Guy Buys A Girl Drink, Texts Her & Asks For The Money Back Weeks Later

A British college student, Abby Fenton, met Liam–a guy who bought her a drink on a night out.

Now Liam, texts Abby weeks–not even a day or two–but weeks later, asking her to give him back the money he used to buy her a drink… Whet?!

“Hi hope u don’t mind love but can you transfer me back £6.50.” He said in the text. Abby on the other hand didn’t even know who the text was from, and said, “Who’s this hahahah”

Liam then responded saying, “Liam from the Viper rooms a few weeks ago. I bought yer a drink? Can I have my money back for it. Will give u sort code and account no. Thanks.” ..No he didn’t.. LOL!

I’m so done Roommates! I need to understand what prompted Liam to ask for his money back after all this time. Maybe because they clearly hadn’t spoken seeing as she didn’t even know who was texting her? Whatever the case may be, what are your thoughts on this? Was it okay to do that?

£6.50 amounts to just about $8.50, and I gotta know–fellas, are you texting a girl weeks after you meet her to run you that $8.50? Ladies, are you giving it back!?

Abby took a poll on Twitter asking if she should’ve given the money back.


Guy Buys A Girl Drink–Texts Her & Ask’s For The Money Back Weeks Later