ISIS Execute 250 Women For Refusing To Become Sex Slaves

ISIS has executed 250 women in Mosul for refusing to become s3x slaves under the group’s ‘sexual jihad’.

The victims had all been ordered to accept ‘temporary marriages’ to fighters in the terror group’s northern Iraq stronghold.

But when they refused the so-called s3xual jihad, they were butchered – sometimes along with their
families, according to an official from the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Said Mamuzini told the AhlulBayt news agency that ‘at least 250’ have so far been executed by ISIS in the city ‘for refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad, and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed for rejecting to submit to IS’s request.’

Another official, from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, claimed women were barred from going out alone in Mosul and must be fully covered while in public.

They are also not allowed to choose their spouses.

Mosul has been under the extremists’ control since 2014.

News of the executions comes as Turkey revealed it had killed 32 suspected ISIS fighters close to the city near the Bashiqa military camp.

Iraqi Girls as Young as 12 Raped, Sold at Prices from $25 to $1000 by ISIL (Watch Video)

Izadi girls and women, who have managed to escape the terrorists, say the ISIS insurgents traded hundreds of girls, as well as married and unmarried women, after they attacked the Iraqi town of Sinjar and its surrounding villages in early August. The women were sold at prices ranging from 25 to one-thousand dollars. Most of them were moved to the ISIS’s stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq. There, they were tortured and sexually enslaved by the militants. Izadi activists estimate that at least 35-hundred people from the Kurdish minority have gone missing since the ISIL attack. That’s in addition to nearly two-thousand men who were executed. About 430 Izadis have escaped their captors.

Credit: Press TV