Just In: Kaduna upholds religious freedoms and all constitutional rights – ElRufai

The Kaduna State Government wishes to reiterate its respect for the right of every resident to practise the religion of their choice. As it has often stated, the government has a duty to uphold fundamental rights and the security of everyone. This involves ensuring that nobody or group exercises their rights in ways that restrict the rights of others or subjects them to danger, distress or the diminution of their humanity.     Every resident of Kaduna State is free to practise the religion of their choice. This is a fundamental, constitutional right. The freedoms that are so guaranteed...
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“Religion Has Become Very Oppressive” – Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin's title for his 11th studio album "Losing My Religion" sparked a mixed reaction. Last month, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to reveal the title of the album, writing: "In the beginning religion created a mask ... for generations church was where we went to go hide .... rules without relationship is empty inside. ... There's room at the cross for everyone even me ... religion is a prison, but truth sets us free. The preacher isn't God, religion's first mistake ... I'm losing my religion, Thank God ... Helping you lose yours is my job."  On "Tom Joyner Morning Show", the Gospel singer...
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RELIGION: A BANE OR A BOON? Religion is the credence in and reverence of a God or gods; it is a belief in a particular way of life. Nigeria is an heterogeneous state that comprises of several pluralities like ethnic diversity and religious variation. Each religion has its own perspective about life, politics, fashion and so many things that shape the personality of men. Their varied beliefs has had both negative and positive impact on the political stability and socioeconomic growth of the nation. Though religious leaders have tried to expunge polity from their religion, it has corrupted politics as it...
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