NANS gives ultimatum for release of detained UNILAG students

A faction of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has given a 24-hour ultimatum to the University of Lagos to release the 13 students detained at the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons.

The President of NANS, Chinonso Obasi, who spoke with journalists in Abuja yesterday, condemned the court’s ruling, which remanded them in prison custody.

He threatened to relocate NANS headquarters to the prisons if the students were not released.

He said: “After a painstaking review of the circumstances surrounding the draconian ruling, we have resolved to demand the unconditional release of these students within 24 hours.

“Consequently, we boldly state that if these students are not unconditionally released at the expiration of our ultimatum, the prison authorities should be prepared to expand its facilities to detain all of us.”

Obasi stressed that the offence allegedly committed by the students does not equate the court’s ruling to imprison them because they could be radicalised in the process.

According to the NANS leader, the court could have cautioned them to be of good behaviour since they were first-time offenders.

“In saner climes, what the judge should have done was to certify that the suspects were truly students of the university and release them to the school for appropriate disciplinary action. In the alternative, they could have been warned to change and freed,” he said.

He added that the manner the sentence was done showed that some hidden forces were behind it.


Source: The Guardian

NANS condemns expulsion of 29 college students

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has rejected the expulsion of 29 students of the Federal College of Education, FCE, Gombe over their alleged roles in a protest in June 2016.

The association also rejected the institution’s withdrawal of the admission of 34 students and a directive for yet another 11 students to repeat one academic session over the said protest.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NA), reports that the June protest was over the lack of water and other basic amenities on campus.

Already, the punitive measures, announced by the institution’s Provost, Adamu Abbas, have been approved by the state ministry of education.

But NANS, in a reaction contained in a statement by Akolo Eggon, the Senior Special Adviser to the NANS President on Media, said that the institution’s action had negated the principle of fundamental human rights and fair trial.

The statement, which was made available to journalists in Maiduguri on Wednesday, described the action as “political victimisation,” and asked that it be reversed “within 14 days”.

“We are rejecting the resolution because the investigative committee set-up by the college’s management refused to involve NANS in its activities.

“NANS is the mother union of all Nigerian students and should be involved when serious decisions affecting members are being taken,” he said.

He declared that “this grave error has denied the affected students their fundamental human rights to fair trial”.

The NANS official expressed surprise that the school took such severe measures even after the affected students complied with the directive to pay N5,000 as fine, and secure undertakings and the endorsements from their respective district heads that that they would not be involved in such acts in future.

“The students have also paid accommodation charges and have been registered for the new academic session after paying all the necessary fees.

“By expelling them in spite of the aforementioned, the school is directly hampering the efforts of the Buhari-led Federal Government to restore lasting peace in the north-east region,” he said.

The statement said that NANS’ President, Aruna Kadiri, has set-up an 8- member committee to ensure that the actions were reversed within 14 days.

“The committee shall work with management of the institution and all relevant agencies to ensure that the rights and liberties of the affected students are fully restored without conditions,” he said.

NANS declared that failure to meet the demands within the 14-days ultimatum would be viewed by the association as “a direct confrontation and a deliberate attempt to test our might”.


Source: NAN

NANS Urges Buhari To Reinstate Sacked Vice Chancellors

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) are calling on the Federal Government to reinstate the Vice Chancellors of thirteen federal universities who were sacked over a month ago.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja, National President of the Association, Comrade Tijani Shehu, said the sacking was unjustly done by the government in violation of rules governing the appointment of vice chancellors.

The Association appeals to the Minister of Education to advise President Buhari properly in order to reverse the sacking of the thirteen vice chancellors which they described as unconstitutional.

The Federal Government of Nigeria had earlier in the year sacked and appointed Vice Chancellors (VC) of Federal Universities established by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Credit: DailyTimes

NANS Condemns Senate Threat On Social Media

Read the press statement below…

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, condemn in totality the unusual rapid readings and debate in which the bill to jail social media users got from the Nigerian senate of the 8th National Assembly within a week, where we have pending volatile issues turning the nation down that needs their urgent attentions as stakeholder.

With the decision of the senate to have allow for reading and referring to committee of ethics and privilege, a bill which infringe on the right and freedom of information of Nigerian masses, it has exposed the underbelly of the Nigerian senate to an unpardonable ridicule that they are not representing their people but themselves, because how would our senators who reside mostly in FCT source for information and gather opinions to provide solution on national issues from all nooks and crannies of the country if not through social media facts and fallacy.

It is also noteworthy to state that NANS considers the Nigeria senate threat on social media users as a fraudulent attempt to subvert Nigeria’s democracy and freedom of expressions in any form. They wish to deny the masses of access to information which is a prerequisite for transparency and accountability of governments, security awareness and as safeguarding citizens against mismanagement, crimes and corruption.

Social media, a fastest means of interaction, remains the last hope of the less privilege in communicating their ideas, needs and grievances to most of our leaders that are not accessible. Also, Nigerian students concern as the bedrock of this nation’s development and highest rated user of social media, emanated from the fact that most of our distinguished senators cannot rid their camps of social media propaganda as it’s the source of their political popularity, yet they feel so eager to suggest two (2) years jail term or N4m fine for social media users who passes information which they as law makers may term as false.

The nation is battling with security challenges and many more, where lays the hope and aspiration of the masses when our Senators are yet to pass a bill stipulating increase in years of jail term of corrupt people who siphoned the nations fund with a corresponding increase in the amount of money embezzled.

We know that the law is like cobweb, too strong to catch the weak but too weak to catch the strong, therefore NANS uses this medium to appeal to all distinguish senators of Federal Republic of Nigeria to please place our collective national interest above their self-interest in making decisions to govern this country. It is on this note, that we are emphatically stating that any attempt by the Senate to pass the bill on jailing social media users, then they should be prepared to face the wrath of the Nigerian students through maximum protest to the National Assembly.

Signed: Comrade Ogunkuade Oluwatosin
NANS Vice President External
FOR: National Association of Nigerian Students’

Tope Adesipo: NANS; Can This Rotten Organization Be Redeemed?

The rot in NANS is huge and phenomenal. NANS has completely lost its legitimacy, reputation and mass base as actions in recent times have plunged it into. The most recent is the award it gave a wanted drug baron Buruji Kashamu .worst still, most students do not even know it exists anymore. For years now, successive leaderships of NANS have been completely anti-struggle and pro-state and sometimes attack dogs for politicians. In January 2012 during the widely-supported general strike and mass protest against fuel subsidy removal, NANS stood out shamefully on the side of Jonathan’s anti-people government. As if that was not enough, during the 2013 ASUU strike NANS again stood on the side of the government.  the struggles that have broken out over the past 10 years or more in the student movement over issues of fee hikes, victimization, welfare conditions and other education attacks, NANS has had little or no role to play. In many cases, these struggles have occurred because students on campuses organized or mobilized on their own to compel their local unions to fight.The condition of the student movement is evidently not alright. For close to 20 years the student movement has lacked a vibrant and fighting national leadership the ideological and political decay of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)is glaring to the least onlooker.the big question is  can the organization ever be revived? 
The organization structure is splits into zones, Joint campus committee and Local unions (SUG) there are four zones, the National president is the head and first member of the Association. respective SUG presidents,forms the legislative arm called the senate of the Nans. one rather appalling side is the fact that while one expects the president of the Senate to be chosen from amongst the SUG presidents, an outsider according to the Nans Constitution is elected as Senate president. The senate are supposed to meet regularly under normal condition but as it is today, NANS senate meetings are hardly held. The conventions, which are now held in choice hotels instead of on campus, are theaters of war with different contestants heavily funded by parties and politicians arming cultists to gain victory. my experience in Uyo in 2012, was brutal. The convention was fixed for University of Uyo, we had all gathered at the campus. waiting to be accredited, we waited for 3 days to start accreditation. no communication on the reason why. After the frustration became so unbearable, we gathered a few progressive voices to protest the treatment, poor organization before we could start the convention on the 4th day. when we did start, we were told that we can not make use of the university of Uyo premises anymore. we had to make alternative arrangements to use the Uyo township stadium.
One thing which struck me at Uyo is the age of those parading at that convention as Nans stakeholders or something. they were in their 40s. some of us who were genuine students leaders and  young were few. genuine students or activists don’t want to attend because of the violent nature of NANS meetings and conventions. there were too many gun shot flying around. you can not be chicken hearted to be in that place at that time. Ordinarily given its complete disconnection from the rank and file, NANS should have ceased to exist altogether. However it has some unique features which have sustained it till now. This is the mutual interests of the NANS leadership and the some leadership of local unions in using the platform to negotiate for payment from governments and politicians. NANS is like a huge meal ticket. This is why despite its complete disconnection, NANS can still attract attendance of local unions at its convention most of whom are always mobilized with money and with each candidate providing hotel accommodation for their supporters.
But NANS cannot just be simplified to the question of genuine young students leaders taking the leadership alone. In any case, the rot in NANS is not just the product of the successive pro-state elements who have continuously occupied its leadership for years now. The enduring rot in NANS also has something to do with the ideological retreat in the student movement over the past 20 years which is a product of many factors including, but not restricted to, consistent attacks by the school management and government against student activists and students organizations. All this has caused low level of consciousness among students, a condition which best suits and sustains the  guys running  the local unions and NANS. The level of consciousness has to always guide and define what genuine activists can do and cannot, this means not tailing as well as not going beyond what present level of consciousness can achieve or sustain. Without building a movement around those issues that immediately affect students (like issues of inadequate hostel accommodation, fee hike, bad welfare conditions etc.) and linking this with the need to reclaim NANS, any efforts no matter how sincere to win leadership of NANS will end up in futility as most students will see it as the least important of their problems. Only an effort to reclaim NANS that is backed by mass arousal and mobilization of students can win and this is impossible without building a movement first around issues of education attacks from which students consciousness can be raised to comprehend the task of reclaiming NANS or forming a new platform.

Again, an association that is not financially independent can never be truly independent of politicians. NANS have no bank account. the Treasurer and the financial secretary exist as figure heads albeit to pursue money from politicians also. no annual due like it is collected by the local unions. the association rely on monies they can get from politicians to survive. in redeeming NANS, there has to be structural changes and this is where all students and even all former students leaders must take keen interest. Nans has to be funded independently. we must change the structure. let each students in Nigeria pay a token of 100 naira to the organization’s purse.
Simply fighting electorally to hijack leadership of NANS from these elements that see nothing wrong in giving a wanted drug baron an award for Man of the year or declaring an alternative faction is not enough to begin to revive the student movement. What is needed is patient work of building an independent mass movement from below that has roots in the rank and file and that can begin to challenge attacks on education, support pro people issues while linking this with the task of changing the leadership of NANS or building an alternative platform and also structural changes..
Former President of the students Union Federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta
@tope414 on twitter
Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

#Pausibility: Now That You Have The Assets And Barabbas. What Next?


I want to tell you a story. This story can only be understood by a nurtured and nourished mind. Not any member of NANS as it is presently constituted and IMMENSALLY paraded can understand the message herein. Not even a mind of shallow erudition can get the message. Only a mind that is titillated with genteel ism can grasp the import of the message.

I promised to do this title precisely on the day PMB and Prof Osibajo’s assets were publicized. The different reactions that followed that declaration, especially from the twitter soldiers, made me see that the Nigerian youths are nothing but mere pawns in this whole scheming for political relevance. When #TheList was formally read in the Senate, the attendant protestations (most of which did not travel beyond the social network arena) that followed the announcement convinced me the more that the youths of this nation may have to grey before they realize that their destinies have been expended in the alley of political negotiations by these present elements they are fighting and dying for. The fulfillment of some Nigerian youths does not go beyond selfie-placation from their tin gods and goddesses. They give you selfie you go viral with commotion.

I can do something caustic about that ‘phony’ list just as many are already doing but of what use is it when it will not achieve anything? Until a collective resolve to avoid a repeat of such is achieved, systemic sanity will still be elusive courtesy of the fall for the pigmentation of our minds on grounds of religion and region.

Let me implore everyone that can read and understand me to this point to please get Fela’s ‘Army Arrangement’ playing on their stereos or in their minds as they tag along. Though it is a tweak of what I have submitted on this platform once:

Nikangan became a widow as a result of one of those Kirakita wars that hit the village of Kagbepo. Her nephew, Ohunnikanloku also became an orphan. Nikangan lost everything, but was able to escape being consumed by the war that virtually wiped out her entire family, except her two month old baby. Like her, Ohunnikanloku escaped the gruesomeness of the war a lonesome.

After relative peace returned to the land of Kagbepo, Nikan was able to locate his only surviving nephew, Loku. Expectedly, she took him in and cared for him alongside her only son, Agolopa,

Few months after the reunion, Nikan fell ill, and knowing she may not survive the sickness, called Loku to her bedside, handed Lopa to him and made him promise to take proper care of his cousin, assuring them that both of them will become very great if they could keep the love in the family going strong. She handed him an heirloom, and charged him to make proper use of it, as that was the secret of the massive wealth every member of their family enjoyed. She made him promise to pass the secret of the loom to Lopa when he becomes of age. Ordinarily, she wouldn’t have passed the secret to Loku as anyone who would be the torchbearer must have attained a certain age; but as it stood, she was left with no choice, except she wanted the secret to die with her; hence she passed it on to him regardless of his infantileness. At the end of her many admonitions, she passed away.

She was given a befitting burial.

Loku took his young cousin in. He could pass as Lopa’s father: they had an eighteen- year age difference between them.

As time went by, Loku being an industrious young man, discovered that the small object that was given to him by his aunt could be maximized to becoming a greater source of wealth that will not only be beneficial to his immediate family, but to the entire people of Kagbepo and environs. He took the chance and he recorded some massive wealth; but he was afraid to let other people into the secret as he recalled what led to the Kirakita war; this war wiped out his entire lineage, but for the grace of God that spared him and his handsome cousin. He loved his cousin so much until Tenuboro from Bolebajekobaje village came onto the scene.

Tenuboro had advised Loku that both of them could go to the city where they stood a better chance of making their lives far better than it was in Kagbepo village. Tenu never gives an advice pro bono; he is always looking out for himself in any way he could. Loku, in his usual infantilism jumped at the possibility of exploring the beauties the world had to offer. Not at all a bad thing you will say. Good!

Tenu, knowing that Loku couldn’t do away with his little cousin, went further to advise him to send Lopa to a boarding school, since going to school was the new fad in the nearby Ohunorioje village. He believed this idea of his would be lauded by the villagers as no one in their lineage ever succeeded at attending a school let alone becoming a graduate. Loku bit deep into the idea.

Expectedly, Loku stocked Lopa adequately: Name it. Whatever he needed, even things he didn’t need, he gave him all. And off he sent his little cousin of about six years of age to school at Ohunorioje village. Lopa was so happy that he would be a pacesetter in the history of their family.

On their way to the city of Eminimoniayemi , Tenu asked that they stop over at every village they travel by, and sow their wild oats as they went along , to mark their departure from Kagbepo. Loku typically bought into the idea without checking it twice.

Eventually they got to their destination and it appeared like some good fortune had been awaiting them. They started breaking new grounds and in few years they were both established industrialists. A joint venture: Jaiyeorie Plc., was established with Loku as the CEO and Tenu, the CFO. Tenu was a better manager as he was usually mouthy in any topic that may crop up.

Meanwhile, since they left, Loku had only gone back to the village twice to check on his cousin. On both occasions, he had gone with funds which he deposited with the proprietress of the boarding school that Lopa attended; his fees were ahead of many classes and he also made provision for his upkeep.

When Lopa asked him why he rarely came to check on him, he gave the excuse that he was having it rough in the city. Anyway, he had been told by Tenu not to let anyone in the village, including his cousin Lopa, know about their newfound wealth, and he had agreed to it. He left his car in a neighboring village and took a motorbike to Kagbepo, just to conceal his massive wealth from his people.

When they attained marriageable age, Tenu suggested they get married and reduce their philandering. He took him a wife, his cousin from Bolebajekobaje village.

Things got better and better just as the bible says: A man that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. The conviviality of marriage and childbearing made Loku forget he had a consanguineous responsibility back in Kagbepo.

All communication between Loku and Lopa was lost.

Soon, Lopa was faced with challenges as the money Loku dropped had run out. He expected his sweet cousin to have come back to replenish his purse but he hadn’t come back since he left some years ago. Lopa had savored the sweet juice of education and wouldn’t want to stop drinking from that fountain of knowledge, so he decided to take some time off school, work and employ a private tutor in order to achieve his dream. He pursued this vigorously and he was able to earn a Senior Secondary Certificate, but the huge financial requirement of a university education, he couldn’t bear, hence, he decided to go to the city to work.

Fate brought them together in the city of Eminimoniayemi. Lopa had applied for a job as a gatekeeper in Jaiyeorie Plc., and was billed to meet the CEO as the last stage of the interview. As he walked into the massive office of the CEO, he marveled, just as the spirit of Queen of Sheba left her at the sight of Solomon’s riches. He shakily sat before the CEO who sat face down attending to a file. When he lifted his face, he saw his cousin; his only relative. His only surviving extended relation.

He lamented. He took him in his arms. He wept. He apologized, and they went home to his house together. As soon as they settled for a chat after a good meal, he asked why Lopa didn’t use his real name on the application.

Lopa laughed as he made his aged cousin understand that these days, you keep your real name for some special purposes, and use your pen name for general purposes. The uncle replied, “Oh, I see.” Sounded like an elderly man out of tune.

The next day, Loku had taken Lopa with him to the office so he could start work as one of the directors of the organization, but first, he had to seek the consent of his good friend, Tenu.

Tenu, a killjoy, vehemently refused Lopa the opportunity, citing his inadequate education as one of the reasons why he could not occupy the office of a director, but suggested that he could be taken in as a clerk, from which position he can rise through the ranks in the organization.

For the first time, his partner and friend, Loku, objected to his suggestion, pointing at Tenu’s girlfriend who was employed as an Assistant Director, despite her woeful performance during the interview. He also mentioned Tenu’s “grand niece”, who was a primary school leaver but got a job as a Supervisor in the HR department. Loku vehemently rejected Tenu’s suggestion and insisted that his cousin would not take up any position lower than that of a Director.

Tenu, asked Lopa to excuse them as he would like to have a chat with his partner. Once Lopa was out, Tenu reminded Loku that if they took Lopa in as a Director, he will quickly rise to the position of power and soon after demand that the family heirloom be transferred to him, since they both know that he is the rightful harbinger of the priceless possession that is the source of their wealth. That, said Lopa, will be the end of their affluence. As usual, Loku foolishly agreed with his partner. They both decided to make Lopa a clerk.

The next working day, Lopa resumed at the front desk of the organization. The position given to him was just a bait to have him sent out as soon as it could be established that he lacked the smoothness of a gentleman to be a good face of the organization. They had thought that his village education could not have exposed him to anything like Customer Relationship Management; but far from that, he was a most temperate individual. More polished than they had thought.

One of those times, a rude visitor barged into the office premises, showing no courtesy. Lopa, tried to stop her and he got slapped by the young lady. Obviously in her teens. She yelled away. Minutes later, Tenu came back to the front desk with the lady to warn Lopa never to stop her anytime she comes around as she is the daughter of the CFO: a stern warning that could make a goat steer clear from a yam. Lopa wept bitterly that day but became more determined than ever not to give up until he attained success.

Few years later, he finished his part-time study, about the same time his niece and nephew finished their Masters Degree programs in one of the Ivy League, and returned home to take up appointments in their father’s organization. Meanwhile, Tenu’s son had just been deported from his base in Europe on account of drug related offences.

Loku had to find a way to get his children into juicy positions in the organization, and as Sons of the Entrepreneur’, they were quickly fixed far ahead of their great uncle. It should be noted that, they never knew Lopa as their uncle, as Loku never introduced them to one another. As far as they were concerned, he was their subordinate while he saw them as his superiors.

Sewere, the deported son of Tenu was also made an HOD.

Lopa, amidst so much stress, struggled to complete his Masters Degree program with the hope that he would get a raise on his job. Sadly, his efforts met with a brick wall because according to his Directors, he had no professional qualification. Taking up this one more challenge, he enrolled for and pursued a professional course in his field vigorously.

One day, Sewere ordered Lopa to his office to search for a particular file for him, all in the bid to cover up his incompetence to handle the position he is occupying. While searching, Lopa came across a dusty file that was kept at the back of the shelf. The file must have been kept away for live forever. Curiously, he kept it aside and located the file Sewere demanded, handling the job for him as usual. While Sewere visited the convenience, Lopa quickly returned to his duty post with the dusty file. He opened the file and to his utmost bewilderment, he read about how his rightful inheritance was being traded by his cousin and his friend. He read about the family heirloom and how he was supposed to be the present custodian of same. He rose up with the zeal to challenge his and his coz and his friend, but fear enveloped him few seconds later and he chose to tread gently because they may throw him out of the office and he will be out on the streets begging for a job like millions of qualified but jobless graduates, some of whom have lost their lives in the bid to eke out a better life for themselves and their family.

He would rather exercise patience; after all, his uncle and his friend were fast approaching their graves. He would wait until they are dead, and afterwards, he would negotiate with their offspring. He would start by introducing himself to his nephew and niece, thereafter he will demand a quotalised participation in the business, and if they refuse, he would not mind continuing working with them. After all, it is still in the family.

“Lopa should exert his right and take full control”. Some of us would say.

Maybe I should conduct a vox pop.

Please tell me: who is Agolopa in this present day Nigeria?


*Ago(Lopa)- enrapt with stupidity. *Bolebajekobaje- anarchistic lifestyle. *Eminimoniayemi- Selfish thrust *Jaiyeorie- Outlandish. *Kajogbepo- Peaceful co-habitation. *Kirakita -higgledy-piggledy. (Nikan)gan- loaded with treasures. *Ohunnikan (Loku)- the only survivor. *Ohunoriorije- survivalism. *Sewere- a cavalier existence. *(Tenu)boro- Unsolicited adviser.

Activists, Social Critics Slam NANS For Naming Kashumu ‘Golden Man of the Year’

Social critics and activists have slammed the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for naming troubled Senator , Senator Buruji Kashamu representing Ogun-East senatorial district, for naming him the ‘Golden Man of the Year’.

Tijani Usman, NANS National President had presented the award to Kashamu last week for his ‘untiring, exemplary and compassionate leadership style’.

While presenting the award to Kashamu in Ogun State, Tijani said, “We decided to honour Senator Kashamu because we know that he is neither the richest businessman nor politician in Nigeria, yet we constantly hear of his philanthropic gestures to Nigerians of all shades and colours, especially the less-privileged.”

“We are fascinated at his large-heartedness even in the face of needless distractions. We reckon that if all wealthy Nigerians are like Senator Kashamu, the country will be a better place for us all. That is why we decided to encourage him by giving him this award.”

The award has however been condemned saying it will help other politicians in Kashamu’s shoes feel they are on the right track which is bad for the country. Some also said the students association has been destroyed through corruption and it is heartbreaking.

NANS honors Kashamu with “Golden Man Of The Year” award

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has honored the Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Prince Buruji Kashamu with a “Golden Man Of The Year.”


Presenting the award to the Senator in Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, NANS National President, Comrade Tijani Usman, said the National Outstanding Leadership Awards were usually conferred on leaders with demonstrable impact on the lives of their followers.


Usman said Senator Kashamu won the “Golden Man of the Year” award because of his untiring, exemplary and compassionate leadership style.


“We decided to honour Senator Kashamu because we know that he is neither the richest businessman nor politician in Nigeria, yet we constantly hear of his philanthropic gestures to Nigerians of all shades and colours, especially the less-privileged. We are fascinated at his large-heartedness even in the face of needless distractions. We reckon that if all wealthy Nigerians are like Senator Kashamu, the country will be a better place for us all. That is why we decided to encourage him by giving him this award,” Usman said.




Responding, Senator Kashamu thanked the students’ body for the honour and promised not to rest on his oars in doing good, adding that, “I have seen the Lord’s goodness, His mercies and compassion. So, it is clear to me that the only way I can continually show Him appreciation is to continue to touch as many lives as I can with whatever He gives me.”


Other leaders of the national students’ body who graced the occasion included the Senate President, Comrade Roys Osai; the Deputy Senate President, Comrade Segun Famuyi and National Director of Student Mobilisation and Welfare, Comrade Ayosile Okunowo, among others.

National Association Of Nigerian Students ‘Zone D’ Distance Self From National Body’s Support Of Senator Saraki

“The only way to make. sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”.
Alan Watts.
The National Association of Nigerian Students’ (South West), NANS ZONE D , hereby today distance the Zone  from a statement credited to our National body in relation to the on-going trial Faced by Senate President , Senator
Olubukola Saraki.
As an ideological Zone that has so much respect for its national body, we would not in any way subject ourselves
to any act by our national body that tend to undermine or coerce rule of law from taken it’s place. We are stating in strong term that our Zone is not in support of the plan protest by the civil society group under the aegis of Heritage Centre and NANS.
NANS as a body recently pledge its support for the President Buhari lead administration fight against crime and
corruption, our position is that any individual or group charged or alleged to have participated
directly or indirectly in misappropriation, mismanagement or acquired properties in unlawful manner  should submit to rule of law to take effect.
We believe that Rule of law need to be respected, and we Nigerian students are watching with clear interest how the
present administration is handling its fight against corruption.
It will be recalled that during the past administration several people were charged by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT and when found innocent they were discharged. The plan protest on the basis that alleged falsification in the Senate President asset declaration was politically motivated or an act to witch-hunting him is baseless.
NANS ZONE South West hereby dissociate ourselves from this act and call on the Federal Government, agencies concerned and individuals to allow justice to prevail. And equally urge the Senate President Bukola Saraki to honour the rule of law for sustainability of our country’s  Democracy.
Comrade Okikiola Ogunsola (OKIKIALUTA)
Coordinator, NANS Zone D, South West.
Tai Solarin University of Education, Students Union Secretariat.
Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

Xenophobia: Stay Away From Nigeria, NANS Tells South Africa President Jacob Zuma

The National Association of Nigerian Students has advised South African President, Jacob Zuma, to stay away from the inauguration of the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari.
The organisation also threatened to storm the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, should Zuma step into the country’s airport.
According to the association, Zuma should keep off as his visit will be an insult to the sensibility of Nigerians over his alleged poor handling of the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other migrant foreigners in South Africa.
A statement by NANS President, Tijani Usman, noted that Zuma’s inability to “apologise to Nigerians like he did to Mozambique”, despite the sacrifices the country made for South Africa, was unfortunate.
He said, “We wish to advise the South African President (Jacob Zuma) to rather stay at home and

address burning issues, rather than embarking on a visit that is the least desirable.

“The South African President’s failure to apologise to Nigeria for the losses the country and our citizens incurred during the xenophobic attacks on foreigners leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. There is therefore, no point felicitating with a people who clearly do not matter much to you. President Zuma’s visit will only amount to pretence.”
NANS further restated its earlier position that it will henceforth not hesitate to clamp down on South African investments in the country should any incident of xenophobic attacks recur.

NANS Condemns Call For Withdrawal Of Okonjo-Iweala’s Yale Doctorate Degree

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has condemned the call for the withdrawal of the Doctorate Degree conferred on the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, by Yale University in the United States.

A statement from NANS President, Tijani Usman, in Abuja on Saturday urged Yale University authorities to ignore the petition by one Sunday Iwalaiye requesting it to withdraw the award.

The statement said the request was politically motivated and ill-conceived. It said Ms. Okonjo-Iweala was well-deserving of the award, adding that the basis cited for the award perfectly described its understanding of what she had done for Nigeria.

“From our investigations, we have come to the conclusion that this is a politically sponsored campaign against one of our most outstanding and distinguished Nigerians.

“NANS totally and unequivocally condemn the said act, the initiator of the act and the vested political interests that are behind the act.

“It calls on the authorities of the Yale University to totally disregard the said petition.

“The position of Sunday Iwalaiye and his sponsors that is being promoted by a section of the media does not reflect the opinions of majority of Nigerians.

“We are aware that Okonjo-Iweala, as the Coordinating Minister for the Nigerian Economy, has been able to build strong institutions like the Development Bank of Nigeria, among others.

“We, the students, are aware that Okonjo-Iweala implemented an electronic personnel management system which has stopped corruption in the payment system of civil service by weeding out more than 60,000 ghost workers.

“This singular initiative has saved the country more than N200 billion. We know that this is significant because it means that the country has lost trillions over five decades.

It said that some “smart initiatives’’ of the minister such as YouWin and Graduate Internship Programmes had helped in reducing unemployment in the country.

Credit :NAN

Consider Merit Not Political Patronage In Ministerial Appointments, NANS To Buhari

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Wednesday urged President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to base his ministerial appointments on merit. This is contained in a statement issued by NANS and made available to newsmen in Abuja. The statement implored that national interest should be placed ahead of party sentiments and considerations.

It said that Buhari should go for technocrats with track records who could collectively bring Nigeria out of its present predicament. “NANS has observed with reservations the intense jostling and lobbying for ministerial and other appointments and deemed it wise to offer a word of advice to the President-elect. “In as much as we recognise that the President-elect came onboard on the platform of a political party, politics should not be allowed to take pre-eminence over national interest.

“NANS, therefore, urge the President-elect to ensure that the ministerial appointments are based on merit—persons with proven record of probity, technocrats, and persons with sound leadership skills are what we look forward to,’’ the statement said. It stated that Buhari could only succeed in turning Nigeria around if his team was well-selected and well-meaning. The statement said that Nigerian students were expectant that the President-elect would deliver on his campaign promises.


NANS To FG: Don’t Remove Subsidy On Petrol

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) says it will not support the removal of fuel subsidy either by the outgoing or incoming administrations.

A statement issued by Nwankwo Ezekiel, NANS’ Public Relations Officer and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja on Monday, said removing fuel subsidy was anti-people.

The statement said NANS took the decision after wide consultations with the majority of its affiliate member unions, all its structures as well as past leaders.

It called on President Goodluck Jonathan not to assent to the budget when it gets to his table if there was no provision for fuel subsidy in it.

“We enjoin the National Assembly to have another look at their approved budget and make provisions for fuel subsidy before forwarding it to the President for his assent.

“The incoming administration has said so much about blocking leakages and we believe that the subsidy provisions are not part of the leakages to be blocked.

“The subsidy is almost the only benefit the poor Nigerian masses derive from our abundant petroleum resources.

“We hereby remind the government that in 2012, Nigerians rose in unison against the removal leading to the ‘Occupy Protest’ that almost crumbled our national economy,’’ it said.

According to the statement, Nigerian students are ever ready to once again be in the fore front of agitations against removal of fuel subsidy and will not shy away from such responsibility.

It said that Nigeria’s economy was still a mono economy; solely dependent on oil, adding that any drastic hikes in price of fuel would trigger hyper inflation and hardship.

The statement, therefore, said there was an urgent need to diversify the economy and broaden the foreign exchange earnings of the country through other means.