In Case You Missed The Amazing #Tokyo2020 Teaser, Watch Japan’s Prime Minister Turn To Super Mario

Even at the closing ceremony of #Rio2016, the world is already excited about #Tokyo2020, thanks to the intriguing teaser performance. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was able to get from Japan to Brazil in a matter of seconds after transforming into Super Mario; all the while showing off a range of the country’s most famous athletes and their animated friends. After his arrival in Maracana Stadium, the Olympic flag was then formally passed on from Rio to Tokyo.

Watch teaser below:

Super mario A calculated risk – Brendan Rogers

Liverpool head coach Brendan Rogers has spoken on the well publicised attitude of the Italian striker Mario Baloteli after the strikers moved was confirmed to Liverpool yesterday  . The Liverpool boss was speaking last night after his teams loss to English champions Manchester City saying he believes the striker would only improve the team and not distrupt the peace and togetherness the team enjoys, which was a big factor for the team almost clinching the Barclays Premier League last season . Rogers said, “There is no doubt there is a risk with it, but it’s a calculated risk… I have been able to assess what we have got as a team and the type of characters we have got. It is because of that environment that leads me to bring him in…


…I’ve been very [impressed] by the man himself because he is very honest. He knows his flaws and he is looking for someone to help him with it. He has already sampled how we work as a team and a club. Of course it was a risk. We are not going to say it isn’t. He is a big talent”.

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The Northern Irishman is confident Balotelli won’t destabilise the Liverpool dressing room, adding: “I don’t have any concerns at all. It’s that culture that has allowed me to have confidence that if he comes in it won’t be affected…

…He is clearly a world-class talent,” added the Liverpool boss. “It has obviously been difficult for him at other clubs, but I have read people saying this is a make or break decision for me. I have done this all my life, I’ve taken players that people have wrote off and they have performed well…

…With Mario, the market was very limited with what we could bring in. The business was very good for us and we will see if it works. If not, at least we have tried.”