walking to the gym or going to the store and people recognize me. It makes me feel good, but it can be a bit of shock,” he said.

The muscular New Yorker was just five when he noticed the ‘misalignment’ with his body and gender identity, he said. When he was a 17-year-old girl, still not quite sure of who he was, he came out as gay to his parents.

when Laith was still a girl

“At the time I didn’t know what transgender was, so I just told them I had a girlfriend,’ he explained. ‘But I never felt right with the idea of being a lesbian woman.”

Finally, a year before he medically transitioned, he broke the news to his mom.

“My mom is Pentecostal Christian, and although she loves me she felt it conflicted with her faith,’ he said, adding that she now brags about him to her friends at church.

“My dad was fine. I told him that if he is proud of me, it takes away the power of people who criticize. Who cares what other people think, if he is proud?”

After two years of being on testosterone, Laith underwent surgery in 2015.

Laith, during her transition. she even had surgery on her nose to widen it like a man’s

‘There was a lot of fear at first. It took me six years from the moment I came out as trans to actually begin my medical transition,’ he recalled. ‘Once I got over that fear, there was no stopping me. I am the most comfortable I have ever been.’

Now, he works out three times a week to keep himself muscular, and flexes his incredibly toned physique online.

‘When I look in the mirror, I am satisfied with that image. It is how I want to present myself to the world. This is me,’ he said.

Transgender Model Who Claimed She Had A Relationship With Tyga Takes More Jabs At Him

Transgender model Mia Isabella who claimed she had a relationship with Tyga took more jabs at him by writing a Valentine message to him and releasing screenshots of their alleged conversations in January 2015.

Isabella then wrote:

People have spent almost a year pointing their fingers at me calling me a liar making me a stereotype in the media so now I’m gonna give you what you want. I worked my ass off building my career and book deal to not only lose that but also to lose my soul mate because I made him walk away from me with the bullshit you put us in due to your frivolous behavior.

7 months I stayed suffering and depressed protecting you while losing everything. I’m not taking any more L’s for you fuck you. All this time all I asked while you and your team tried extort me into silence with threats and bribery was to tell the world I did nothing wrong.

Very simple, I didn’t release anything and I NEVER threatened to release a sextape but you decided to let the world make me a villain and you the victim and you weren’t. Truth is I didn’t accept offers of money for silence or career opportunities I did it because you made reference of suicide and I cared too much about you to have that weight on my hands. My heart has been too heavy with your responsibility. The responsibility and promise you made to protect me and my private life from your world that you broke.

I have 3.5 years of truth I could spill in a tell all but I won’t. People should know all the messages were real including this one. And I bet you never told Kylie the truth like I told Colin and my ex fiance that we were cheating on them huh? I can face my mistakes with honesty can you? I was never checking for you yet you stayed chasing me like a puppy begging for treats with an appetite no piece of pussy can ever fill for you. Your bisexuality for women and Trans women is highly common in heterosexual men. Own your shit so nobody can ever use it against you again.

But I’m not hiding anything anymore & not carrying your shame its too heavy for me so HERE you can have it back now. I don’t have to hide I’ve never lived in the closet that’s your burden to carry. Your lucky I dont sue your ass for everything you put me through but I won’t because you don’t have anything that I want all I want is my dignity so I’m taking it back.Happy 3.5 year anniversary an early Valentines gift for you @kinggoldchains

This same Mia outed an NFL player too.

Karrueche Tran’s New Makeup Line Angers Gays and Transgenders

Karrueche Tran recently launched her new makeup line in collaboration with ColourPop cosmetics.

The new makeup line, called KaePop, features liquid makeup in shades and pigments targeted toward Asian, Hispanic and light skinned women.

While Karrueche’s KaePop makeup line totally ignores 100% black women, it’s the transgenders who are coming for her neck on

Karrueche angered her transgender followers by including handwritten “notes of love” with every KaePop purchase. The gays and transgender community are upset that Karrueche’s notes of love did not include them.

The notes read:

“For the beautiful, independent, free-spirited girl. Let your light shine bright! With love, #KaePop Karrueche Tran.”

Less than 5% of Karrueche’s followers are black, but over 50% of her IG followers are LGBT. And they are letting her have it for not knowing that boys and cross-dressing men wear makeup too.

What do you think? Are the gays and transgenders right to come for Karrueche? Kikikikiki…..

US Marine Convicted For Killing Transgender Filipino

A Philippine Court on Tuesday convicted a US Marine of homicide for killing a transgender Filipino in a motel in 2014.

Lance Corporal Joseph Pemberton, who had been detained at the Philippine military’s headquarters, was sentenced to up to 12 years in prison for the crime.

The victim, Jennifer Laude, was found strangled in the bathroom of a Motel in Olongapo City, 90 kilometers north of Manila, in October 2014.

At the time of the crime, Pemberton was among thousands of US forces who took part in regular military training exercises with Filipino soldiers.

Caitlyn Jenner Wins Glamour Woman Of The Year Award (PHOTOS)

Caitlyn Jenner received a Glamour woman of the year award on Monday, telling the crowd that she believes she was put on Earth to tell her story and make a difference in the world.

Jenner, one of a group of honorees that included actress Reese Witherspoon, dancer Misty Copeland and designer Victoria Beckham, also said that, in case anyone was wondering, “I’m very happy to be living on the other side.”

She said that before she had come out as a woman, she stayed home most of the time. “Now,” she said to cheers, “I actually like going out, and being myself.”

Describing her journey to becoming a woman, she said she had realized that perhaps “this is why God put me on this earth, to tell my story … and make a difference in the world.”

1bb caitlyn-jenner-glamour-woman-of-the-year-awards-2015-lead-1

Jenner is not the first transgender woman to be a Glamour Woman of the Year; last year, actress Laverne Cox was honored.

Tears Flow As Transgender Woman Is Sent To An All-Men’s Prison

A transgender woman and a makeup artist, Tara Hudson, 26, has been sent to a men’s prison in a move her mother says will endanger and humiliate her.

Tara has lived as a woman all her adult life and has gone through six years of gender reconstruction surgery.

Magistrates sent Tara, who admitted to a bar assault on Boxing Day last year, to a male prison because her passport says she is still a male. Her mum, Jackie, said there’s nothing male about her and she feels the men are going to go after her. .
She says Tara’s doctor has even confirmed that she is now a woman. Tara was sentenced to 12 weeks inside the tough all-male Bristol prison.

She said: “There’s nothing male about her, nobody would know the difference. She looks like a woman. She’s gorgeous.

“We think it’s totally outrageous. I don’t think she will cope well at all. I just feel the men are going to go after her. It’s going to be humiliating.”

Tara was born Aaron. Jackie has now written to the court and the prison governor in a bid to overturn the decision, Bristolpost reports.

She says she just wants to get her daughter into a safe, female environment where she belongs and she will continue to fight the decision. She says her daughter still has the vestige remains of a penis, despite having 34EE breasts.

She said the hormone treatment has shrunken Tara’s manhood and she’s due to have it removed at some point. Tara regularly gets abuse for her gender status and is on a hormone replacement course as well as medication for depression.

Feminist slams Caitlyn Jenner,Says She Transitioned To Steal The ‘Kardashian’ Limelight’

Controversial feminist Germaine Greer claims Bruce Jenner had a sex-change to become Caitlyn so he could enjoy the same limelight as his Kardashian daughters.

The Australian hit out at the reality star after she was rumoured to be in the frame to be crowned Glamour’s Woman of the Year.Greer accused the magazine of ‘misogyny’ and said a transgender person should never be considered a better woman than someone born female.

Speaking on BBC2’s Newsnight programme, she said:

 ‘It seems to me that what was going on there was that he/she wanted the limelight that the other, female, members of the family were enjoying and has conquered it, just like that.”I think misogyny plays a really big part in all of this, that a manwho goes to these lengths to become a woman will be a better woman than someone who is just born a woman. ‘I’m not saying that people should not be allowed to go through that [sex change] procedure. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t make them a woman. It happens to be an opinion. It’s not a prohibition.’

See The Amazing Transgender Transformation Of An Ex-Soldier

An ex-US marine has shared his//her incredible transformation from a bearded, hairy-chested bloke into a silky headed blonde beauty.
Sona Avedian, 33, was assigned male at birth and lived as a bushy bearded chap called Matthew until his/her transition three years ago.

He knew he wanted to be a girl since the age of four, but growing up in a conservative family, it was a secret he expected to take to his grave.

He enlisted in the US marine and served six combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To fit in and appear ‘normal’, he married and had a daughter, but when he got tired of pretending, he had come out as a transgender in 2012 and began taking hormone therapy.

Later he underwent complex surgery and stopped eating junk food to lose the excess weight he had gained over the years as a soldier.

He divorced his wife in 2013, and although they still speak it was a difficult time for both.

He/She maintains a good relationship with his 5 year old daughter.

White House Hires First Transgender Staff

White House, as in – US govt official house – and transgender as in a man that transitioned into a woman. Raffi Freedman-Gurspan (pictured above) has become the first openly transgender woman hired by the White House. Her recruitment was announced yesterday. She will serve as a recruitment director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. She also made history as the first  transgender woman to work in the Massachusetts State House.

Eminem Takes Jab At Caitlyn Jenner

Eminem was a guest on Sway’s show, ‘Sway in the morning’, earlier today on Shade 45, a Satellite radio station on Sirius XM which is owned by Eminem, to promote his new movie with 50 Cent, “Southpaw”. He gave an 8 minute freestyle where he took jabs at a lot of celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner. He said:

“This a true statement, I see the bitch in you Caitlyn,” he raps about Caitlyn Jenner. “I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick/ No disrespect though, not at all/ No pun intended… that took a lot of balls.”

Caitlyn Jenner Says Life As A Transgender Woman Is Liberating

Caitlyn Jenner yesterday Monday, July 13 took to her WhoSay blog to pen a note of appreciation and answer fans’ questions, saying she’s thrilled with the outpouring of support from family, friends, and fans worldwide since transforming to a woman. What she wrote below…

“I knew that my transition would get some response, but I certainly never expected all of this,” she wrote. “It’s honestly been incredibly positive. I’ve met so many accepting people, including many through the ‘Ask Me Anything’ section on my site.”

Though the reception has been overwhelmingly kind, Jenner said she has seen the dark side during her journey.

“It’s been both eye opening and difficult to see firsthand what so many members of the trans community have had to go through just to be themselves. I hope to help raise awareness of these hardships so that it becomes a less painful process going forward,” she continued. “That said, the future looks bright.”

As Jenner explained in her latest blog entry, she, like many other transgender people, lived their life with discomfort until it was just too much to bear.

“I firmly believe that there are intensity levels of being trans. For example, a boy at a young age — four or five-years-old — might refuse to wear guy clothes and will only wear dresses. Not as a one-time thing, or as just dress-up play, but insistently, every day saying, ‘I’m a girl,'” Jenner blogged. “They can’t — and won’t — hide their true identity, even at that young age. Then there are others, like me, who can (kind of) live with it for a long time, even though it’s very uncomfortable.”

“I had all of the issues, but I was growing up in a very different time and I had no information. Meanwhile, I had all of my diversions, sports…this…that…married…family, but after 65 years, here I was right back with the same problems that I had when I was 10 years old and I had to finally do something about that,” Caitlyn wrote.

Caitlyn Jenner Dating Transgender Actress? (PHOTO)

Caitlyn Jenner has been going form strength-to-strength since making her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair in June, and now reports are claiming she may have found herself a partner in the form of Candis Cayne.

The 65-year-old allegedly instantly hit it off with the transgender actress in New York, where she attended a Gay Pride event, before the two spent a few more days together.

According to reports, the two went shopping, had a candlelit dinner, watched a show on Broadway and went to a spa together.

If only all our dates were like that.


A source allegedly told Star Magazine: “Caitlyn and Candis had amazing chemistry. After her monumental life change, Caitlyn’s ready to open up her heart again and really, how could you ask for a more perfect fit as a romantic partner than Candis?

“She’s been basically through the same struggles and confusion, so she’d be the perfect person for Caitlyn to lean on as she continues her journey of transition.

“Candis is smart, funny, talented and drop-dead sexy. I wouldn’t blame Caitlyn one bit if she fell for her.”

However, before we get too excited about Cait seemingly taking the next step in her journey, a source has since denied the claims to Gossip Cop.

They said: “It’s wishful thinking on [Star’s] part.”


Caitlyn Jenner Visits Her Plastic Surgeon

Many may not agree with her transformation from a man to woman, however,majority can’t deny the plastic surgeon did a spectacular job..The 65 year old paid a visit to Dr. Harrison H. Lee, with a personalised copy of her Vanity Fair feature.

‘To Harrison, Great Job Thank you so much Caitlyn Jenner,’ she wrote on the cover.

Lee’s specialty is facial feminization for male to female transgender patients.He told the Daily News that though honored to work with Jenner he was a little nervous

‘I entered with some trepidation of course,’ he said. ‘I figured it was gonna be very challenging because of her celebrity status and the fact that she’s going to finally expose herself for (who) she is, and it’ll be one of the most judged faces on the planet.’

Conspiracy Theorists Give Their Take On Caitlyn Jenner

You know how conspiracy theorists have a weird, confusing explanation for everything? Well, they have started with Bruce Jenner, turned Caitlyn Jenner. In this article titled ‘The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation’ published on,, the website attempts to explain why Bruce turned to Caitlyn and the explanation is quite scary. Not that I believe it but its quite chilling. Read below…
Bruce Jenner is now known as Caitlyn Jenner and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that? Because Jenner’s transformation was not personal, it is a planned event meant to support an ongoing agenda.

After the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner was an American hero and was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete”. He then embarked in a movie and television career, which solidified his near-superhero mystique in popular culture.

After his marriage with Kris Houghton and his involvement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, most of that mystique was gone. He was part of the Kardashian experiment, the family that was built by mass media and for mass media, from absolutely nothing, to monopolize the attention of masses. From sex tapes to relationship rumors to butt pics that are supposed to “break the internet”, celeb marriages, and young girls becoming sexualized at a young age, the Kardashians constantly seek media attention for all kinds of purposes. Bruce Jenner’s story is yet another chapter in that story. And, like most of the “events”  involving the Kardashians, Jenner’s transformation was meticulously planned with perfect mass media coverage to gain worldwide attention.

Before I go further (and because some people like to put words in my mouth), I need to emphasize that I do not think that all transgenders are “evil” nor that they are part of a sinister Agenda. If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine. As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event, blown-up to proportions so large that it has been turned into a grand ritual, a staged ceremony meant to push an agenda.

Following the Script

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s fame in 2015 (almost 40 years after winning his gold medal), is solely due to mass media keeping him famous. In other words, he is famous because he’s famous. And he stays famous because the elite is using his family to push an agenda.

In 2013, I published an article entitled The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry, where I analyzed a highly symbolic Christmas card created by David Lachapelle – a fashion photographer who is no stranger to the MK-Ultra based entertainment industry. That Christmas card was somewhat prophetic.

The Christmas card features Kardashians posing in a deserted movie theater that is replete with imagery representing the true role and the true fate of that made-for-showbiz family.

Bruce Jenner, the only male in that photo, is the only one in that is not posing fashionably. Quite to the contrary, he is imprisoned in the cashier’s booth, which looks like a giant test tube.

Stuck in a what looks like a giant tube, Bruce Jenner is gazing at statue that is wearing a gold medal – but that is also dismembered. That statue clearly represents Bruce’s past self, which was, since then, broken  and symbolically dismembered. Jenner is now trapped in the tube that is show-business, like some kind of lab rat.

His daughters, who were about 15 at the time, were also depicted in a near prophetic matter.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing in front of an Illuminati pyramid which strongly hint that they’re owned by the occult elite’s system.

Since 2013, the Jenner sisters have indeed been fully integrated the Illuminati system, fully pushing ongoing agenda of sexualizing minors.

The sisters often pose while doing the One-Eye sign, confirming that they’re owned by the system.
In this picture, the sisters are holding the hands of two invisible, “shadowy” men, representing the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives.

So, not unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the actual lives of the Jenners are mostly scripted. Caitlyn Jenner is also part of the script.

Perfect Media Storm

After his divorce, Bruce Jenner could have silently stepped out of the spotlight and lived his new life in relative privacy. But the exact opposite happened. Caitlyn saturated all major media outlets in a carefully orchestrated media storm. Here’s what happened in the span of a few weeks.

Speaking of courage, in a rather absurd, almost forced, media move, Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July 2015. Caitlyn’s “courage” was deemed superior to Lauren Hill, a college athlete who played basketball despite an inoperable brain tumor and who died earlier this year.

There is more: Caitlyn will be the subject of her own reality show … expect a whole lot of magazine photoshoots.

The Hidden Agenda

As stated above, Jenner’s transformation was not intimate nor personal. It was a grand, ceremonial, ritualistic event that symbolizes a change in society as a whole. An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things. It is about steering away from what is real, pure and authentic to move towards to the fake, artificial and the constructed. For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent : The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

In other words, it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture, While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about the attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations. If you look at what is happening right now in mass media, you have, on one side, the head of the Kardashian family putting on makeup and wearing dresses while, on the other side, you have Taylor Swift training for combat with big weapons, with a gang of tough, violent women (see the video for Bad Blood).

While Jenner is an all-American product, Europe also went through its ritualistic, transgender event.

Conchita Wurst was the winner of Eurovision 2014. To further confuse everybody in the world (including other transgenders) Conchita wears a beard.

The above image of Conchita, with the strategically placed antlers, alludes to the lesser-known, esoteric part of the Agenda. In occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive. male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne :

“The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principle, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.” (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into a unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns.

In Conclusion

Because, simply touching on the subjects I discussed above leads to unwarranted accusations of sexism, “transphobia” and whatnot, I feel the need to emphasize one point: This article is not against transgender people who decide to make a change because it makes them happy. It is against the exploitation of transgender people to push an Agenda.
The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teaching are about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.

President Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Kerry Washington Tweet Support For Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner

President Barack Obama has praised Caitlyn Jenner’s “courage”.

The US leader has lent his support to the former Olympian – who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing gender transition treatment.

Responding to a tweet from Caitlyn introducing herself, the president wrote: “It takes courage to share your story. Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights.”

A huge number of stars have spoken out on Twitter to support Caitlyn since her new female identity was unveiled in Vanity Fair magazine yesterday (06.01.15).

Singer Lady Gaga wrote: “Caitlyn, thanku for being a part of all our lives & using your platform to change people’s minds… The beauty on the inside is now also on the outside. God bless you and the whole family for sharing it with us (sic)”

Meanwhile, actress Demi Moore praised the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star for her “beautiful authentic self”, while Susan Sarandon congratulated Caitlyn on her “rebirth”.

Demi wrote: “Thank you @Caitlyn_Jenner for sharing the gift of your beautiful authentic self inside and out!”

Susan posted: “Congratulations @Caitlyn_Jenner on your rebirth. You’ve inspired so much intelligent dialogue and courage.”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres praised the 65-year-old star for her “bravery” and ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham made a joke.

Ellen wrote: “My hope for the world is that we can all be as brave as @Caitlyn_Jenner.”

Lena quipped: “I just want Caitlyn Jenner to take me out and teach me how to drive a stick shift in heels.”

Other stars who posted messages of support included Kerry Washington, Jenny McCarthy and Alyssa Milano.

Transgenders Banned From Driving in Russia, Right Group Reacts

A new Russian regulation denying transgender people the right to drive has drawn condemnation from human rights activists and members of LGBT community.

The decree, signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the end of 2014 and published on the Russian government website on 29 December, lists illnesses that disqualify people from operating motor vehicles or obtaining driver’s licences. The legislation contains broad classes of psychiatric disorders, behavioural disorders, nervous system and eye illnesses that are included in a section of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) published by the World Health Organization.

Although the decree does not explicitly ban transgender people from driving, it has attracted extensive attention from human rights activists because it includes gender identity disorders such as transsexualism, dual role transvestism, and voyeurism. “You see certain categories that were included that appear to be, well, that appear to have nothing to do with road safety whatsoever. Say, gamblers, for example, what does gambling have to do with road safety? Or voyeurism, what does it have to do with road safety? Nothing,” said Tatyana Lokshina, head of the Human Rights Watch in Russia.

“They were probably included by mistake. And we really do not find the list appropriate. So we would definitely want the Russian government to reconsider, we would definitely want the Russian government to look into it again.”

She said the decree had caused concerns amongst the LGBT community. She added: “Transgender people, LGBT people are reading about it in the press, reading about it online, and thinking that they just got a driving ban.”