Spanish Police Dismantle Nigerian Voodoo-Linked Sex Trafficking Ring

Spanish police have dismantled a trafficking ring which used voodoo rituals including animal sacrifice to force Nigerian women into prostitution in Spain.

According to a Police statement,six traffickers were arrested and four of the victims freed.
The women, who came to Europe on dangerous, makeshift boats, were recruited in Nigeria, where they were enticed with false promises of employment.But once they arrived in places like the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca, they were forced into prostitution.

Authorities said the traffickers attempted to keep the women submissive by performing “tribal rituals” in Nigeria that sometimes involved “animal sacrifice”.

They used the women’s nail clippings and locks of hair to convince them that they had
been placed under a spell “so they would do everything asked of them, under the threat of death to them or their family”, police said.

The women had travelled across northern Africa to get to Spain illegally, making the arduous journey on foot and then by boat. But after arriving, they were swept into the sex trafficking world, and threatened with voodoo from Nigeria.
“Women take on a debt up to 50,000 euros ($56,000), and swear obedience to a ‘madam’ and traffickers,” police said.
Culled from AP 

Guinea Player Leaves Team to Calm Team Players’ Ebola Fears

Guinea forward Lass Bangoura says he left his national team to calm the fears of his Spanish club teammates who were worried about the Ebola outbreak.

Lass was called to play for Guinea in its 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Ghana on Friday, which was moved from Guinea to Morocco because of concerns about Ebola.

But Lass said on Thursday, “When they told me my teammates were worried, I made the decision to come back, speak with them, and tell them that they shouldn’t be afraid.

“They called me twice, but I couldn’t answer because I was training, and later I spoke with my agent. I then spoke with my coach and I told him that I had a problem with my club because my teammates were afraid, and that if he could let me go to do things because I didn’t want trouble with my club, which is who pays me.”

Rayo Vallecano spokesman Fernando Lopez told The Associated Press that the club did not ask Lass to return, but instead it suggested he not travel to Guinea and instead go directly to Morocco. Lopez said Lass agreed to that travel plan.