Former Brazil captain Carlos Alberto dies aged 72

Former Brazil captain Carlos Alberto has died, aged 72.

Alberto skippered Brazil to World Cup glory in 1970 and scored arguably the greatest goal in the competition’s history in the final against Italy.

Alberto suffered a heart attack and later died in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

The defender was widely considered one of the best right-backs in the world during his illustrious 19-year career and he enjoyed success as a manager with the likes of Flamengo and Botafogo.

Two of Alberto’s former sides, Santos and Flamengo, were quick to pay tribute to the defender on social media.

Alberto scored one of the most famous goals of all time when he netted an iconic fourth goal in Brazil’s 1970 World Cup final win against Italy.

Desmond Tutu Hospitalized, May Spend Two Weeks

Archbishop Desmond Tutu admitted himself to a Cape Town hospital yesterday “for treatment to a recurring infection,” according to a statement from his family.

The 84-year-old archbishop will remain in the hospital for one or two weeks, according to the statement for his family. They noted that Tutu went through a similar treatment last year.

He also underwent hospital tests for a persistent infection in 2013. A year later, he canceled travel plans because of a long-running battle with prostate cancer.


Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his efforts to end apartheid in his native South
Africa, has remained active with the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and other organizations.

He played a key role in that nation’s transition from the apartheid era, including serving as chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the direction of then-President Nelson Mandela.

‘I’ll Teach Until I Collapse!’ – Dedicated Professor Who Is Too ill To Stand Keeps Giving Lessons On His Knees

An encouraging story of a sick teacher from China who continues to work despite his painful treatment, has touched the hearts of millions around the world.

According to the People’s Daily Online, Yu Gongmao from Wuhan city was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at the age of 30 and over the years his health deteriorated and he developed uraemia.

Despite having to undergo intense treatment three times a week, he continues to teach sitting on his
knees as he is too weak to stand. The 41-year-old is pictured above giving classes at Wuhan University on March 11.

In 2012, professor Yu passed out in class and was immediately rushed to hospital where doctors found a tumour in his brain. He was operated on which was successful, but his health continued to worsen.

Unfortunately he was left with bad eyesight in his left eye, a result of the operation.

After relapsing in 2014 he was told his kidneys were failing, he is now awaiting a kidney transplant.

He receives dialysis three times a week, both of his kidneys have problems leading to uraemia.

Speaking to the People’s Daily, professor Yu said he will ‘keep teaching until I collapse in class’.

Since he became ill, professor Yu – who works at the Department of English at the university – has suffered from severe weight loss, dropping to around 120 pounds.

In a week, professor Yu teaches more than ten classes on his knees as he is too weak to stand. He even works as a translator and a tour guide when he is not teaching.

He said he loves to interact with his students, but the disease makes it difficult to give them the physical support they need.

Professor Yu started teaching at the university in 1998, and has taught thousands of students throughout China over the years.

He is highly loved by his students who visited him while he was hospitalised.

One student said:

 ‘Teacher, we don’t want to see you leave. Once you recover, we will come to sit in your class again.’

Over the Lunar New Year holiday he received get well blessings from ex-students now living in the United States, Chongqing, Shanghai and the UK.

The university has reportedly paid for all of his treatment and his students have even donated money to help him to recover.


See The Exact Rats That Cause Lassa Fever

Nigerians had been thrown into serious panic following the return of Lassa Fever to major cities of the country.
From Port-harcourt, the Rivers state capital to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and Delta state, there have been series of reports about the outbreak of the deadly virus which is said to be caused by rats.
The federal government has also confirmed that alongside the states listed above, 14 others have been affected by the Lassa Fever virus as a patient was also said to have escaped from a hospital in Edo
state while being treated for the virus, a situation which sent panic around the hospital premises.
Below is another photo of the rat that is guilty of spreading the deadly disease:

Another photo of the multimammate mouse

Another photo of the multimammate mouse

Rare Skin Condition! Meet The Lady Who Is Burning Alive

Samara Rose Ingraffia suffers from erythromelalgia or Man on Fire syndrome, which leaves her feeling like she is experiencing constant second degree burns.

Samara also suffers from Renauld’s syndrome – an equally rare condition that means her body reacts dramatically to the slightest drop in temperature.

The 25-year-old said: “I don’t know what the worst part of this condition would be. It affects everything in my life. It’s all consuming and it’s just maddening to be constantly burning alive – it’s hell on earth.”

To have anything like a normal life Samara can only be exposed to a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius – anything higher or lower will lead to incredible suffering.

Her father Brian is a former college professor who is also housebound with the same two conditions.

He said: “Knowing that my daughter has to go through even more pain than me is absolutely heartbreaking. Between the two of us we’ve tried every treatment that’s been used for erythromelalgia but we have found absolutely nothing that helps.

Samara developed the condition aged nine but it took years to get a diagnosis after the family visited more than 100 doctors looking for help.

Traditional education soon became impossible for Samara because of the heat in the classrooms so she had to be homeschooled – leading her to become very isolated. The family has been desperately trying to find a cure for Samara and Brian but is not hopeful.

Samara said: “I did get my hopes up when we were looking into stem cell therapy but it is insanely expensive costing around $60,000. There’s certainly no guarantee but it seems the most promising. But who has that kind of money – it really helps if you’re rich when you’re sick,” she said groaning.


Bin Laden’s Former Bodyguard Nasser Al-Bahri Dies

Nasser al-Bahri – Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard – has died after a long illness. Mr Bahri, a Yemeni national, passed away over the weekend in a hospital in the southern city of Mukalla.

Mr Bahri, also known as Abu Jandal, was also a driver for the late al-Qaeda leader, when he was in Afghanistan. Mr Bahri was freed from the Guantanamo Bay jail and returned to Yemen in 2008. He was involved in attacks by Islamist militants in Bosnia, Somalia and Afghanistan during the 1990s, but later renounced al-Qaeda.

He Was in his 40s.

World’s Tallest Man Dies At 26

The world’s tallest man has died at 26. Pornchai Saosri, who measured a whopping 8ft 8ins (269cm), had been plagued by several illnesses related to his unusual rate of growth and had recently been treated in hospital.

Acxording to the Bangkok post, Pornchai was bedridden and being cared for by his father Saran, 60, his mother Mrs Woen, 56, and their 15-year-old granddaughter before his death..

Mrs Woen reported that her son had died at 10.05am on November 9 at their home on Ban Takaeo village in the Prasat district of Thailand.She said she had found her son dead after returning from washing dishes.After the media originally reported Pornchai’s illnesses, locals had donated 110,000 baht (around £2020) to the family.

Mrs Woen used some of the money to redeem her house which had been mortgaged to pay for Pornchai’s medical bills.

Wife Of Former Enugu Governor, Chimaroke Nnamani Dies At 47

Wife of Former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State, Nnenna Agnes Nnamani has died at the age of 47. A statement by Dan Nwomeh, the media aide to the former governor, says Nnenna died following complications from sickle cell disease and cerebral aneurysm at a Florida Hospital in the US on Friday September 4th. May her soul rest in peace Amen.

Diezani Alison-Madueke Critically Ill In A London Hospital

Some family members of the immediate past minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke have appealed to Nigerians, especially her critics to let her be.

Mrs Allison-Madueke is said to be in a critical condition from an undisclosed ailment in a London hospital.

“Our daughter has been in hospital where is receiving treatment for some weeks now. She is currently under close medical observation. We learnt that the observation means that she has been unable to see
anyone outside close family members over the last few weeks.

“They have also discouraged her use of phones to avoid any risk of infection which will be extremely harmful for her.

“Diezani is responding well, but doctors are concerned about her movement and interaction given the intense treatment being administered.

“It is such an emotional time for us all as she is quite fragile and we are careful to keep her away from all the gossip and falsehoods being attributed to her in the media. We expect the media to respect the family’s feelings at this trying time,” the family said.

On those calling for the probe of the former minister, the source appealed for balanced coverage of some of the opinions being bandied around by different interest groups.

“The press, especially online media, should be careful to be professional and balanced in their reporting,” a family source added.


Source – kevindjakpor