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A New Dawn – A short film featuring Silva, Henshaw & George

To be screened June 5 2014 in Abuja. Look out for the DVD and please support the cause. Read More »

#KakandaTemple – 2015: The Power of Rants

I do not have faith in Nigeria, no faith in the next elections, but do not trust me when I rant. Ranting is an expression of freedom, it’s the seldom unintelligible language of the oppressed. It’s similar to the persistent, incoherent noise accepted as Afro-Hip hop in parts of Africa. I rant as an escape, I rant also to dramatise ... Read More »

Of Insecurity, Threats And Secession

I was not born when Nigeria witnessed  her first civil war from 1967 to 1970,  but if the accounts of the books I have read are to be believed, it was a bloody and terrible event, one I hope never to see in my lifetime. The accounts of the war though varied, are united in claims of avoidable events which ... Read More »

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