Confidential Medical Files of Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Other Female US Olympians Leaked By Russian Hackers

Confidential medical data of gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles, seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams and basketball player Elena Delle Donne was hacked from a World Anti-Doping Agency database and posted online on Tuesday.

The Russian cyber espionage group called Fancy Bear published records of “Therapeutic Use Exemptions” (TUEs), which allow athletes to use otherwise-banned substances if they have a verified medical reason to do so, the Independent reports.

Williams, who revealed in 2011 she had been diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an energy-sapping disease, issued a statement via her agent in which she said she was granted TUEs “when serious
medical conditions have occurred,” and those exemptions were “reviewed by an anonymous, independent group of doctors, and approved for legitimate medical reasons.”

  “I was disappointed to learn today that my private, medical data has been compromised by hackers and published without my permission,” Williams said. “I have followed the rules established under the Tennis Anti-Doping Program in applying for, and being granted, ‘therapeutic use exemption.'”

  Women’s basketball gold medalist Elena Delle Donne, who had thumb surgery on Tuesday and posted a post-op pic on Twitter, along with a statement saying she takes prescribed medication approved by WADA.

In a statement, USA Gymnastics said Biles — who won five medals, four gold, in Rio last month — was approved for an exemption and had not broken any rules. She wrote on Twitter that she’s taken medication to treat ADHD since she was a child.

  “Please know I believe in clean sport, have always followed the rules, and will continue to do so as fair play is critical to sport and is very important to me,” Biles posted.

Fancy Bear claimed the “therapeutic use of exemptions” constituted evidence of doping US Olympians.

“After detailed studying of the hacked Wada databases we figured out that dozens of American athletes had tested positive” a statement from the group reads. “The RIO Olympic medallists regularly used illicit strong drugs justified by certificates of approval for therapeutic use. In other words, they just got their licenses for doping.”

WADA previously warned of cyber attacks after investigators it had appointed published reports into Russian state-sponsored doping.

World Anti-Doping Agency director general Olivier Niggli said in a statement that it was “unthinkable for hackers to illegally obtain confidential medical information in an attempt to smear athletes to make it look as if they have done something wrong.
In fact, in each of the situations, the athlete has done everything right in adhering to the global rules for obtaining permission to use a needed medication.”

He added:

“These criminal acts are greatly compromising the effort by the global anti-doping community to re-establish trust in Russia,”

WADA said “extended its investigation with the relevant law enforcement authorities.”

Last month, hackers obtained a database password for Russian runner Yuliya Stepanova, a whistleblower and key witness for the WADA investigations. She and her husband, a former official with the Russian national anti-doping agency, are now living at an undisclosed location in North America.

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected WADA’s statement blaming Russian hackers as unfounded.

  “There can be no talk about any official or government involvement, any involvement of Russian agencies in those actions. It’s absolutely out of the question,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies. “Such unfounded accusations don’t befit any organization, if they aren’t backed by substance.”

 The International Olympic Committee said it “strongly condemns such methods which clearly aim at tarnishing the reputation of clean athletes.”

  “The IOC can confirm however that the athletes mentioned did not violate any anti-doping rules during the Olympic Games Rio 2016,” the Olympic body said.

The top American anti-doping official said it was “unthinkable” to try to smear athletes who followed the rules and did nothing wrong.

  “The cyberbullying of innocent athletes being engaged in by these hackers is cowardly and despicable,” said Travis Tygart, CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

The agency said it believed the hack was carried out using spear-phishing emails to gather passwords for the WADA Anti-Doping and Management System(ADAMS) database.

Russian Gamer To Sue Makers Of ‘Fallout 4’ After Losing His Job & Wife To His Addiction

A Siberian gamer is suing the makers of Fallout-4 after he lost his job and broke up with his wife because of the video game. He wants 500,000 roubles (US$7,000) in compensation from the company, saying he did not know the game would “become so addictive.”
The 28-year-old man from Krasnoyarsk found out about the game in an advert and subsequently downloaded it onto his computer. That was when his problems began in earnest. He only intended to play it for a couple of evenings, but instead became addicted and the next three weeks flew by.

Such was his ‘dedication’ to the game, which sees the player emerge from a bunker following a devastating nuclear holocaust in a post-apocalyptic world, that his own apocalypse unfolded right
before his eyes.
He regularly skipped work, which resulted in his employers firing him. He stopped meeting up and speaking with friends, and his wife left him. His health also started to deteriorate as he was not sleeping or eating.
“If I knew that this game could have become so addictive, I would have become a lot more wary of it. I would not have bought it, or I would have left it until I was on holiday or until the New Year holidays,” a statement from the man read.
The Krasnoyarsk native now wants to sue the makers of the game Bethesda Game Studios and the Russian localization firm for 500,000 roubles ($7,000) for emotional distress.
His lawsuit is seen as something of a test case in Russia, as there has never been such a precedent. The law firm representing the 28-year-old say they want to “see how far we can go regarding this case.”
There have been similar cases around the world though. In 2010, a US federal judge said he would listen to a case brought by a Hawaiian man, who said he became addicted to video game Lineage II.
Craig Smallwood was demanding damages from the game’s makers, saying he would not have begun playing if he had been aware “that he would become addicted to the game.”
Surprisingly, the judge sided with the plaintiff and ordered NCsoft of South Korea to pay Smallwood’s legal fees which he had accumulated over the six-month period after filing his lawsuit.

Source: RussiaToday

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane On Syrian Border

Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane on the Syrian border, a senior Turkish official has said. According to Al Jazeerah, the plane was shut down on Syrian territory in Latakia’s Yamadi village.

The plane was downed by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement because it violated Turkish airspace, the Turkish official said.

The Turkish president’s office identified the plane as Russian and said it was warned before being shot down, according to semi-official Anadolou agency.

A Turkish military statement said that the plane violated Turkish air space in the Hatay province and was warned ‘ten times in five minutes’. “Our two F-16 planes on air patrol duty intervened in the plane in question on November 24, 2015, 9:24am, according to the rules of engagement,” the statement said.

The Russian defence ministry said that an SU-24 fighter jet crashed in Syria as a result of an attack from the ground. “A probe is in progress into the circumstances of the Russian plane crash,” the ministry was quoted as saying by the TASS Russian News Agency, adding that the plane had stayed within Syrian airspace. Objective monitoring data confirm this.”.

Russian Special Forces Foil Terror Attack

Russian special forces have prevented an ISIS terror attack in the south of Russia after uncovering a huge bomb hidden in plastic casks on the side of the road. The terror attack was scheduled to take place in the village of Kantyshevo in south-western Russia’s Republic of Ingushetia. Russian security services said the bomb contained 3.5 tonnes of explosives.

Members of the crew that worked on the operation stated that all the terrorists that were behind the planting of the bomb have been killed. They named the terrorist leaders as Aslan Byutukaev and Beslan Mahauri, both ISIS militants.
They said they had been following the activities of the two men since they discovered they had joined ISIS in summer 2015, and were unwittingly lead to their location by one of the two wives of Beslan, who had been furious when she found he had married a second woman, although a Muslim is allowed up to 4 wives under Islamic marital law.
Security service insiders said the woman’s efforts to find out what he was up to with her love rival, and where the pair were, had led them to his location, and the bomb. The plastic casks were found buried on the side road, in total amounting to 70 separate items with the capacity of 100 litres each.
According to the security services Byutukaev and Mahauri got financial support for their illicit actions in the region directly from ISIS.

In order to prevent the possible attack, Russian special services had to blow up the casks.

Ex-Wife Of Russia’s Richest Man Vows To Fight For Half His £10BILLION Fortune

The spurned former wife at the centre of the world’s biggest divorce has laughed off her estranged husband’s claim that he is down to his last millions.

Vladimir Potanin told a court in Moscow that he has no assets, despite being listed by Forbes as Russia’s richest man worth £10billion.His scorned ex-wife Natalia, 53, to whom he was married for 30 years, blasted her former husband’s court claim that he is merely a millionaire. He ‘offered’ her £32million settlement – but she says he’s worth £10billion and wants half.

Natalia blasted:

 ‘Vladimir Potanin dumped, betrayed and humiliated me. He also decided to wipe every
kopek (penny) off our family money.

Natalia, who has three children with the Russian oligarch, is offering him the chance to settle out of court and away from the media glare, as long as he agrees to negotiate her demands for a half share of his alleged wealth of £10billion, to which she insists she is fully entitled.

Mining tycoon Potanin, 54, is fighting the financial claim by his wife of three decades, insisting he does not own the mega-assets she says are his.

Last month, a Moscow judge rejected Natalia’s demand to equally divide his investment company Interros International, and his 30 per cent stake in mining giant Norilsk Nickel, a which is worth an estimated £4.5billion for which Potanin is listed as CEO.

In her first exclusive interview since the ruling, Natalia flew to London to tell MailOnline she will battle for justice no matter how long it takes…

The couple met as poor students in the Communist era and had three children during their long marriage.

Petite and wearing immaculate Prada with understated but expensive jewellery, Natalia described the moment her ex-husband revealed that he had a second family, with mistress Katya, an employee 15 years his junior, who he has since married.

With new wife

When Pontanin dropped the bombshell in 2013, he told her that not only did he want a divorce, he demanded that it be backdated to 2007.

‘I thought this was some kind of a badly-worded tease, a joke. How else would you look at it?’ she said.’I sat with him at the end of 2013, and he was saying ‘Let’s divorce behindhand, so that the divorce and any settlement is dated to 2007’.

‘So imagine, year 2007 goes by, then 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and we’re living together all this time, and at the end of 2013 he says he wants the backdated divorce.”We certainly made no agreements that evening, I was too shocked.

‘I wasn’t prepared for it. As I understand now, he must have taken his time to get ready for this conversation, perhaps not even a day or month, but longer. But for me it was totally unexpected, it was a deep shock.

Now she believes this was a move to fix any settlement on his assets as they were in 2007, not at the moment they actually split.

‘He left that evening, leaving those papers, and he has not slept at home since then. He never came back. So the last memory of my husband was how he started the conversation, and how it got nowhere.

Natalia made clear she will appeal the Russian verdict given last month which she described as ‘odious’, and which has been seen as a major setback in her quest to become the world’s wealthiest ex-wife.

I find it extremely unpleasant to sit in court and hear about all the extramarital affairs which, it turned out, my husband had when we were together.’It’s exhausting, and if there is a way to avoid it, quickly and peacefully, I would certainly go for it.’But what my husband offered was for me to sign papers saying that I had no claims on assets, and that was it.’It happened in November 2013, which is when he suggested we divorce. This was the moment when we spoke for the last time.’

Both Pictured in 1977

Natalia said that since they separated, her husband has made no effort to contact their their two sons Ivan, 26, and Vasily, 16.The couple also have a daughter, Anastasia, 31.

 ‘I think he is totally irrational, aggressive and not reasonable. I struggle to explain it.’His social position, his public face has always been based on an image of a strong family man.’I trusted my husband completely. I believed him, I, well, I loved him. I realise this was wrong, in that to be blind in your belief in someone is wrong. But I was absolutely happy in the past.’I can’t understand what will come next. I am not broken, but I continue living in this situation and, whatever I do, it still dominates my life. I don’t have freedom.’

She shows a steely confidence that she will win in the end:

‘I want to show other women in a similar situation that we have got to keep fighting and not to give up, at least for the sake of our children,’ she said. ‘Yes, Vladimir Potanin and his lawyers keep winning court cases, but I don’t see it as their final victory.’There are thousands of women in Russia in a similar situation, ruthlessly dumped, often with newborn children.’Men allow themselves to treat women like something they possess and can throw away at the point when they get bored and want something new.

‘This has to stop. There are laws that protect women in Russia, but they don’t always work in reality.’

Mariah Carey’s New Rich Boyfriend Pays 3 Hollywood Stars $17m Each To Promote His New Casino

Australian billionaire James Packer reportedly paid out $17million each to Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorcese and Robert De Niro for them to promote his casino located in the Chinese enclave of Macau. Rich as he may be however, he was visibly excited at meeting the stars as they lunched together. The 48-year-old was joined by super stars at the launch of Studio City, a $4.4billion movie-themed complex in Macau. See more photos below…
The trio were presenting The Audition, a short film that was bankrolled by Packer’s production company, when they made their appearance. The film promotes the casino resort, which was co-funded by Packer’s partner, Lawrence Ho.

Boston Marathon Bomber Apologizes, Gets Death Sentence

Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on Wednesday apologized for the deadly 2013 attack at a hearing before a U.S. judge formally sentenced him to death for killing four people and injuring 264 in the bombing and its aftermath.

The 21-year-old ethnic Chechen, who had not testified during his trial, referred to Allah and admitted that he and his now-dead older brother carried out one of the highest-profile attacks on U.S. soil, in a courtroom packed with survivors of the April 15, 2013 bombing.

“I am sorry for the lives I have taken, for the suffering that I have caused you, for the damage I have done, irreparable damage,” said Tsarnaev, who had sat in silence, his head cast down as two survivors and family members of victims described the attacks’ heavy toll on their lives.

“In case there is any doubt, I am guilty of this attack, along with my brother,” Tsarnaev said, standing at the defense table.

Tsarnaev had been found guilty killing three people and injuring 264 in the bombing near the finish line of the world-renowned race, as well as fatally shooting a police officer three days later. The same federal jury that convicted him in April voted for death by lethal injection in May.

As he handed down that sentence, U.S. District Judge, George O’Toole, condemned Tsarnaev for falling under the spell of militant Islamists, including American-born al Qaeda figure Anwar al Awlaki, who was killed in a 2011 drone strike.

“It is tragic … that you succumbed to their demonic siren song,” O’Toole said. “As long as your name is mentioned, what will be remembered is the evil you’ve done.”

Before the judge pronounced the sentence, Rebekah Gregory, who lost her left leg on that blood-soaked April day, addressed Tsarnaev directly.

“Terrorists like you do two things in this world. One, they create mass destruction, but the second is quite interesting,” Gregory said. “Because do you know what mass destruction really does? It brings people together. We are Boston strong and we are America strong, and choosing to mess with us was a terrible idea.”

The man accused of bombing the Boston Marathon in 2013 has been found guilty of all 30 charges that he faced, many of which carry the death penalty.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, was found guilty in April after the jury deliberated for just over 12 hours spread over two days.

Tsarnaev’s lawyers maintained he played a role in the attacks but said his older brother was the driving force. A police officer was killed in the days following the attack as Tsarnaev and his brother, who also died, attempted to flee.

5,000 Russians Are Fighting For ISIS – Russian agency

The head of Russia’s anti-terrorism agency said on Wednesday that between 2,000 and 5,000 Russians were fighting for the Islamic State (IS).

Russian police Col.-Gen. Andrei Novikov, told newsmen that authorities confirmed that a minimum of around 2,000 Russian passport holders had joined the extremists army in Iraq and Syria.

In southern Russia, several, mostly Muslim regions at the edge of the Caucasus Mountains, have been coping with a simmering Islamist insurgency for decades.

Several of the Emirate’s members were shown in videos late last year declaring allegiance to the Islamic State around the time of a terrorist attack in Chechnya that the group took credit for.

The Caucasus rebels, battle-hardened by two separatist wars with Russia, are rumored to be some of the Islamic State’s most successful fighters.

Red-bearded Caucasus rebel, Tarkhan Batirashvili, whose combat name is Omar al-Shishani, is believed to be an IS commander in Syria, with a series of decisive victories attributed to him.

Novikov warned that the IS might have obtained nuclear material capable of making a bomb that would cause “worldwide panic.”
However, he did not say how the material could have been obtained.

The IS said in May in its online propaganda magazine, Dabiq, that it could buy a nuclear weapon from the predominantly Muslim nation of Pakistan.
It added that IS allegedly helped North Korea obtain atomic arms in the 1990s.