Reps suspend plenary for 3 weeks to ‘enable Nigerians contribute to budget’

Abdulrazak Namdas, spokesman of the house of representatives, says for the first time, Nigerians will have a chance to contribute to the budget process.

Speaking with journalists on Thursday, Namdas said plenary would be adjourned for three weeks to enable legislators work extensively on the 2017 budget proposals.

He said during the three weeks, the house would create a special public hearing for Nigerians to give their input on the budget.

“We have adjourned the plenary to 21st of February to be specific and I should be quoted correctly. We are not going on recess. We are only adjourning plenary,” he said.

“So that it would give us the opportunity to work on the 2017 budget so that by the time we are back we should be able to hasten the completion of work on the budget.

“This time around, we have introduced for the first time a public hearing on the budget so that journalists, civil society organisations (CSOs), notable Nigerians will be here to see and also give their input as it will be a collective job.”

He said within the three-week period some lawmakers would embark on their oversight functions.

“Within this period we will also be going on oversight for those people who haven’t done their oversight along with the budget functions,” he said.

Both chambers of the national assembly would resume plenary on February 21.

Read Saraki’s Comments On 2016 Appropriation Bill At Senate Plenary Today

Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, shares his comments on the 2016 Appropriation Bill today at the Senate Plenary on his facebook page. Read his comments below:

My comments on the 2016 Appropriation Bill today at the @NGRSenate Plenary:

On Oil:
“For the first time in the history of our great nation, 77% of our expected revenue is non-oil based. This represents a great foundation for the future.”

On Borrowing:
“In general summary, we were all leaning towards the fact that it is not the amount that we borrow that matters, but the projects that the money is used for. Right now – as a percentage of GDP – we are still within the limits and parameters of fiscal responsibility.”

On Economic Diversification:
“A lot of Senators raised observations on the fact that in the allocations to the agricultural and mineral resources sectors, the message of economic diversification was not particularly reflected. Those are the areas that we should look into.”

On Wastage:
“Based on our experiences in the past, we have talked about not playing the blame game. However, the issue of blocking all loopholes and leakages is key. Hence, we must pay attention to the present, to address the potential for leakages in the future.”

On the Role of the Legislature:
“The Executive has played its role; it is time that we as the legislature do our part.”

On Revenue Benchmarks:
“The issue of revenue estimates must be gotten right particularly by the Finance and Petroleum Committees. The committees must particularly scrutinize this budget so that at the end of the day we can all be proud of it.”

On Zero-Based Budgeting:
“The Zero Budgeting means that projects will be critically assessed to go across all zones.”

On Legislative Malpractice in the Budgeting Process:
“Let me make this categorically clear: there will be no room for money-for-budget in the 2016 appropriations process as sanctions will be taken. We will ensure to report all inconsistencies to the relevant agencies of the executive branch.”

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Offensive Odour In Chamber Forces Reps To Adjourn Plenary Till Nov 17

Poor sanitary facilities including stinking toilets, a leaking roof, lack of water forced the House of Repre­sentatives to adjourn plenary abruptly due to an offensive odour which pervaded the chamber.


The overpowering stench made the environment un-conducive, following non-availability of water to take care of the toilets.


Deputy Speaker, Sulai­mon Yussuff Lasun, who presided at plenary, ad­journed sitting till Novem­ber 17 to allow an overhaul of the place, even as he as­sured his colleagues that the House Services Committee was handling the situation.


The member represent­ing Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency of Cross River State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Micheal Etaba raised a Point of Order where he lamented the entire environ­ment, both within and out­side the chamber, was full of offensive odour and that water was not running in his office.


He also told his colleagues that the chamber was not conducive as a result of the stench.


Lasun reiterated that the situation was being handled by the House Services Com­mittee and, thereafter, after exhausting motions on the day’s order paper, adjourned to next Tuesday.


Beside the persistent lack of water in the premises, monitors in the House do not show clearly, the cool­ing system is not function­ing well, microphones are no longer audible and, even the roof in the chamber is leaking.


Credit : Daily Sun


Senate Resumes Plenary Today

The Nigerian Senate will resume plenary today (Thursday) to continue the ministerial screening.

The Acting Clerk of the Senate, Nelson Oyewo, told reporters that the Senate had decided to reconvene on Thursday, October 22, cancelling the earlier date of Wednesday, hours after the plenary of Tuesday had ended.

The Senate  had screened two ministerial nominees from Oyo and Yobe States – Mr Adebayo Shittu and Mrs Khadija Abba Ibrahim, on Tuesday.

A ministerial nominee from Imo State, Professor Gozie ?Anwukah, on Wednesday appeared before the the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privilege on Wednesday ahead of the screening on Thursday.

Credit: ChannelsTV

Why Senate Adjourned Plenary- Saraki

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has said that the Senate adjourned plenary to July 21, after just returning from another break, to give the Senate Ad-Hoc Committees on Legislative Agenda and Review of the Senate’s Finances time to conclude their work and submit their reports.

Mr. Saraki had inaugurated the two committees on Thursday after the adjournment.

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Saraki said the two committees were given one week to submit their reports.

The Senate President assured that the senate will reconvene at any time before the adjourned date to consider any matter of urgent national importance or to attend to any national assignment requiring its attention.

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