Mom Reportedly Poisoned Her Cancer-Stricken Son With Faeces

While her teenage son underwent hospital treatment for leukemia, 41-year-old Tiffany Alberts spent much of her time at his bedside, supporting him in his fight against the disease. Oh, and allegedly injecting his IV drip with “fecal matter” on multiple occasions, in what she later told police was an attempt to get him better treatment.

Alberts’ son, one of her five children, contracted a number of “unexplainable infections” while in hospital — infections which were later linked back to organisms normally found in feces. Following an investigation, surveillance footage from his hospital room, however, showed Alberts tampering with his IV line. (It’s not clear what suspicions led doctors to monitor the boy’s room.) At first she told police she was simply “flushing” the IV as the medicine prescribed was causing pain, but local news station Fox 2 Now reports she later confessed to the poop injections — court documents filed in the case against her reveal she claimed “she did it to get her son moved to another unit that had better treatment.”

Instead, however, she’s made her son’s condition far worse — the infections have severely affected his prognosis, though his condition is now said to be improving. Doctors told Fox 2 that “he’s required several surgeries to changes his central venous line due to concern for infection,” and that “he could have died from any one of the episodes of septic shock.” Also, the delays in his treatment have meant the chemo is less likely to keep his cancer in remission.

Alberts has been charged with six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglect of a dependent.

Credit: cosmopolitan

Famous Lion Pride Poisoned In Kenya

Members of Kenya’s Marsh lion pride, made famous in BBC’s long-running Big Cat Diary documentary series, have reportedly been poisoned after eating a cow carcass in the Masai Mara Reserve.

So far, two lions have died—a lioness named Bibi and an unidentified lion, which was found in the field dead, fed on by scavengers. Another female named Sienna has been missing since Governor’s Camp manager Patrick Reynolds discovered the animals acting strange Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust posted on its Facebook page that an autopsy of Bibi found that traces of an insecticide had been used to poison the pride. The wildlife trust’s mobile veterinary unit is treating five other lions in the pride with antidotes for the poison, and reported that six white vultures were found dead near the location of the poisoned cow carcass.

The rest of the 13-member lion pride has been accounted for and remains under 24-hour watch by veterinarians and park rangers, according to Paula Kahumbu of the conservation group Wildlife Direct.

Credit: Yahoo