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Religious Campaigns Will Be Fined 1M- INEC

Religious Campaigns Will Be Fined 1M- INEC

INEC in Bauchi State has issued a stern warning to any political party using religion as part of their campaign. The statement, made during an interactive session with stakeholders in local government, has warned parties that they will be issued with a N1 million or face a 12 month prison sentence should they use religion as a tactic during campaign ... Read More »

2015 Elections: Mixing Religion and Politics By Will Ross

2015 Elections: Mixing Religion and Politics By Will Ross

As tensions rise ahead of elections in Nigeria, some fear the country’s unity will face a new test and divisions will be exacerbated by a vote which sees a Christian presidential candidate from the south, Goodluck Jonathan, facing stiff competition from Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim candidate from the north. It is not their first face off but is likely to ... Read More »

The Hut

Jake Okechukwu Effoduh Represented Nigeria at the World Economic Forum Meeting at the Vatican. He shares his experience from his meeting with the Pope. The Hut by Jake Okechukwu Effoduh. Insight from the World Economic Forum meeting at the Vatican  There is a common Igbo[1] proverb that says, ‘A man who does not leave his hut will bring nothing in.’[2] ... Read More »


RELIGION: A BANE OR A BOON? Religion is the credence in and reverence of a God or gods; it is a belief in a particular way of life. Nigeria is an heterogeneous state that comprises of several pluralities like ethnic diversity and religious variation. Each religion has its own perspective about life, politics, fashion and so many things that shape ... Read More »


To say in the affirmative that religion is a curse is to intelligently throw out the bath water, the bathtub, and the baby all together. What hasn’t been abused by man in the real sense of the word ‘abuse’? Think of it, is it drug, food, money, or our environment? And to crown it all, man has also perfected how ... Read More »