Woman Asks 100 Men She Met On The Street For Sex, And You Won’t Believe How Many Of Them Said Yes!

It’s a social experiment by whatever.com to see how men and women respond to sex from strangers. Last month, a man went to the streets to see how many women will agree to sleep with a random stranger. He asked 100 random women for sex and all 100 women turned him down. Now, guess what happened when a woman went to the streets to ask random men for sex?

Andrea Wendel (pictured above) approached 100 men by directly asking them whether they would follow her home and have sex with her. Out of the 100, guess how many men said yes? 30! 30 men agreed to there and then to follow a woman they have never seen before to her home for sex!

The experiment happened in the US. The clip was uploaded to Youtube and has since gone viral.