8 women docked in Lagos for allegedly soliciting sex in public

Eight women believed to be sex workers, who allegedly solicited sex at a public place, were on Thursday brought before a Surulere Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos.

They were, however, released on N400,000 bail.

The eight women — Jessita Nelson, 25; Chinyere Elon, 25; Cynthia Nwoke, 38; Taiwo Ali, 45; Abigal Moses, 29; Ifeanyi Okoro, 30; Chiwendu Anah, 40; and Ivie Osasa, 25? — are facing a charge of soliciting for immoral purpose.
They all denied the charge.

The prosecutor, Christopher Okoliko told the court that Ms. Nelson and Ms. Elon committed the offence on March 27, at about 12.30 a.m. on Babs Animashaun Road, Surulere, while the six others committed the offence on March 27 at about 12.00 a.m. along Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere.

?According to him, the eight women have been sighted at the various spots for alleged solicitation of prostitution.

The offence contravened Section 142 (b) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015 (Revised).

The Chief Magistrate, A.A. Paul, granted the women N50,000 each with one surety in like sum.

He said surety must be gainfully employed and also provide evidence of tax payments to the government.

The case was adjourned until April 11for mention.


Source: NAN

We have too many prostitutes, beggars in Abuja – Dino Maleye

Senator Dino Melaye, Chairman of the Senate Committee on FCT has called on the police and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to stop prostitutes and beggars from parading themselves on the streets of Abuja.

Addressing newsmen, Melaye, said “We are also very uncomfortable with the number of hoodlums on our streets in Abuja. We have beggars, the destitute and commercial sex workers spread across every nook and cranny of the city.

”We have issued an order to the Commissioner of Police and the Commandment of the NSCDC, and we have also instructed the FCT to provide logistics for the immediate evacuation of all beggars, including those little boys, who claimed they are helping you to clean your car’s windshield. By so doing, they are adding additional dents to your car.”

38 Repentant Prostitutes Undergo Water Baptism In Port-Harcourt

About 38 converted sex workers recently underwent water baptism in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. The spiritual exercise which was organized by the Omega Power Ministries on Saturday October 8th, 2016, was aimed at rehabilitating the former prostitutes who promised not to go back to their old ways.

The new converts were given free clothing, food items, shops stocked with wares and commodities to assist them to begin a new life.




Akwa Ibom To Evacuate Prostitutes From Uyo Streets

The Akwa Ibom State government has announced plans to evacuate commercial sex workers from the streets of Uyo.

The Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr Glory Edet, announced this in Uyo on Tuesday during a Town Hall Meeting with representatives of female students in tertiary institutions in Akwa Ibom.

Edet said the prostitutes constituted nuisance along the streets of the state capital, adding that it was not good for the image of the state.

“As a ministry, we play a major role in the implementation of programmes that promote the development of women.

“It is, therefore, necessary to provide orientation for young women to enable them to grow into responsible mothers”, she said.

She called on the students to always respect constituted authorities, engage in meaningful ventures, dress decently and shun cultism in school.

The commissioner also urged female students to inculcate the spirit of hard work, humility and fear of God for brighter future.

Credit: Punch

Charlie Sheen Slams Porn Star Ex-Fiancée: ‘She Insisted On Unprotected Sex After HIV Diagnosis’

Charlie Sheen says his porn-star ex-fiancée is an “extortionist” who insisted on having unprotected sex with him in 2014 even though she knew he was HIV-positive..Responding in court to Brett Rossi’s lawsuit alleging that Sheen had physically abused her, forced her to have an abortion and failed to disclose his HIV status, Sheen sought to undermine Rossi’s credibility by bringing up her past as a sex worker.
In the court papers, which were filed Monday and obtained by the LA Times,Sheen’s lawyers read…

“She was the one who insisted on having unprotected sex with Sheen ‘like a normal couple,'” after she learned of his diagnosis. “As a porn star, Rossi has had hundreds, if not thousands, of sexual partners. Exposure to sexually transmitted disease is a risk that she knowingly and willingly accepts every time she has sex on film, and she made the same choice when it came to Sheen.”Rossi “signed a confidentiality agreement” after he revealed his HIV status to her.
“This is a case by an extortionist … who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star,” the lawyers write. “Rossi is banking on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action.”

Rossi, 26, who was engaged to Sheen for eight months in 2014, filed a lawsuit last week seeking unspecified damages from the actor for assault, battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress after his bombshell HIV announcement, one day after he failed to pay her more than $1 million they had reportedly agreed upon prior to his November “Today” show interview.

Prostitute Accuses Boyfriend Of Cheating With Her Male Clients

A prostitute has accused her boyfriend of cheating with her male clients, in one of the most bizzare Jeremy Kyle shows to date. Anthony was unaware that his girlfriend of ten years was being paid for sex until she stumbled upon her giving oral sex to a stranger on an alleyway, and instead of breaking up with her decided to stick with her so they could both make the relationship work.

Maria, his prostitute girlfriend accused him on the TV show that he has been having sex with her male clients, a revelation that left the audience bewildered. Anthony admitted he “wasn’t really happy” about his partner being paid for sexual favours. He said:

“I’m not really happy with that. [But] I love her.”She says she doesn’t do that bit down the bottom. She says she’s never been touched down there. She thinks that I’m doing one of her punters. She thinks I’m gay.”

Maria replied with rage: “What kind of boyfriend are you to let me do it?”
Asked why she was paid for sex, Maria explained “You know why. Drugs. That’s how I make my money.”

Maria explained to a bewildered Jeremy why she was making the accusations, saying

“There’s always stains on the bed and I’m never there.”

A lie detector test proved Anthony was telling the truth about not sleeping with anyone, male or female behind his girlfriend’s back.

Praising him for his loyalty, TV Host Jeremy said: “I didn’t think after 10 years I could be shocked, but I am.” “I don’t think there would be many men that would have hung around, love. He deserves every plaudit in the book.”

President Of Nigerian Prostitutes, Jessica Elvis Dies

The president of Nigerian Association of Prostitutes,Jessica Elvis (Oluchi) is dead..According to Daily Post,Elvis died Sunday afternoon in an undisclosed hospital in Benin after battling a protracted heart-related disease.Just last month, she granted an interview in which she said her dream is to sleep with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wizkid before she retires.

Confirming the sad development to the publication on Sunday afternoon, the Secretary General of the association, Tamar Tion in a text message described Elvis’ demise as a sad loss to the group.

Hi Ameh, want to inform you that we just lost our President, Jessy this afternoon. She died after battling heart-related disease for years. It is a sad loss to NANP and we pray God to give her family and 15-year-old daughter the fortitude to bear the loss,” the statement added.

Iguomu Ogochukwu: Widening The Travails Of The Deprived Woman; A Response To Sugabelly On Legalizing Prostitution In Nigeria

I recently read on Ynaija.com, an informative online magazine, the opinion piece by one Sugabelly on the need to legalize prostitution in Nigeria, a view which was necessitated by Amnesty International’s recent attempt at lobbying for a legalization of prostitution in the country. Being a fellow woman like Sugabelly, I would not pretend I am unaware of the various societal ills staring haplessly at us in the face. But all hope is not lost, has never been lost. Sugabelly, however, in playing to the times appears to be one of those bountiful individuals in Nigeria who l’d go to any length for fame. Everywhere from Twitter to Facebook they abound. With the harsh economic situation in the country, many people abide that probably would not blink their conscience when they speak or act. First thing, the way and manner Sugabelly put forward her argument would make one think that if her admonitions were not strictly adhered to, then doom and danger lurks around the corner for the country. Very good. Alas, Sugabelly dismantled the very impressive argument she put forward by declaring categorically at the end of her essay, “Make them pay!” Make who pay? Maybe Sugabelly isn’t aware, the principle of an eye-for-eye is that which would make the whole world blind. Perhaps, that would amount to an calculated error on her part, but if it was intentional, then Sugabelly from the ambiguous nature of that statement might have rendered her whole effort a nullity.

In life, we do know that the more one gets and gets things, the less valuable such thing would subsequently become to him/her. This is simply expressed in economics as ‘The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.’ Now, come to think of it, men (in the context which she meant her whole essay, if I am not mistaken,) should be made to pay for the sex they receive from women. What then happens where the men have to pay for every sexual access to the woman’s vagina? What possible worth would they attach to such transaction in the long run? Maybe Sugabelly could help us answer that in a subsequent joinder.

The path Sugabelly has decided to lay her argument is what is faulty, but nobody can doubt the genuineness and sincerity of her intent. One cannot but see that the end of all she is trying to say is sexual liberty and emancipation for the womenfolk. But for choosing to go through the extreme route of legalizing prostitution is what has made her argument totally flawed. If, for instance, as she claims, men must be made to pay for the sex they receive from we women, I wonder who’d be bothered about getting married, anyways. And if indeed we should do away with marriage, then why bother trying to get a male sperm or a female egg for artificial insemination; why bother about parental surrogacy at all? Sugabelly made a loose statement in her declaration.

Over the years in Nigeria, the issue of sex and sexuality has come to be such a very sensitive and controversial topic that people are always inclined to be at loggerheads once the word sex is mentioned. Maybe, it is as a result of our time-immemorial conservative nature in this country, when we consider it as wrong some folks trying to encroach upon us a foreign and unwanted mode of viewing sexuality just because they happen to see and watch foreigners engaging in abnormal sexual behaviour. Sugabelly though made the greatest of misfires when she claimed that in legalizing prostitution, women would be able to minimize the enormous risks they run in their social and sexual interactions. Nay, women stand the risk of being infected with countless and unmentionable number of sexually transmitted diseases.

But sadly, Sugabelly did not even say or intend to say minimize, in the real meaning of the word. Rather, to her it is the monetary end of prostituting that is even more important. It is the monetary value women get as a result of prostitution that should be the main focus and target of legalizing prostitution. What a pity!

Indeed, just because prostitution has been recorded even in Biblical times doesn’t in any slight instance make it right. That is what Sugabelly has failed to appreciate. If Sugabelly had been a Christian, I would had graciously recommended 1 Corinthians 3:16 to her, but from a glimpse of her online profile and her purported atheist propulsion, such Bible passage would do no good to her or to our argument. And for the fact that a few perverted men decide to further the cause of prostitution by patronizing prostitutes confers no form of rightness on prostitution. The average man who visits a brothel only goes there on the necessity of fulfilling his sexual urge. He’s only going to pay for a vagina. To such man, the prostitute he’s meeting holds no importance than a mere rag to him. Use her and clean off the libido, that’s all. She has no further use. What am I even saying, Tamar, a recorded ancestress of Jesus Christ in the Bible, narrowly escaped being lynched to death on account of her purported prostitution. Again, Rahab, another ancestress of the Savior, repented from her prostitution in order to be saved. If as Sugabelly claims prostitution has been established in that time, then the attendant wrong notion that individuals in that time had of it was even more prevalent as it could result to death of the person engaged in prostitution. What then had stripped prostitution of its wrongness today?

Like Sugabelly said, the use of religion to counter the propagation of prostitution has no place in a modern world. But her further stance that morality should also be jettisoned is what I don’t agree with. If we are to do away with that singular guide to our every actions, morals, life can only be like the noted Hobbesian state of nature — short, nasty and brutish. Our morality determines our rationality. I am obliged to think that one with a truthful and moral conscience would not wish another pain nor suffering. But that is what Sugabelly has clearly done to women in her essay. For example, if prostitution gets the nod of legitimacy, undoubtedly, sexual promiscuity becomes rampant and inconsequential. And as such, the prostitutes would inevitably be at the receiving end of the negatives associated with sexual promiscuity. He is a liar the one who would claim he is not aware that public morality is one of the determinants in making laws by parliament.

Sexual intercourse has its place of value and meaning within the marriage arena. For all generations, there has been a continual wrong placement of the gift of sexual intercourse in the Divine and human economy and situation. The situation even appears worse with intercourse through varied forms of sexual immoralities and sexual perversion.

Sexual promiscuity, for sure, has a very negative impact on the individual, and society at large. Fornication, lust or whatever form it chooses to assume has a very excruciating end and it leads to long years of agony, woes and regrets. Perhaps, it is the consequences of sexual promiscuity that have made it the agent of death. It is a fact that sexual promiscuity gives one gratification and sometimes, immediate pleasure. But, however, worthy of note is that such person’s physical health is gravely endangered. That is the simple case with prostitutes who engage in sex with multiple customers.

Sugabelly failed to note the very important fact that women are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. The cervix of a teenage girl, research has consistently shown, has a fragile lining which produces mucus. Only as the girl approaches menopause is this tender lining replaced with a tougher and more resistant lining. Mucus is a very good host of bacterial infections. During the first two years of menstruation, 50% of the periods occur without ovulation. This will produce more liquid mucus, which also grows bacteria and viruses very well. Therefore, a 20-year old prostitute has a one-in-eight chance of developing pelvic inflammatory disease simply by having sex with one man. Not to think of having sex with not one, two or three, but multiple partners! The fact of sexually transmitted diseases are alarming since more people are sexually active today than ever before. An entire generation remains at risk and the saddest part is that most people are unaware of the grave dangers they face. And prostitutes being mostly uneducated in a formal way stand the greatest risk of contracting STD’s. Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading to unprecedented and epidemic proportions. Sugabelly need only visit a local clinic or even a nearby chemist shop to verify this fact.

Incidentally, many people are already carriers of STD’s, and many more do not care about them and some others do not take their possibility seriously. One such deadly STD is the dreaded HIV/AIDS. The HIV is the causative agent of AIDS and it has no known cure today. From ages past, in our different customs and usages, we’ve developed some certain stigma to things considered bad and unwholesome in our communities. And indeed such things were really bad in their entirety. In Igboland, for example, songs were created which ridiculed persons that have done one societal taboo or the other. If Sugabelly, for she claims she practices traditional religion, came from any particular community in Nigeria, I am sure she would have known or heard about such accepted and tested practices. Sugabelly believed that legalizing prostitution would make for easy access to healthcare and certain numerous benefits for prostitutes. What she has failed to appreciate is that the social stigma that goes with prostitution is enough to nullify whatever purported legal benefit a prostitute receives.

Indeed, in her own thinking, prostitutes will enjoy the blessing of legitimacy with the insistence on the use of condoms. How very sad! Maybe I should briefly educate Sugabelly on the necessity that introduced condoms into society. The primary aim of condom was to prevent unwanted pregnancies (that is if any is unwanted, by the way.) This accounts for how condom was designed. Condoms in their nature have tiny intrinsic holes called voids. These voids aid the condom to be stretched and thus make it possible to be worn on the penis. This way the semen released during sex is trapped and may not swim pass these holes. But condoms have repeatedly failed to prevent the geometric rise of patients daily infected with HIV/AIDS. Condoms can never assure of even 50% protection against HIV/AIDS given the fact that they have tiny intrinsic holes through which the AIDS virus passes. The AIDS virus being 50 times smaller than these tiny holes. Moreso, paradoxically, the manufacturers of condoms don’t have the slightest assurance of their success in preventing HIV transmission, hence their constant insistence that abstinence remains the best and reliable way to stay free from sexually transmitted diseases — so, why place faith in what has been produced with some degree of impunity?

One would have thought that Sugabelly being a woman can appreciate the fraught and frightening risks involved with uncontrollable sex. The more one indulges in sexual promiscuity, the weaker one becomes. As this happens, premature aging sets in. Statistics of available prostitutes are there to substantiate this position. Also, prostitutes are open to all sorts of dangers. This Sugabelly appreciates, but legitimizing their mode of employment is never the way to help them nor protect them. One should be advocating for increase in business incentives, increase in access to formal education, increase in social amenities, increase in job creation, rather than advocating for legitimizing prostitution.

Alternatively, one could be seriously advocating for an end of such barbaric practices that make women susceptible to the wicked whims of the men; one could even go a step further to advocate that laws which should protect women in the domestic place and work place should be passed, not laws that will make women more prone and porous to whatever attack the menfolk dish out.

However, none can disclaim the fact that we are living in a unfair world of inequality (unequal economic power, unequal marital power, unequal political power, and, even, unequal sexual power); a world where the horse and ass are yoked, with the sad obvious result that the horse is always on the verge of annihilating the ass. Hence, Sugabelly, like I earlier said, had a noble intent and a kind disposition towards the down trodden in society — women, the metaphorical asses in this scenario. Women at least need to take charge of one area of their lives, and that should be none other than the one which personally touches their existence: their sexual power. They should be allowed to decide whom to give their bodies. I duly share in that sentiments.  But, truth be told, you don’t help a less privileged individual by compounding his woes.

Finally, prostitution is what has . Prostitution encourages sexual promiscuity. Sexual promiscuity remains the surest and possible manner through which the human body becomes infested with diseases and disease causing organisms. These diseases constitute great danger to physical health and often lead to its destruction, as most of them are incurable.

I am Iguomu Ogochukwu Ogo.

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of www.omojuwa.com nor its associates

Prostitutes In Anambra Threaten To Go On Strike, Set Market Ablaze

At least 2,000 prostitutes in southern Anambra state threatened to go on strike Wednesday after local government officials demolished their brothels where they lived next to a cattle market in the state capital Awka. The commercial sex workers accused the officials of destroying their business without notice.

The Anambra State Urban Development Board allegedly stormed the brothels Monday afternoon near the border community of Amansea with more than 50 armed police officers on the suspicion that the structures were being used as hideouts for kidnappers and other criminals. Shortly after authorities demolished their homes, the angry prostitutes set the cattle market ablaze.

“We are decent people. We do our business and go our way. We don’t harbor criminals. After all, most of the people that visit us are government officials. They want me to expose them?” the leader of the prostitutes, who gave her name as Rachel, said during an interview with Punch newspaper. “They destroyed our center and left behind other huts, kiosks and canteens that belong to the Hausa cattle traders. Is that justice? Don’t those one harbor kidnappers and criminals?”

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One Stabbed As Nigerian Prostitutes Election Turns Bloody In Lagos

The 2015 election of National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, has been marred with violence.

DAILY POST gathered that violence broke out Sunday after former secretary of the association, Jessica Elvis was declared winner of the keenly contested election, which took place at a popular hangout, along Lasu-Iba road on Saturday.

It was gathered that Elvis polled 300 votes to defeat the incumbent, Madam Felix Efoyo, who garnered 153 votes as well as Nasarawa State Coordinator, Tamar Tion who got 63 votes.

However, the incumbent rejected the outcome of the election, claiming that the election was marred with irregularities.

Shortly after the 2015 electoral committee chairman, Franca ‘Top Up’ Chikam announced Elvis as the winner, the incumbent, Madam Efoyo revolted and ordered for a fresh election on the ground that she was rigged out.

In the cause of the argument, fight broke out and one person believed to be loyal to Efoyo broke a bottle and stabbed one of their members.

Prostitute Burns Client Alive After He Refused to Pay For ‘Services’ Rendered

A 28-year-old housemaid, who is believed to have started a fire in the flat of a man that resulted in his death, was charged with murder and arson in court on Monday.

The woman is believed to have accompanied the deceased to his flat for paid sex.

The victim, who was in an intoxicated state, died after inhaling smoke.
Z.A., a Bangladeshi, allegedly set a couch in the flat on fire and then closed the door and disposed of the key, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was unconscious.

Z.A. is also accused in the Court of First Instance of prostitution as she is believed to have had sex with the victim’s friend (referred to the Court of Misdemeanours) for Dh1,000.

She also allegedly stole the deceased’s mobile phones and jewellery (two rings and a gold necklace). She is also charged with consuming alcohol without a licence.

An Indian maid, 45, is also on trial on the charge of sexually exploiting Z.A. and another Bangladeshi woman, 25. The latter is facing the charge of working in prostitution.

A police lieutenant said the fire was reported in a flat in Muhaisna 4 in Al Qusais around 11pm on March 3. “The body of the victim, which was in the corridor leading to the bedroom, did not bear any marks of assault,” said the lieutenant.

The police also noticed that the door of the flat was locked, which raised their suspicion that it was arson.

Footages from the building’s CCTV cameras showed the deceased returning to his place around 4pm. “There were two men with him. About one hour later, two women were also spotted entering his flat. Around 7pm, the two men left with one of the women while the other woman stayed with the victim.”

At 10.20pm, the other woman — the defendant — left the victim’s place. “She was caught on camera shutting the door quickly. Few minutes later, smoke began to come out from the flat.”

During interrogation, the two men, who were with the victim earlier, reportedly admitted to visiting him and calling prostitutes.

Z.A. reportedly admitted in the investigation that she had sex with one of the men and stayed with the victim on his request to have sex with him.

She claimed the victim was not sober and that he was upset due to the number of calls she was receiving on her mobile phone. They also reportedly had an argument over sex.

The defendant stole the deceased’s belongings and set his clothes on fire before throwing it on the sofa.

The victim’s belongings were recovered from Z.A.’s place. Khaleejtimes reports.

Crossing The Line? Buhari Will Stop Export Of Edo Prostitutes Overseas, Says Aisha Buhari

The wife of the Presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC), Hajia Aisha Buhari at Edo APC Rally expressed optimism that Edo state will eradicated of Prostitutes if his husband is elected Nigerian President.

Aisha Buhari who lives in United Kingdom said that, “we will stop EDO girls from traveling abroad for prostitution when my husband is voted in as president”.

The statement did not go down well with the audience, especially Governor Oshiomole and and Chief Oyegun, the APC chairman who showed visible shock from the utterances of Buhari’s wife.

Former Priest Spends Millions on Prostitutes

A former Norwegian priest has confessed to spending 15 million kroner (1.9 million dollars), which he embezzled from a welfare organization, on parties and prostitutes in Spain.

“It was totally out of control, the size of the sum shows that,” DPA quoted Are Blomhoff as telling the district court in the eastern Norwegian city of Drammen on Tuesday. Blomhoff told a judge that all the money he embezzled during the seven-year-period had been spent. The former priest, at the time head of the Stiftelsen Betanien foundation, used a fake account linked to a nursing home foundation in Spain to siphon off the money.

“This is the toughest day of my life — to admit to something that was so removed from myself, yet part of me,” Blomhoff told the court.

Stiftelsen Betanien, which has around 500 employees, runs a nursing school, a daycare center and a hospital in Bergen, western Norway. During the court session, Blomhoff also admitted to having a drinking problem and took full blame for his crimes. “It was almost like an illness, an addiction,” said Blomhoff.

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