Residents React To The Lynching Of 7 Year Old Boy

Residents have expressed shock and disapproval over an incident where a young boy of about seven year-old was burnt to death in Lagos, Wednesday, for allegedly stealing cassava flakes, otherwise known as “Garri,” describing it as “barbaric.”

The alleged boy was reportedly lynched for stealing by yet to be apprehended perpetrators.

Residents who reacted to the incident have called on Nigeria Police authorities to go after the perpetrators and bring them to justice to serve as deterrent to others.

One Ms Sharon Samuel reacted thus: “If the killers of this boy are not brought to book then there is no more hope for anyone in this country. Garri seller, may be your garri is meant for ritual purpose else why should you raise an alarm that caused the death of this boy. Don’t blame Buhari but blame our wicked world. The end is more than near,” Sharon said.

Another who identified simply as Queen Chi Chi, said, “What about those bank armed robbers, what about Nigerian politicians that are busy stealing and syphoning Nigeria’s money into their private accounts, are they not thieves? Why beating the boy to death because of ordinary garri, dastardly things to do.”

Ebere Chidima, another resident, said, “Those that burnt that little boy for merely stealing garri and even those that stood by and watched the sin being committed are guilty of the same offence. Jesus Christ said; he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.

“The Police authorities should go after these perpetrators of this dastardly act.”

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Aviation Unions React To Aero Contractor’s Suspension Of Operations

Leaders of aviation workers’ union have expressed different views on Aero Contractors’ to suspend flight operations from September 1.

Isaac Balami, president, National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, applauded the decision.

Mr. Balami, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said the decision of the airline was necessary in order not to destroy the safety records it had maintained over the years.

He said it was not reasonable to continue to fly when safety could not be guaranteed, adding that the airline had not carried out proper checks and maintenance because of lack of funds.

According to him, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) has been providing lifeline for the airline but has since stopped putting in money.

“Due to the shortage of foreign exchange, about six or seven Aero aircraft have not undergone C-check for sometime now which is a serious safety issue.

“There is also the issue of high cost of aviation fuel which has also contributed to the non-profitability of operation.

As a professional in the industry, I believe that safety comes first,” he said.

On the other hand, Banjamin Okewu, president, Air Transport Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSAN), said the management of Aero did not carry its members along before taking the decision.

Mr. Okewu said that the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment had recently asked them to go into negotiation with the airline on the matter.

He said the airline unilaterally took the decision to suspend its operation without consulting the union.

According to him, it is not possible to take such decision without engaging their members.

“We have asked our people to come to work tomorrow while we meet to decide on what to do,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the airline had on Wednesday announced the suspension of its scheduled flights citing economic reasons.

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Nigerians React To CNN’s ‘Zuckerberg Visits Sub-Sahara Africa’ Headline

International broadcaster, the Cable News Network (CNN), has angered Nigerians for omitting the country’s name in the headline of a report announcing the visit of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to Africa’s most populous country.

The headline mentioned Sub-Sahara Africa as Mr. Zuckerberg’s destination.

That headline promptly sparked anger in one of the world’s largest oil producers, with citizens taking to Facebook and Twitter to attack the broadcaster for omitting ‘Nigeria’ and creating the impression that Africa was a country.

Nigerians who commented on the matter expressed strong views, and sought to salvage their national pride.

“CNN it’s NIGERIA!!!” Facebook user, Iloh Andrew, said. “I know you are shy to say it is Nigeria…safe, sound and happy to be here…not the Nigeria you propagate as a drop bomb zone.”

Another Facebook user, Bola Aduwo, said, “CNN please what is Sub-Sahara Africa? An area of over 20 countries. Why can’t you be specific? What will it cost to say Nigeria?”

Mr. Aduwo said Nigeria had the largest Facebook community in Africa with over 16 million users, and, therefore, deserved respect.

“We can no longer be ignored,” he added. “Receive sense please.”

“If Mr. Mark had gone to a European country, will you tweet this way: ‘Mark makes first ever visit to Europe’ — CNN Africa?”Twitter user @oluwatimilehino asked.

“Ewo ni Sub-Sahara Africa (which one is Sub-Sahara Africa)?” Twitter user @fireofola queried. “Nigeria is too much to mention?”

And again on Facebook, there was one user questioning the news organisation’s understanding of maps.

“Just say he came to Nigeria. If you don’t know where that one is, check your map, don’t be shy,” said a user, Winnie Coco.”

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Kanye West, Other Celebrities React To Leonardo DiCarprio’s Oscar Win

Kanye West shares his joy towards Leonardo DiCaprio’s win and was just as excited for his big Oscar win as Leo was. “Finally!!!” Kanye tweeted. “Our guy!!! We’re so so happy for Leo!!!” By “we” he probably means himself and Kim Kardashian and/or the rest of the family.

See what other celebrities also said about Leo’s win.


Watch How Miley Cyrus’ Family React To Nicki Minaj’s VMAs Drama

Miley Cyrus wasn’t the only one caught off guard by Nicki Minaj’s harsh words for her at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

MTV cameras caught the reaction of the Cyrus family sitting in the audience during the epic moment, including Miley’s parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, and her younger sister, 15-year-old Noah. And if you need any more proof that the jaw-dropping exchange wasn’t staged, check out the super awkward smile on Tish’s face.

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APC Leaders React To Buhari’s New Appointments

The announcement of new appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari has caused an outrage in the ruling All Progressives Congress.

Leaders of the APC, who spoke to reporters, complained that the appointments tilted in favour of the North and said the party must move fast to cope with the backlash of expected rumblings in the polity.

“The President does not consult before making most of these appointments and I can tell you that Nigerians are going to term the party and the President as a northern party and the President of Northern Nigeria,” a leader of the party said.

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Uproar On Twitter As Nigerians React To Buhari’s New Appointments

Seems the latest appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari is causing an uproar on twitter. Nigerians are exercising their civil rights by expressing mixed reactions toward the newly appointees. Most of the issues surrounding these reactions involve federal character and ethnicity. Read tweets below:

Other African Countries React To Xenophobic Attacks In SA

Some of the estimated 10,000 people march during a anti xenophobia peace march in Durban, South Africa, 16 April 2015
Some South Africans have protested against the xenophobic attacks

The upsurge in xenophobic violence in South Africa that started in the port city of Durban a few weeks ago has angered African countries, many of whose citizens have been targeted.

Foreign-owned shops have also been attacked and looted in Johannesburg, which experienced the worst of similar violence in 2008.

African nations feel particularly affronted by the attacks, given the support the continent gave to South Africa during its long fight against white-minority rule. Here are some reactions:

Zambia: Music blackout and boycott

Zambia’s biggest private radio station Q FM has announced on its Facebook pagethat it has “indefinitely blacked out the playing of South African music in protest against xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals taking place in that country”.

picture of QFM radio logo with no to xenophobia caption
The radio station now features a special protest logo on its Facebook page

“We need to send a clear message to South Africans that violence on fellow Africans negates African unity which the forefathers of the continent fought for,” the station said.

Protest in Lusaka
Protesters in Zambia were encouraged to wear black using the hashtag #blackfriday

Earlier, a small group of Zambian protesters went to the South African High Commission in Lusaka to complain about the xenophobia, reports the BBC’s Meluse Kapatamoyo.

Malumbo Siwale in Zambia tweeted using the hashtag #blackfriday, which has been trending on twitter in Zambia: “Not buying or using South African products today, fight #xenophobia by pressuring the #SA govt to act #blackfriday”.

Mozambique: Mine and gas workers evacuated

A road block has been set up near the Ressano Garcia border post with South Africa by a group of people who are stopping vehicles with South African number plates from entering the country and reportedly stoning some of them.

Mozambican workers at mining and gas companies have also protested about the violence, downing tools on Thursday demanding that South African employees leave – and that their jobs should be taken by those fleeing the violence in South Africa, says the BBC’s Jose Tembe.

Sasol's headquarters in Johannesburg
South Africa’s largest oil producer Sasol is repatriating 340 South Africans from Mozambique

South African petrochemicals firm Sasol and Brazilian mining giant Vale have since evacuated some of its foreign workers.

The government has asked people not to retaliate against South Africans and urged Mozambican not to go to South Africa – some make the trip from the capital, Maputo, to go shopping at the weekend – so the situation does not escalate. An anti-xenophobia march in Maputo is also planned for Saturday.

A Mozambican youth group has posted this suggestion on its Facebook page: “In view of the xenophobic disgrace coming from South Africa, the Youth Parliament advocates that electricity and gas supplies to South Africa be suspended until [South Africa’s President] Jacob Zuma comes to Mozambique to redeem himself.”

Malawi: Goods boycott call

There have been calls for people to stop buying South African goods and services, spearheaded by John Kapito, executive director of the Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA).

“We’re urging Malawians to boycott all South African shops and goods,” he told the BBC.

“We’re giving them one week to close their shops. On Friday next week we will physically close all South African shops like Shoprite and Game, if they don’t close on their own. If they don’t want us in their country, we don’t want their goods here too.”

Billy Mayaya, an activist in the capital, Lilongwe, has said that there are street demonstration planned next Tuesday, where protesters will deliver a petition to the South African High Commission – two days after the government plans to begin the repatriation of some of its citizens from South Africa.

Zimbabwe: Protest and artist boycott calls

A demonstration in Harare
The protesters sang the South Africa national anthem Nkosi Sikelela’ iAfrica (God Bless Africa)
A demonstration in Harare
Riot police dispersed the protesters

Riot police in the capital, Harare, dispersed a crowd of protesters outside the South African embassy after they tried to force open the gates.

They were singing the South African national anthem Nkosi Sikelela’ iAfrica (God Bless Africa) and the deputy ambassador eventually came out to receive their petition.

Screengrab from Trendsmap

Hashtags about xenophobia are trending – and the BBC’s Brian Hungwe in Harare says there are some messages going around on WhatsApp encouraging people to boycott South African acts at the upcoming Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa), which runs from 28 April to 2 May – but no artists have cancelled.

Zimbabwe’s state-owned Chronicle reports that repatriation documents for 1,000 Zimbabweans in Durban have been arranged and the evacuation will begin on Sunday.

Nigeria: MPs debate action

Lawmakers in the lower house passed a motion on Thursday to recall the Nigerian ambassador to South Africa for consultations over the attacks. But an amendment calling for Nigeria to sever diplomatic ties with South Africa was defeated.

The MPs also debated whether to use existing legislation to put pressure on South African businesses in Nigeria if the attacks continued.


PDP Reacts To Allegations Of Disrupting Lagos Poll

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed allegation of plots to disrupt the Governorship and House of Assembly elections in Lagos and the southwest. The All Progressives Congress (APC) made the poll ahead of elections on Saturday.

However, PDP said the APC was merely “crying wolf” for fear of imminent defeat at the weekend polls.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a response to the allegations, said the alleged false alert by the APC was part of its plot to heighten tension in the zone and scare away voters from exercising their franchise, having realized that the wind of change blowing in the region will sweep them away on Saturday. “It is clear to all that the APC has become hysteric over the soaring popularity of the PDP in the southwest states, especially Lagos where the people are determined to vote for the PDP candidate, Jimi Agbajie, who has proven to be better than his APC counterpart,” said Metuh.

The PDP candidate is a frontrunner alongside APC’s Akinwunmi Ambode to succeed Babatunde Fashola in Lagos. “This latest false alert is in continuation of APC’s desperation which made it to drag the revered traditional institution to rain death threats on people ostensibly to sway the voters,” Metuh added. He added that such antics would not save the APC in the zone as voters in Lagos and other southwest states had already made up their minds in support of the PDP.

Metuh charged members of PDP and supporters in the region, especially in Lagos, not to be deterred but completely disregard APC’s alleged gimmicks and come out in large numbers to vote for PDP candidates in the elections.

Credit: CAJ News