Taraba IDPs Send SoS To Buhari Over Herdsmen Attacks

IDPs, in Tara­ba State yesterday called on President Mo­hammadu Buhari, to stop incessant Fulani herds­men attacks on farmers in the state.

The call came on the heels of recent Fulani herdsmen attack in Dan-Anacha, Gassol Local Government Area of the state where one person was killed and two others injured while working in their farm in the area.

Mr. Iorumbur David whose two sons; Tertsea Iorumbur and Theophilus Iorumbur were among the injured in the attack told National Mirror that the herdsmen killed one per­son on a nearby farm be­fore attacking his sons who were harvesting beans.

“They were on the farm harvesting when suddenly the herdsmen came with their cattle and started eat­ing up the farm.

“My sons ran to Dan-Anacha and informed the police who accompanied them to the farm. But on arrival the herdsmen who were well armed with AK47 removed their cut­lasses and cut them down, while the police fled the scene,” he said.

Credit: NationalMirror

‘Church Is For Love’, Gay Ugandans Send Message To Pope

It is a weekend of anticipation for Uganda’s LGBTI community. For them, the doors of the church have long been closed. So when Pope Francis’ long-awaited first visit to Africa as leader of the Catholic Church brings him to Kampala on Friday, they hope that he comes bearing a message of tolerance after years of persecution, violence and, at times, death.

It is an issue that has divided the more conservative African church leaders, eager to retain a rapidly growing Catholic population, and a seemingly progressive pontiff.

Frank Mugisha is one of Uganda’s most prominent LGBTI activists and the executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda. A practising Catholic, he tells Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta, that the pope’s visit has brought both hope and disappointment.

He said, The Catholic Church in Uganda has been in alliance with all the other churches in condemning and discriminating against LGBTI persons. The language that preachers use and the anti-gay statements make people who are even in the closet feel discriminated against.

Church is a place for love, for refuge and for peace and support, but that support is not given to them. They feel they have been let down by the church a lot.

Ugandans are very Christian and very religious. Eighty percent of our population is Christian. If you belong to the society, you need to belong to the church. But LGBTI persons can’t. Some of them haven’t been able to reconcile their faith and their sexuality and cannot go to the church.”

Credit: Aljazeera

Gmail Adds An Official ‘Undo Send’ Tool To Stop Embarrassing Emails Getting To The Wrong People

For those of us who want to send a mail and you send it to the wrong person, or you want to make a bad decision and then change your mind or just generally send mails to the wrong person and or change your mind about sending a mail, there’s a solution, thanks to Google.
If you’ve ever hit send on an email only to realise you’ve sent it to the wrong person, you’ll know the feeling of dread that hits the pit of your stomach.
But thankfully, for Gmail users at least, there is now a solution to spare any future blushes.
Google has made its ‘Undo Send’ tool an official and permanent feature nearly six years since it launched as an experiment in Gmail Labs.

This is currently available for five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds and effectively delays the message being sent for up to half a minute to give users time to change their mind.

And once they have saved the changes, the tool will be enabled for all future messages until it is switched off.
Google added the feature to Gmail Labs – a scheme the firm describes as ‘some crazy experimental stuff’ – in March 2009.
It was then added to Google’s standalone Inbox app, which launched as an invitation only app in October and was rolled out to all Android and iOS users last month.
To use the feature on the desktop, compose an email in the traditional way and hit send.
A pop-up message will appear at the top of the inbox that says: ‘Your message has been sent. Undo.’
Clicking Undo stops the message being sent and reopens it in a compose window so users can delete it, change the recipient or amend what has been written.
This works in a similar way on the Inbox app, but instead of appearing at the top of the screen, the Undo option appears in the bottom right-hand corner.
The announcement was made in a official blog post: ‘Previously a popular feature in Gmail Labs, and recently added to Inbox by Gmail, today we’re adding ‘Undo Send’ as a formal setting in Gmail on the web.
‘Undo Send’ allows people using Gmail to cancel a sent mail if they have second thoughts immediately after sending.’
It continued that the feature is turned off by default for those not currently using the Labs version.

Source: Mail Online

Obama To Send High-Powered Delegation To Buhari’s Inauguration

International interest in Nigeria’s political transition and the planned transfer of power from the Jonathan-Sambo presidency to the Buhari-Osinbajo presidency billed for May 29 has risen in the United States as President Barack Obama now considers sending a high-powered U.S. delegation to the event, officials said Wednesday.

U.S. government sources said Mr. Obama is considering who might lead the American representatives to the event.

Besides, at least two US Ivy universities-Harvard and Yale – have since held special review sessions where scholars were invited from around the U.S. and the world to give lectures and seminars on the outcome of the Nigerian elections, focusing on the emergence of a former military head of state, who is a Muslim from the North of Nigeria, and a Christian pastor, who is a law professor from the South as president-elect and vice president-elect respectively.

Three names are already being mentioned in official U.S. and diplomatic circles including Obama’s wife, the American First Lady, Michelle, Vice President Joe Biden and the Secretary of State, John Kerry, as the head of the presidential delegation. From the U.S. Congress also, some of the senior members are said to be planning to attend the event including the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Sub Committee on Africa, Congressman Chris Smith.

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