Shi’ites Is The Next Boko Haram – Nothern Elders Tell Buhari

The Borno Elders Forum via its Chairman Usman Galtimari has written a letter to President Buhari advising him to intervene and put a stop to the power tussle btw security forces and Shi’ites in Kaduna State The letter read in part, “From what we read and heard in the print and electronic media, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has been branded as an insurgency group and therefore outlawed. We see what is happening in Kaduna State as similar to what happened in Borno State back in 2009 leading to a sorry state of affairs in the State. “Your Excellency may concur with us that there is the need to...
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Muslim Engineer Rapes Female Colleague For 5 Days To Convince Her To Convert To Islam

An Indian man has been accused of kidnapping and raping a female colleague for five days to force her to convert to Islam. Engineer Syen Emad Hasan, 30, proposed to the 27-year-old woman but she rejected him and said her family would not allow 'an inter-religious marriage', police said.He harassed her until she cut short a work trip to Dubai. When she returned home to confront Hasan, he abducted her, locked her up at his house and took away her phone. According to Indian Express,Hasan and the woman, who has not been named, worked together at a Dell computer repairs shop in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.Police...
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2015 Elections: Mixing Religion and Politics By Will Ross

As tensions rise ahead of elections in Nigeria, some fear the country's unity will face a new test and divisions will be exacerbated by a vote which sees a Christian presidential candidate from the south, Goodluck Jonathan, facing stiff competition from Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim candidate from the north. It is not their first face off but is likely to be by far the most closely contested. But to what extent will voters pay attention to the religion of the candidates? "If the Christian leader does not have what it takes to provide good leadership I will not vote for him merely because he is a Christian,"...
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