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Rich Kids, Poor Kids: States And The Pot Called Federal Allocation – Ogunyemi Bukola

Yesterday budget and public data analysis platform BudgIT shared how much in total each state in Nigeria received as Federal Allocation in 2013. The list was divided into two. The top ten earner states: And the bottom ten: So this morning I decided to dance around the data a bit and see if numbers could talk. Here’s what numbers said: ... Read More »

A New Dawn – A short film featuring Silva, Henshaw & George

To be screened June 5 2014 in Abuja. Look out for the DVD and please support the cause. Read More »

#Ekiti2014: The Return of Fayose and PDP’s Statement of Purpose – Ogunyemi Bukola

Ayo Fayose’s emergence as the PDP candidate for the June 21st gubernatorial election in Ekiti State has brought a new dimension to what political observers have hitherto described as a walkover for the incumbent Kayode Fayemi of APC. So who is Fayose and what variables does he bring into the political equation of Ekiti State? Fayose was governor of Ekiti ... Read More »

An Open Letter to the Broom Deity – Ogunyemi Bukola

An Open Letter to the Broom Deity – Ogunyemi Bukola

When I was young and naïve, accosting the threshold of manhood; the scales had just fallen off my eyes, and I was appalled by the pervasive darkness that has long ensnared our land. It was no anathema; in all other lands far and near, history pages testify of progressions from darkness to light. And such light, by reason of the ... Read More »

#BornoYobeMassacre: The Fire Next Time – Ogunyemi Bukola

#BornoYobeMassacre: The Fire Next Time – Ogunyemi Bukola

Angels lay in the pool of their own blood, Their fire snuffed out, the ashes blown away, The barrage of lead their fragile flesh could not defy, To nocturnal marauders have they fallen prey, Thus by shine or shower we ceaselessly mourn, Despondent, miserable, bereaved and forlorn. From whence, and why these menacing cannonade? The back of tripod-stones has become ... Read More »

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