Abubakar Audu Buried After Resurrection Rumour (PHOTOS)

Abubakar Audu has been buried and laid in grave as Imams offer prayers. Sands poured into grave amidst tears and sorrow.

The burial which was officially fixed for 2.00 P.M, was briefly interrupted with jubilation over rumoured resurrection of the deceased.

?The interesting twist was spurred by a prophet who sought to pray for Audu’s corpse and bring him back to life.

?The prayer man was successfully but forcefully taken in by the wish of the crowd and they have all joined in the prayers for the resurrection of Audu with Holy Ghost fire renting the air as well as shouts of Allahu Akbar .

?Dino Melaye and some family members came out through the back door to calm the angry crowd. While they are largely engaged in fervent prayers others are weeping loudly by the door.

However, people are departing from grave site but a lot of sympathisers are still weeping profusely.