Guinea bans beauty pageants over ‘skimpy outfits’ outrage.

A temporary ban has been placed on beauty pageants in Guinea in response to outrage over bikinis.

Mamady Youla, the country’s prime minister, had attended a beauty pageant during the weekend, where contestants in swimsuits (bikinis)  paraded in front of him.

This elicited criticisms from Guineans who accused the prime minister of encouraging prostitution by being present at the event.

Many nationals of the country had taken to social media to slam their government and express their distaste, BBC Afrique reports.

Guinea is an extremely conservative society with a majority Muslim population.

The government has said the ban will remain in place until a committee is set up to establish a new code of ethics.

Siaka Barry, Guinea’s culture minister, said the government had terminated its contract with the organisers of the pageant.

Barry was also present at the beauty pageant that led to the government-ordered ban.

Nigeria pageant organisers explain ‘toy car’ star prize after attacks.

Organisers of a Delta State-based beauty pageant, Evergreen Kreation?Face of Delta/Model Hunt, have reacted after they were criticised for giving out a “dead car” as star prize.

Founded by Egwolo Ediri Maurice, the pageant, which recently produced a Face of Delta/Model, was blasted by Nigerians after a photograph of the prize surfaced online.

It all began after a Twitter user, @babaahmithe, posted the photograph of the car on Instagram and accused the pageant of ripping off beauty queen hopefuls.

He wrote, “The “wonder on wheels” a queen won at a beauty pageant in Delta State and paid N100k to claim. As funny as this might sound, two months ago a model approached me to coach her for pageantry, at my leisure time I did and ladies and gentlemen, here’s the winning prize. Truth is as little as my spare time I had to tutor her.

“I actually feel like trashcan, waste bin, I feel useless, dilapidated and corroded for the time spent. Ok, that aside, she has to pay 100k to claim that “car”, they tried to start the car and it didn’t come up, she was told to get a new battery, according to her the form was 4k. That also needs panel beating, then the “organizers” had the effrontery to wrap the seats as per “tear rubber” or did she tell them she wanted to open a driving school.”

Reacting to the allegations, the organisers said they were cash-trapped and open to sponsorship.

“Evergreen Kreation Face of Delta/Model Hunt (open to male and female).We started with little cash price, Industrial fan, Generator, Television and now we gave a little toy moving car. Face of Delta/Model Hunt is a self sponsored pageant. We are still in search of Sponsors.We’re free and fair, we give what we can afford. By God’s grace, with great sponsors on our side, we’re hoping to give a bigger Car to our Winner next year. Signed: Evergreen Kreation Management,” their statement read.