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Nigerian Man Jumps White House Fence

Nigerian Man Jumps White House Fence

A Nigerian named Dominic Adesanya, who lives in Maryland in the United States, has been arrested for jumping the fence of the country’s White House. Police reports say the 23-year old Adesanya climbed the fence on the North Lawn of the building around 7.15 pm yesterday, and got about 20 yards past the fence before he was arrested by the ... Read More »

Nigerian Evacuated Passenger Tests Negative for Ebola

Nigerian Evacuated Passenger Tests Negative for Ebola

The Nigerian passenger who was taken to a Madrid hospital from an Air France plane by police-escorted ambulance over fears he was suffering from Ebola has tested negative for the disease, the Spanish government said on Friday. Spain is on high alert for the disease after Romero, a nurse who cared for two Ebola-infected priests before they died, became the ... Read More »

Post-Snow Photoshoot

Hey guys! Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not having a post over the last few weeks. I took a break from photography in December because I had exams in January. I finally finished exams last week so I was eager to get my camera out and take a few pictures. I usually do not have enough time to take ... Read More »

Culinary Art

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love food. I even have a nickname because of my love for food, but I won’t tell you guys what it is. It’s rather embarrassing; but far be it from me to stop loving food because of it. Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by food because my mum runs a culinary ... Read More »

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