Religion will kill Nigeria if not tamed, says Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka, a professor and playwright, has warned that religion may bring about the downfall of Nigeria if it is not tamed. Reacting to the recent spate of religious killings in Southern Kaduna, Soyinka wondered if religion has been more beneficial than detrimental to Nigerians. He made the comments on Thursday at the presentation of ‘Religion and the Making of Nigeria’, a book written by Olufemi Vaughan. “If we do not tame religion in this nation, religion would kill us,” he said. “I do not say kill religion, though, I wouldn’t mind a bit if that mission could be undertaken...
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FG Scraps Plan To Build N3bn Film Village In Kano Following Public Outcry

The federal government has cancelled its plan to build a massive film village in Kano state.   According to BBC, the government shelved the plan as a result of social media outcry and opposition from Muslim clerics. More than N3bn was reportedly budgeted for the project as part of the government’s efforts to improve the Hausa language film industry known as Kannywood.   The government argued the village would create thousands of job opportunities and promote cultural activities.But Muslim clerics argued it would promote immorality and people on social media also called on the...
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Mozambique Scraps Ban On Same- Sex Marriage!

Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality Monday when a new penal code came into force that swept away old Portuguese colonial laws, in a victory for campaigners for gay rights. The old code, dating back to 1886, targeted anyone “who habitually engages in vices against nature” — though no known prosecutions took place after Mozambique became independent in 1975. Breaking the law was punishable by up to three years of hard labor. “It's a symbolic victory, as social inclusion remains the main challenge,” Frank, a student gay rights activist who declined to give his full name, told Agence-France...
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