6 Signs That Your Partner is Going to Propose

1. Your partner is talking to your friends more, which seems odd

If your significant other has not been too fond of your friends or just not overly friendly with them, and now all of a sudden is talking with them and asking them about your schedule or things that you like, something is up. This digging for information is leading to something. Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design explained to Bustle, “If your S.O. isn’t a big planner and all of a sudden seems concerned about where you will be, and when you will be available, he is looking for a clear date to get on the calendar and pop the question!”

2. Your partner cooked up your favorite meal for no apparent reason

Is your significant other doing overly sweet things for you like cooking your favorite meal for no reason and seem overly-anxious doing it? Is he or she also insisting that you sit properly at your dining room table, which you both never do? Your love may be planning something extra special for dinner. The more adds-ons there are to dinner (candle light, music, fancy dishes), the more likely it is to end with a fiancé.

3. Your significant other has been cutting back on his or her spending

If your S.O. is more of a spender, or doesn’t hesitate to splurge and has recently been cutting back on his or her spending with no explanation, your partner may be planning on popping the question. According to research reported in The Daily Mail, a survey asked British women to cite strange behaviors from their partners right before they were going to propose. The survey found that one of the first signs of an impending proposal was “penny pinching.” More specifically, the survey reported 27% of women noticed their future spouses being much more cautious with their funds, opting not to splurge on getaways.

4. Your partner unexpectedly takes you to a foreign destination

Conversely, the same women in the survey reported that another sign of a possible engagement is your partner whisking you away to a foreign destination and taking care of all the details alone. According to the study, 17% of women say their men “whisked them away to a foreign destination so they could propose in style.” It makes sense. Everyone wants the proposal to be special.

5. You accidentally spot a Google search

If you accidentally spot your S.O.’s Google history on their laptop or phone of engagement rings/styles/sites or anything else that seems mildly wedding related, not only are they doing a poor job at covering their tracks, but they’re also most likely going to propose. Or perhaps they wanted you to find out? Or maybe you shouldn’t have been snooping around in the first place.

6. Your S.O. is acting weird

This is one of those instances that a proposal is the farthest thing from your mind, because you’re thinking that maybe you both are headed for a break up. If your partner is planning to surprise you, which is likely, keeping a secret can be tough. Though Catalog says trying to cover up a ring purchase can be especially hard on someone about to pop the question. Then there’s the even itself. Though it might be strange when he or she suggests the two of you try something you typically never do, it could just be a part of the plan. According to The Knot, such outings could simply be to provide a setting for the big question.




#MenOnly: These Famous Marriage Proposals Are Actually The Worst Ways To Propose

1. With a flash mob

This was pretty cool a couple of years ago, a guaranteed viral video hit on YouTube, but it’s kind of outdated at this point. Don’t try it with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” either, your partner may run scared. While big points are given to those of you who put in such tremendous effort, just don’t do this — it’s way too cliche.

2. In public

This includes anywhere where there are a lot of people and crowded areas. Also, on stage during a performance, at a mall, or at a restaurant. You’re just showing off, please stop.

3. On the big screen at a sporting event

Considered just as bad as the kiss cam, and the birthday shout-out, I’m unsure as to why those two things still exist. You run the risk of being monumentally embarrassed amongst thousands of screaming fans if she happens to say no. Lest us not forget Pheobe from Friends comment about a couples’ proposal on the big screen as being lame just as Mike was about to propose to her in that exact way at a Knicks game. Even pop culture deems this as a flimsy proposal.

4. Skywriting

Mildly embarrassing in general, especially if your significant other sees it as it starts to fade. Also realize that this option will run you a couple of thousand dollars that may be better spent on your actual wedding.

5. On Valentine’s Day

Ah, the most corny of all. Need I say more? Granted, you’ll never forget what day you proposed. In 2013, the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and found that six million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14. This number has remained steady since. Don’t you want to be different than six million other couples?

6. Or any other holiday

If you propose on Christmas or Hanukkah or any other major holiday of importance and the two of you happen to not work out, the holiday, for you, will be forever tainted. Who doesn’t look forward to the holidays? Why take a chance?

7. Your birthday (or her birthday)

The same reason for not proposing on a holiday applies here. Your birthday (or your partner’s birthday) is special enough. Think sometime down the road to when you two are already married. You have to remember her birthday and the day you proposed, and it’s a double whammy if you forget both. There’s a good chance you may never hear the end of it. Don’t risk it.

8. With a professional photographer in tow

Although this is a “professional” way to capture the moment, it’s probably one that should remain private. The only reason, I can think, that someone would do this is so they could post their pictures to Facebook and Instagram. Enough with the overshare. Your proposal should be just for the two of you, something special you share and not for the world to see.

9. Proposing while drunk

Please don’t ever do this. Mainly, because most likely you won’t remember doing it.

10. Hiding the ring in food or a drink

Engagement Ring in Champagne

Perhaps you never saw that Two and a Half Men episode when Charlie plans to propose by placing the diamond engagement ring in a glass of champagne, in which his girlfriend swallows it before he gets the chance to go through with the proposal. Need I say more?

11. On social media

I’m not 100% how many people do this, but unfortunately, I am sure it is a thing. To me, this sounds worse than texting a proposal — which, by the way, you shouldn’t do either.

12. Without a ring

Tradition calls for a ring. It may be old-fashioned, but a diamond is forever and so is the hope for your marriage.


Tyga To Propose To Kylie In Her New $2.7M Mansion

Tyga plans to propose to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, at her new $2.7 million mansion, reports said Monday, citing sources. The news comes just days after reports surfaced that Jenner was spying on Tyga after he was photographed with a blonde woman.

The 25-year-old rapper is reportedly waiting for Jenner to turn 18, so he can pop the question to her.

Tyga reportedly considers Jenner’s new mansion in Calabasas, California, “their home.”

“Tyga‘s not only in love with Kylie, he’s also in love with her new mansion. It’s their first home together. And yes, Tyga considers it his home too,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He wants to make so many lasting memories there with her, including proposing to her there.

“He thinks that would be so romantic and sweet. He can picture them sitting outside by the fire, talking and he just asks her,” the source said. “He really loves that girl and wants everything he does to be meaningful and sentimental. That would be a proposal that Kylie would never forget and one she’s absolutely would say yes to.”

Some reports speculated that Tyga may soon move in with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star after he built a playroom for his son King Cairo at the mansion. Tyga’s former girlfriend and the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, reportedly does not have a problem with Tyga’s latest move.

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