Sex Starved Monk Stabs Prostitute To Death For Not Satisfying Him

Police on Thursday night arrested an acquaintance of a 37-year-old woman found stabbed to death in Matsuyama City last year, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Police took Yoshinori Kurumi, a 29-year-old Buddhist monk from Tokushima City, into custody for killing nail artist Miki Kuroda insider her third-floor apartment.

The suspect is reported to have repeatedly stalked the victim before he killed her.

“She worked part-time in the fuzoku (sex-related) trade, and he was her customer; that’s how they became acquainted. On several occasions, he stalked her. He posted defamatory messages on adult-service promotion sites,” an investigator said.

These posts, which described the victim’s ‘sex’ services as “bad”.  And surveillance camera footage eventually lead police to Kurumi.

The suspect hired a private detective to do a background check on the victim to find out where she lives.

On getting to her apartment, the suspect posed as a delivery man. He attached a delivery slip to a cardboard box that concealed a survival knife, the weapon used to carry out the crime.

“He said that he carried her mobile phone and the knife used to kill Kuroda from the crime scene and threw them ‘into the sea,’” the investigator said.

Kurumi has admitted to killing Kuroda. “I stabbed her head with a knife,” the suspect is quoted by police.

On the day of the murder, her co-workers held a party in the office. When Kuroda did not arrive at the appointed time, some members visited her apartment.

It was a grisly scene: She had suffered deep wounds to her neck that extended to the carotid artery.

The investigator said given all of the wounds on the body, it seems that the perpetrator must have held tremendous resentment for the victim.