#MrJudgemental: Can Dbanj Impregnate…???

Haven’t “judge” in a while cos I feel society will crucify me if I translate those thoughts into written words… Not until I was caught up in this awkward argument with a couple of friends.

We observed this… Ice Prince has a baby mama, Peter Okoye had a baby mama before he married her, Wizkid has one, Olamide has one, Jessie Jags has one, Sauce Kid aka Sinzu has got one and the indisputable Tu Baba, known for his line “Make we see if you no go carry belle too?”.

Many of these celebrities even the female ones like Waje, has one or more kids out of wedlock. I am not judging oh!!! Just saying.

Here is the question that popped up… “How careful has Dbanj been???”

I don’t know if you get. It is either this guys is just KOKO MASTER by mouth or…. Lips sealed. (Now I feel offended that I can’t say it cos I don’t want to hurt a brother).

But come to think of it; even his kid bro, Kay  Switch has a baby mama/ kid and big bro aka Koko master does not have any… (Probably none that we know). But I doubt if a Naija chick will shut up if she has a baby for Dbanj.

I mean I have a kid too and I’m yet to put a ring on it and God knows I have been careful all the time… I mean MAGNUM kind of careful.

Dbanj will not show us his girlfriend, no baby mama, nothing… compared to the flood and hail stone of chicks around him. So what’s the P?

#MrJudgemental: #TBT Annie Idibia Style.

FullSizeRender 1 FullSizeRender

Stumbled on this pathetic but highly trashy photo of Annie Idibia on Instagram and before I proceed, I want to make clear this fact; that I do not have anything against her. Or maybe it is because I admire her that I am this pissed.

So she hashtags #singledays and captioned a shoutout to all single mums out there… I mean really? So all single ladies are single mums or what???

Besides why won’t you become a single mum dressed like that in broad daylight??? Please help me answer this one; what will she now wear to a club at night?

And she said she encountered challenges being a mum and a dad at the same time and I wonder how that is meant to attract sympathy with that hooker dress.

And to cap the annoying caption, she said God bless you all…??? God bless who? Single ladies or her baby mama crew? And God bless for getting hit before holy matrimony or sticking to your baby father till he marries you after generously spreading his genes to other women?

Infact I’m worn out!!! Single girls, please don’t dress like that and there is no pride in being a single mum or getting pregnant outside matrimony. Do not allow people who are meant to inspire you to mislead you.

#MrJudgemental: Why are People so Mean?

FullSizeRender (97)  FullSizeRender (97)

Saw this photo today and began wondering why Nigerian would rather waste their creativity on negative and irrelevant things. The person who showed me the picture was almost rolling on the floor laughing and I asked myself, “What in the world is funny about the picture?”

All we ever do is add spice and life to rubbish and insult our own identity as Nigerians. Take for instance, I have never seen a movie made ingenuously about Shehu Shagari or Obafemi Awolowo or any of our founding fathers. But a nollywood producer can use just three days to produce a movie about the abducted Chibok girls and ebola.

Or is it the “Oga at the top” incidence or “Na only you waka come” incidence that has been turned to a studio hit with several DJ remixes?

It is a shame that we enjoy downgrading our nation and everything that concerns it. The Holy Book says, we should regard our parents and elderly and it shall be well with us.

People who go about doing stuff like this… Continue, but don’t open your mouth blaming anybody for Boko haram or any other mishap.

#MrJudgemental: White Chick Wahalla (For African Men Dating White Girls)

Believe it or not, a white chick or biracial chick and sometimes light skinned chicks have serious wahalla… Period!!!

White girls, most white girls though, are originally mannerless. Lack of respect and disregard for a man’s place is what they have formally learnt from their mothers. A white girl cannot distinguish between “Right” and “Opinion”; they believe their opinion is their right.

To make matters worse for guys in the diaspora, the law is there to support their mannerless behavior. I am perfectly in agreement with the fact that laying your hands on your woman is completely wrong; but atimes you just need to spank out that ugly demon your woman is hosting (I did not say beat oh, I said spank).

My cousin living in the UK has been arrested for spanking his white girl for calling him a West African Monkey, which of course was not the only thing she said and did prior to the monkey name calling. He swore never to say hello to a white girl again because he told me he never expected that from her, considering how amazing their relationship was.

Another buddy told me of how police came to arrest him in the morning after he took his girlfriend to the club and they shared a passionate night together in his room. His offence was “Rape”! Note that they dated for 5 weeks and that was not the first time they had sex, plus he din’t force her.

Pastor Chris Oyakilome is facing the biggest scandal of his life because of a white woman. Ehn… she is not white,  but like I mentioned earlier, biracial o, light skinned o, oyibo o, all na the same category.

All the light skinned babes I dated have taught me serious lessons and are the reason for my perception of who they are. The last one even  made it worse. This girl was shouting on a grown man like me because I delayed to pick her up from where she was waiting for me. She did not even give me the opportunity to voice out my genuine reason. She said I left her to roast under Abuja sun as if I did not know she was light skinned.

Please o, I do not need you to agree with me on this issue most especially those dating their kind. But somehow, you have to secretly admit that these type of girls come with a lot of trouble. It is either you have learnt to deal with it or you are thinking of how to discard her… Period!