Red Alert: 5 Signs You’re About To Be Dumped

1. Phone calls become less frequent

Gone are the days when you used to fall asleep on the phone while whispering sweet nothings. Fast forward to a few months (or years) into the relationship, and you’re either rushed off the phone or sent straight to voicemail. Or, you used to get a response to your phone call or text messages right away, but now, you either don’t get a response at all, or it takes hours or days before you hear back. Nothing is wrong with your phone, you’re just lower on the priority list. In fact, you’re so low, you’re about to be dropped off the list altogether.

2. Conversations are like pulling teeth

Do you dread having a simple conversation? If communication has all but come to a standstill, it’s time to be worried. This is especially true when it comes to arguments. If you do or say something that would normally make your partner explode, but you’re met with silence, it could be that he or she just doesn’t care anymore. Your days are numbered.

3. There’s an increase in physical and emotional distance

Over time, you may start to notice your partner becoming physically and emotionally distant. The frequency of sex and intimate gestures such as hand-holding and sharing deep feelings may start to decline. A feeling of emotional coldness will slowly start to settle in the relationship. If this is happening, he or she probably wants out but doesn’t quite know how to break the news.

4. Your partner asks for space

Sometimes distance doesn’t gradually happen. There are times when your partner may come out and ask you for some breathing room. This is often a signal that your relationship is slowly going downhill. Someone who is in love will want to be with you more, not less. Requesting space likely means that your partner is either contemplating the next step in the relationship or is trying to let you down easy and plans to eventually disappear.

5. You have that sinking feeling

Sometimes you just know. You may be in denial, ignoring glaringly obvious signs, but often your gut will tell you that it’s just not going to work out. No matter how much you try to rationalize your honey’s behavior, it’s often best to just face reality, cut your losses, and move on. So hit the club or bar and drink up.


FG Places States, LGAs On Red Alert Over Fresh Polio Outbreak

The federal government has put states and local governments on red alert over the fresh cases of wild polio virus (WPV) in Borno State. Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole in a statement yesterday called on states and local governments to redouble their efforts in safeguarding their territories from importation of the virus. He said they can also do so by providing the required leadership and ensuring accountability among healthcare workers and other stakeholders.
The minister who confirmed the outbreak of the disease said that itaffected two children from Gwoza and Jere local government areas of the state.

Adewole said the discovery and confirmation of the outbreak was as a result of strengthened surveillance due to improved accessibility which has been made possible by the recent military action in liberating more communities in the North-eastern part of the country.
He said the detection of children paralysed by polio was also a reminder that the country needs to remain vigilant and immunise all eligible children with polio vaccine until the disease is completely eradicated worldwide.
The minister also directed the deployment of a national emergency response team, comprising government and partners to Borno State for immediate polio vaccination campaign, targeting eligible children to prevent the spread of the virus locally and internationally.
As an immediate response, about one million children are to be immunised in four local government areas of Borno. Children in adjoining states of Yobe, Adamawa and Gombe will also be immunised bringing the number to about five million in the four states.

Credit: dailytrust